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Saturday Open Thread || September 26, 2015



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  1. I just watched that video clip with “Bible-waving” Trump and I have to say that I like his good natured style, a sweet comment there about his mother and the Bible. Even when he is offending someone ( Rubio) he does it in that style. Can someone like Trump unite the country ?

      • I say ‘yes’, he can.
        Could a MarcoRubio win 25% of the Black communities vote with his background as a immigration reformer?
        Could Jeb! even pull one Dem vote away from MrsClinton or MrBiden?
        No and no.
        These are just for instance questions, but are any of the other candidates vowing to put Americans back to work, to restore our standing throughout the world, or end the constant attacks on all of us? No, no, and no.
        There’s no reason why a citizen, not an elected official, can’t be an effective President. Add to MrTrump’s assets the independence of crony politics, the secret money for favors, and the same old refrain that nothing can be done to stop anything.
        Yes, he could unite Americans.

        • He has 25% of the Rep vote supposedly, which comes out to 5% of the whole vote–he could unite the country in amusement and disgust. I for one would not vote–first time in my life–rather than vote for him. So mileage varies…He has trivialized the whole thing, and politics used to be a pretty satisfying sideline for many of us.

          • Trump was/ is not the only one trivializing — I would say some of the media has done a good amount of it and Rich Lowry didn’t help. Although re. Lowry it is interesting to note how little outrage that provoked for as crass as it was.

          • I didn’t say Trump was the only one–Hillary is trivializing, too…Lowry’s comment was crude…The level of reasoning and dialog overall is crummy. So far, anyway.

          • Yeah, don’t forget to vote for Bush, we need Bush like we need a hole in our head, He’s another racist, has to speak Spanish because of his wife. Or maybe you would vote for another idiot do-nothing instead of Trump. He’s smarter than all of them no matter what you snobs think of him. He’s not good enough for the snobby ones, right? Yeah, vote for Bush so that Hillary can win, don’t forget, and you will be stubborn about Trump, won’t you, he’s not good enough for the likes of you, is he now?

    • Trump is the guy in the barbershop on Saturday morning, yakking on about the state of affairs, but with no resolution in sight.

      His comments are fair game, his characterizations of others is cruel, he is pure entertainment.
      Enjoy it for now, this mini series will end soon.


      • Agreed! The Donald is very useful for riling people up and getting them to understand that we can do better than what is currently running the show. Now we need substance. Someone like Cruz or Jindal. Even Carly would be better.

    • What the country Trump supporters like about him is that doesn’t mince words.
      We are tired of squishy politicians that will tell us anything to get elected and then slap us in the face once they are.

      I would like to see someone like Cruz get elected to POTUS and then tell Trump to build the wall on the border.

    • I like Trump for all the reasons people don’t like him.

      I’m enjoying that his supporters “get him” and they’re not whackadoodles, they’re the angry centrists from both major parties.

      Also, this is the reality show portion of the primaries and he’s telling people he’ll make things better because The Donald is a Fixer, not a politician.

      I’m enjoying watching him take out the media too.

      • A Fixer? He is a talker. A
        licenser. I am so over his whole “thing.” So far, he is not calling Fox every 10 mins…I predict he will find a way to be “nice, I am nice, everyone likes me” so he can come back and monopolize Fox again. I would hope they would not kiss up–but they prob will…After they get over the ratings gold that is the pope.

      • I agree. And I think once the campaign gets down to brass tacks, you will see more of specifics from Trump. At least you know the guy is going to surround himself with the best and the brightest should he get in.
        I’m really tired of being thought of here and elsewhere as an idiot because I can appreciate what Trump is bringing to the campaign so far. We all agree illegal immigration is a huge issue. Would it have been a center stage issue without Trump? Doubtful.

    • Opens up (again) the whole reality that behind these candidates there are people, whose names we will never know, who sit in the back room, behind the back room, behind the back room, who are pulling the strings, manipulating the electorate. There we see money flowing everywhere in all directions, handshaking on political deals, political relationships launched, destroyed, launched again. Meanwhile the skeletons in the closet are dancing with joy.

      And while all this backroom planning is going on with these shady characters, the MSM is too dumb, too lazy, too well paid off for their silence to dig into the real story.

      Thanks for the site reference. Now I won’t be able to sleep for a month!

      • Sorry Marcus.
        I also saw a video of Cruz warning that Boehner has done some back room deals with Pelosi to fund Obama’s plans for his remaining tenure.

        The next speaker can stop that, depending on who it is.

        I think that for the remainder of Obama’s term it will be the same as it has been unless, he is challenged.
        McConnell is still against the Tea Party conservatives, and he controls the senate and is a lap dog to Obama.

      • I am concerned that Rubio has been earmarked and IMO he is not a plausible candidate…his stance on immigration tells me all I need to know about him…besides the fact that there have been fiscal improprieties in his past.
        Everyone has a price…his apparently was not that much.

  2. Dems want bigger role for Bill Clinton:

    As if we didn’t see this coming! Dems complaining about HRC’s ‘stiff’ performances. They are demanding more participation from Bill. (How about letting him do the debates?)

    Just a reminder: HRC said in an ABC interview that she is seriously considering making Bill the VP!!!
    She knows she can’t win dogcatcher without the Big Dog.

    **The GOP might as well sit this election out.
    Trump is doing a great job…for the DEMS.

  3. Glacier melting in Alaska?:
    Yesterday in Alaska-
    Alaska’s a big state and all but one of the first order climate stations here is reporting colder than average temps. so far this Sept: Nome -2.6, Anchorage -2.0, Bethel -2.0, Fairbanks -1.9, Barrow -1.9, King Salmon -1.9, Kotzebue -1.7, McGrath -1.6, Annette -1.2, Yakutat -1.1, Kodiak +0.2. Look at how snow is accumulating in Alaska, the Yukon Territory and Russia.

    So much for MrObama’s faux climate alarm. We’re all expecting a colder winter this year.

  4. OT: I got my oven fixed!!!!!!!!!
    I thought I would share good news.
    It broke during the summer. They wanted to charge $375.00 or more for the “little” part, and minor labor.
    I order the part on Ebay, for peanuts.
    It was just put in. It took maybe 9 mins.
    Let the baking begin…

  5. Ha, I was talking to my mother earlier today, (she always reads here, but only occasionally posts comments), and she said she thought Moochelle would be at her BFF Beyonce’s concert tonight. So, I quickly looked it up and saw that Beyonce was supposed to be at a concert in Central Park tonight, and Moochelle and Barry are scheduled to go to NYC on Sunday for UN events next week. So, I figured no, Mooch wouldn’t be in Central Park tonight.

    Well, as always, my mother was correct – Moochelle wouldn’t pass this up:

    Vice President Joe Biden joins Michelle Obama Beyonce and Ed Sheeran on stage in New York at festival aimed at ending extreme poverty

    • Global Citizen festival raised awareness of UN’s agenda including 17 targets such as ending extreme poverty
    • Joe Biden spoke about giving dignity to all the world’s people while Michelle Obama championed education for girls
    • Evening also included performances from Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, and Coldplay, and was hosted by Stephen Colbert

  6. Not to spoil anything for the West Coast or later in the day Fox New Sunday watchers. Cg Mulvaney (opposed to Boehner) sort of hinted that the conservatives or at least he would concede on McCarthy saying he was qualified and more of a “top up” kind of guy.

    Hardly worth the effort if McCarthy is the guy — pretty sure he and Boehner worked it out before Boehner’s look in the mirror moment.