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Video Outtakes || Trump at the Value Voters Summit

Here’s a few moments from Donald Trump’s appearance at the Value Voters Summit Friday in Washington, a gathering that includes many members of the religious right.

I don’t know, I’m not sold on the Bible waving moment. And he gets in a little trouble here picking on nice-guy Marco Rubio, drawing some boos for calling Rubio a clown. But his point, that it may be difficult to trust Rubio on immigration, is well taken.

9 Responses to Video Outtakes || Trump at the Value Voters Summit

  1. Once you get past the bravado and entertaining aspects of his personality, there just isn’t any substance to Trump. When contrasted with Rubio, the differences in knowledge and temperment are astounding.

    Personally, I’m OK with some level of evolution of views (as in Rubio’s case), as long as the evolution is based on evolving thinking, rather than responding to polls.

    Immigration is a complicated issue. One thing is for sure- we are not going to be able to round up, arrest, and deport 12 million people. Time to come up with a more realistic plan. They are here and we need to find a way to register and assimilate them into our culture.

    • I live in NM and we have plenty of illegal immigrants. They do not try to learn our language or our culture. They do not want to assimilate. They speak only Spanish and their children only hear English at school. It is a drain on the schools when they have to slow down the classroom to teach at the immigrant level.
      There is also a strong Muslim presence. The same applies to them. If they wanted to assimilate, they would try to adapt to western culture and dress. No, they stay in their traditional abaya with heads covered. These immigrants only want what we can offer but do not wish to become Americans.

  2. Millions of Americans don’t care how loud Donald Trump is, his scattering of his words, his little but growing knowledge of foreign policy, his numerous bankruptcies or anything about his insults to other political patsies of the corporate Special Interests. Trump has substance, an outsider that I truly believe he isn’t going to crucify the American people of their hopes, dreams or the usual promises, that runs through the GOP establishment like water. I couldn’t care less what the pundits have to say, the anchors, the investigative reporters or the personalities on the TV shows, that do their level best to repudiate anything that Mr. Trump makes his speeches about. There is one thing I know the wall across our Southern border with the stopping power of any further invasion from Mexico or even further a field by unwanted welfare desperation?

    What are we doing when millions of genuine men, women and children who have a right to be here, are suffering from abject poverty? The American people are justified in thinking that illegal aliens get better considerations, than our own vets?

    I have no interest in what Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton has to say, as their prior background has a lot to be desired, specifically the foundation that has donors from foreign nations? Although when Bill was President he does has some claims on a far better economy? I am ashamed of myself that I voted for this veiled Liberal called Barack Obama. Other countries wonder if the United States even exist today, as the most powerful country in the world stand back when their are military conflagrations in the Middle East. There obviously is a secret agenda to give Tehran free reign over self inspection of nuclear sites which is ludicrous. I’m telling you now, with no hesitation Israel will not fall for this agreement, and stands ready with any inkling of IRANS whispered aggression, they will be wiped out. A terrorist nation! just as Cuba is a communist state and throws free speech dissidents into prison, once again we are giving them all, including GITMO and probably like IRAN $$100’s of billions of dollars in so called reparations? And once again, what do we get–NOTHING. Just promises to change?

    We should have impeached King Obama ages ago, because his a agenda is extreme socialism to control the American people with nothing but promises. What have we got from this administration $$trillions of dollars in more spending, growing a nation of “Freeloaders” as their is no restrictions under this government. A governing body with the political correct policing that has turned different skin colors against each other.

    I know President Donald Trump will revise the E-Verify tool that ICE audit agents use, that MUST BE Mandated. That employers will have to peer over their shoulder, as every American worker could be a whistle blower ready to call ICE on companies nefarious act using illegal aliens in the workforce for profit? What I do care about is the Special business interests buying career lawmakers votes and ignoring THE PEOPLE who pay their salaries. One thing Donald Trump is not, a plant by the GOP establishment or Democrats to adopt the same corruption in Washington. I think the Washington Establishment is going to sell you — and every Tea Party American — out in this upcoming election.

    Again I don’t care if Trump has $$10 billion dollars or $$2 Billion as nobody has the financial power to buy his loyalty. He cannot be bribed or dirt to blackmail him for past tactics in either party. Donald Trump will align himself with the American people, not vested interests, crony capitalists and career politicians. The others who are trying to climb in the polls, trying to spotlight on the American peoples center of attention in the race to the oval office; in my eyes are already being unknowingly corrupted as they have taken checks from wealthy donors who want something in the immediate future?