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Video || Boehner Cries for the Pope

This was a funny video the PoliZette team put together Thursday. Turns out it wasn’t just the Pope that was making him cry.

17 Responses to Video || Boehner Cries for the Pope

  1. Boner was a god awful Speaker. He lied over and over and was ObamaMohamad’s best friend.
    Here is his list of lies:
    De fund Obumercare
    Stop the illegal Obama immigration.
    Close the border
    Enforce the existing laws.
    Stop the chosen one from illegal EO’s.
    He did nothing!!!!!!!
    He should be in Jail!

  2. He will not be missed. I could only see his hands during the Pope’s speech. His thumbs were moving in a circle. He was probably thinking of himself and his announcement.
    He was a waste of time for lack of effort.

    • Our allies in ME — Iran and Russia. Obama has failed miserably in his dealings with Russia. They are being very aggressive worldwide — not just in their “near abroad”.

    • The money quote: “Ushakov told reporters that Moscow ‘expects more tactful and professional attitude to such kinds of subjects from the U.S. partners.’”

      Moscow will have a very long wait before the Obama administration lives up to this standard. :+}