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Speaker Boehner to Resign

There was more to the tears than we thought.

Speaker John Bohner informed the Republican caucus Friday morning that he is retiring from Congress at the end of October. Boehner has been under enormous pressure from conservatives who are unhappy with his leadership and were planning to possibly take him out through a coup d’etat.

Confronting Boehner next week is the possibility of a government shutdown over funding for Planned Parenthood. The Speaker’s decision not to resign immediately suggests that one of his last acts may be to shut down the effort.

Talk on Capitol Hill immediately began to focus on House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., as a likely replacement for Boehner. However, many conservatives fear he will carry much of the same moderate baggage as the current Speaker.

In an early afternoon press conference, Boehner didn’t exactly endorse a replacement – saying he wouldn’t be voting in the contest – but remarked that McCarthy would “make an excellent Speaker.”

No doubt, one of the reasons Boehner is hanging on for another month is to influence the succession.

Boehner had seemed particularly emotional during a visit by the Pope to Congress Thursday. It appears he had other things on his mind in addition to the enormity of the occasion.

While he had been thinking about it for some time, Boehner said during his press conference he had decided with finality only Friday morning that “today’s the day” he was going to resign.

“My senior staff was having a meeting at 8:45, and I kind of walked in before I opened the House and told ’em, ‘This is the day,'” he said.

During he press conference, Boehner described his exit as a selfless act designed to protect the House from the turmoil of the challenges by conservatives to his Speakership.

But it is Boehner’s care for the House – and the institutions of governance – that are exactly what has landed him in hot water on the right.

Some conservatives welcomed his announcement, according to the Associated Press.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp of Kansas said “it’s time for new leadership,” and Rep. Tom Massie of Kentucky said the speaker “subverted our Republic.”

“I think it was inevitable,” Massie said. “This is a condition of his own making right here.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi termed the resignation “seismic.”

The reaction among conservatives was electric at the Values Voter Summit in Washington when Sen. Marco Rubio, who was speaking to the conference, announced that Boehner was leaving.

The crowd responded with loud sustained applause – cheering which went on much longer than when Rubio later said the the country needs a new president.

“It’s a good thing,” said Donald Trump on the sidelines of the summit, according to Politico. “It’s time. I think it’s time for him, it’s probably time for the party, it’s time for everybody.”

Boehner, who was first elected to the House in 1990, became Speaker in January 2011.

28 Responses to Speaker Boehner to Resign

  1. 25 years on the Hill, need not say more….buh bye.

    But: Boehner is a good man, an American success story of sorts, too bad he forgot to pack his backbone when he rose to Speakership.


    • I agree……I doubt it was because the Conservatives were trying to get rid of him. Nancy Pelosi and the Dems would have saved him in such a vote.

      The only person in Washington, DC who rolled over more for Obama than Boehner was Reggie Love. Now Mitch McConnell needs to go………he is as worthless as Boehner!

    • I’m suspecting serious health issues (his or a family member) , combined with a growing lack of support in the House and in his own district helped move him to resign. A decision of this magnitude is usually a result of a perfect storm of several influences, rarely just for one reason. He’s about 66 years old, not that old in the political world, so it’s not “age” causing him to resign. But we’ll see.

  2. Hmm, tin foil hat time. Why now, why resign in the middle of a session, hmmm.
    Did MrTrump’s success and message bonk the others on the head? If the elected elites
    followed the polls they may have been shaken to think that they really are the bought and paid for that he claims. When Congress finally looks behind them, they probably see the torches and pitchforks of the rabble, ready to run them out of town.

    IMO, there aren’t too many Americans who would care if the government was shut down for a while – even though nothing much will happen unless MrO gets all mean and nasty again.

        • They’re dead anyway. First it was, “We need not just the House, but the Senate to stop Obama”…then almost as soon as they got the Senate, it became, “Sorry, but we need the White House, too.”

          The least they could have done was pass legislation like crazy and make the Dems vote on record, and make him veto things.

          Instead, they rolled over.

        • Isn’t the issue over the funding of Planned Parenthood the issue?

          One could say the Democrats insisted that Planned Parenthood be funded. They should be the ones to blame for a shut down.

          Or is it that the majority of Americans are for what Planned Parenthood has been doing? I doubt it.

  3. I live in his district. I was surveyed last week, with most of the questions about Boehner. I told them I had voted (L) for the last 6 cycles, because I was very disappointed in his job. I figure this was paid for by his people to verify locally, what the opinion was nationally.

  4. Is it possible that Boehner has some sort of neurological problem? Every time I see him, his mouth is twitching (don’t laugh)…and he keeps rubbing his thumbs together.
    Excessive drinking over the years can wreak havoc! Just sayin’.

    • We’ve all (I think) noticed a certain yellowing of Boehner’s complexion over the past few years. A photo of him taken, say, ten years ago shows a normal complexion. There have been comments about him using some sort of solution to create that tan look on his face. I’ve never seen it as a “tan” look, but rather as a medical condition: specifically, a form of jaundice. There can be a number of causes, i.e. hepatitis, liver cancer, gallstones, pancreatic cancer, etc. One of my grandfathers died from pancreatic cancer, and had the same yellowish look Boehner has, and which was very noticeable today in his announcement.

      Here’s a photo of what jaundice looks like:

  5. Here, I submit, is how the Congress should approach the budget debate next year.

    “All right, Mr. Obama, you wanted Planned Parenthood funding last year, and that’s fine. This year, however, the negotiations are going to be a little different.

    “We will pass a full budget for next year, with a series of real, but necessary, cuts to the federal bureaucracy, a few haircuts in corporate welfare, and a couple of handouts less for the well-connected, and not one taxpayer cent for Planned Parenthood. It is the best offer you’re going to see from this Congress.

    “If you veto it, we will pass a CR which funds the government at current levels through November 30, which will negate any chance of you electioneering off a Washington Monument ruse.

    “We will then reconvene for a lame-duck session after the election, and the results will be a factor in the next budget we present to you in that session. If the Republicans win the presidency, you would do well to heed the voice of the people–along with this warning.

    “The budget we present to you in the lame-duck session will be sterner, and leaner, and will include PAINFUL cuts at agencies which have been weaponized against ordinary Americans during your Administration.

    “If you veto THAT, we will pass another CR which funds the government through the end of January, 2017. Once you’re gone, we will send a budget to your successor which will have some of the most extreme cuts to the federal government that Washington has ever seen. By the time that budget takes full effect, there will be rending of garments, weeping, and gnashing of teeth at every single cubicle farm in this town.

    “And don’t count on the Senate saving your bacon on this one, either. As far as the Senate goes, this will be the first order of business the new Senate takes up, and if we retain the majority in there, your party’s minority rights for the entire term will be on the table in those negotiations. And Chuck Schumer is a smart guy: he won’t give away the filibuster, because there are Supreme Court nominees he’ll want to bork at some point.

    “So. The question, Mr. Obama, is not whether there will be cuts in the federal budget, or whether Planned Parenthood is getting its handouts zeroed out. The question is, how severe will the cuts be, and what OTHER sugar babies will be keening in anguish over their lost handouts? And that, frankly, is up to you.

    “So if you’re smart, you’ll heed the will of the people, compromise for just once in your presidency, and leave on a conciliatory note. But if you want to keep being pig-headed until the bitter end, we can work with that, too. And you REALLY won’t like our response. You just won’t.

    “So. Sign the 2017 budget we send you, Mr. Obama. Because if you don’t, you REALLY won’t like the budget we send your successor.

    “No, Mr. Obama, you do NOT get to talk. This meeting is over, in fact. Have a nice day.”

  6. There have been many life long career elected politicians that have died in office long before they were pronounced such. Some have left finger nail scratches across the floor as they are dragged from their offices. As Will Rogers said, ” we have the best government money can buy!” We can add, do to inflation the price went up, the goods remained the same.

  7. If John Boehner says that Kevin McCarthy would make a good Speaker, then McCarthy should never be Speaker. What does John Boehner know about being a good Speaker?