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Rubio Tears Up for the Pope

No matter that his message was leftist, the Pope’s visit to Congress was a moving occasion, for Republicans and Democrats alike.

In the video below, you can see that House Speaker John Boehner of course was beside himself, Vice President Biden seems on the verge of losing it, and GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio wipes away a tear.

35 Responses to Rubio Tears Up for the Pope

    • The music in the service was beautiful. It was a one of a kind moment and I am sure moving for those who attended. I could not understand the pope’s English very well, speaking of English. And I don’t mean to be snarky, and prob should not write this, but it occurred to me that being pope was a pretty good job–everything done and paid for for you, people hang on your every word, even consider you infallible, you can scold world powers, exert your greater caring, greater morality saying it comes from God–but for one little problem–the longstanding abuse issue.

      • Don’t forget, this Pope is 78 y.o. He spent his entire priesthood in Argentina practicing what he preaches. He lived a humble life without material riches. He was known as the Bishop of the Slums.
        He is the shepherd of the downtrodden and he walks the walk.

        He didn’t ‘run for office’, he was chosen by the College of Cardinals. As Pope, he has renounced as much of the papal pomp and circumstance as is humanly possible.

        Francis, the Merciful. I love this man!

        • I do see this godly side–but why not talk to the Cuban downtrodden dissidents, many of whom spent long periods jailed in misery. Why lecture mega-economies on very significant changes that would have unanticipated consequences for those same poor people? Here I am lecturing the pope–oh, well…

          • All good points, Star.

            I don’t see Francis as a ‘Socialist’ per se…I see him as a man of God who is simply trying to bring comfort and a ray of sunshine to over 3 billion people who are living in poverty.

            The only way to solve the worldwide poverty problem is to destroy the corrupt third world dictatorships…including our own dictator-in-chief.

        • What about Mother Theresa? She spent her entire life in the slums of Calcutta living with, and caring for, the poor. Nobody ever installed her in a castle and decked her out with the finest of everything. Until she went to live with the Savior of course.
          I can’t get excited about the Pope. I don’t buy into the whole Catholic thing of the Pope’s infallibility and the use of a priest for confession, or Mary as a go between to Jesus.
          Nor the man made rituals and legalisms of the Catholic church, or any other church that tells us we have to do those things or perish.
          Simply not true.

      • He is not infallible, he is a man.
        I am a Lutheran.
        Martin Luther rejected the infallibility of the Pope and the Catholic Church as it was in Luther’s day.
        Hence, the Protestant Church.

        Once again Star,…you are speaking from a position of logical thought.
        I like that. :)

  1. So we get a lecture from the head of the child abuser sex club? They have taken priest who have committed crimes in America and hidden them in the Vatican. Nice eh?
    He tells us we should take in all the illegal invaders and love them. As we sink into fiscal disaster with no recovery in sight. As Fed is hinting at negative interests rates which means they will charge us to have our money in the bank.
    10% of the nations population is already illegals!!!
    A political Pope is not a good thing.

  2. We need to remember the Pope is from Argentina where socialism is the order of the day. It has not worked there and will not work her either.
    He has a lack of understanding of the weather and wants carbon trading. Record ice the last 2 years in the Arctic. According to the climate models they use this cannot happen.
    He wants us to take in unlimited illegals cause they want a better life. Yes they will be taking our life as the jobs being created today are taken by them!

  3. Folks who receive Social Security will get no cost of living raise this January. As according to the Fed there is no inflation.

    Butter prices hit $3.10 per lb today in Chicago trading – a record high.

    So as the non inflation eats away at our monthly roll, the illegals are coming for your job. Thanks Pope no problem. Send all 5 billion peeps that want to live here. Where they will work is not a problem just give them food stamps and section 8 housing. We are rich….oh I mean 18 trillion in debt.

  4. The whole event was impressive and a credit to those who planned it. Imagine – a leader, not of some country, but of a religious order allowed to address Congress, to take over the WhiteHouse during his visit, and to inspire untold multitudes of people to stand for hours just to get a glimpse of him.
    His remarks were aimed at making his view of a better world a reality, even as he has no concept of what being a citizen of the US means in terms of opportunity or living conditions. His background in the slums of a corrupt nation colors everything he believes and his lack of understanding what would happen if we all gave up modern life to ‘save the planet’ would mean to everyone.

    Rather than urge American citizens to embrace what he believes are people looking for a better life, he should encourage those so-called “pilgrims” to return to their homeland to make the changes needed to make their lives as they wish. He obviously has no concept of the benefits provided by the taxpayer citizens of the US to those ‘pilgrim’s whose only hope is free food, free medical care, and low-cost housing.e

    He should have praised all the tax-paying Americans for doing what the Mexican government refuses to do for their own people.

  5. Of course the Pope is correct when he says that “most of us were immigrants”. The United States and Canada were both built by immigrants. BUT…there is a huge difference between the immigrants who were our forebears, and the migrants streaming into Western nations today. Our ancestors came with the intention of making a new life for themselves, and they were willing to work their butts off for it. The newbies? Not so much.They expect to be given everything, all the things that our great grandparents, grandparents, and mothers and fathers worked so hard to get.

  6. Marco Rubio is young and handsome like Bill Clinton
    – and like Bill Clinton – able to shed a tear whenever it is a likely made for TV moment.
    Boehner “cries in his beer” all the time.
    Joe is on his other planet, I guess.