As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

White House Dossier Pauses for Yom Kippur

My best wishes to all who are observing the holiday. WHD will return Wednesday night.


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46 Responses to White House Dossier Pauses for Yom Kippur

  1. After going to the Wash Post and reading comments–most of them against Republicans, how hateful they are, how indifferent to suffering, how greedy, how stupid, how corrupt–and having seen so much of the same here where I respect people, I came away v. dejected today…Will I end up voting for Biden or not voting…Maybe I am not a conservative…It is hard to defend against all these awful things.

    • I suppose I identify more with Republicans.
      I am certain I am not a Democrat.
      The Democratic Party is definitely not the party my parents supported. I don’t believe in abortion, illegal immigration, gay marriage and degradation of religion and it’s believers. I think welfare destroys personal initiative. And I will never, ever, ever believe government will be more productive than private enterprise. I know from personal experience that government is not more efficient or innovative.
      Are Republicans the same party? Nope.
      But, I think there are more conservatives (like me) who are supportive of capitalism (I like that) and our Constitution (it is the foundation of our country and still stands the test of time.)
      Those people – me – will vote R because we cannot and will not vote D.

      • person that you feel will bring the country to where it needs to be. You have to believe in the candidate and he or she has to believe in American.

  2. And Keith, please accept this wish from a non Jewish follower (me):
    “G’mar Hatimah Tovah”
    (“May You Be Sealed for a Good Year (in the Book of Life).”)

  3. The Holy Father can sure talk the talk, but when it comes time to walk -he flies in the biggest airplane I have ever seen. The carbon imprint numbers on the atmosphere is right up there with AF1.
    While he talks about the poor, he waves around solid gold icons. He might ride around in a modest auto, but he wears the finest silk.
    He can tell us that we should embrace illegal aliens, but until we see thousands of illegal aliens legally camping out in the Vatican, then it’s not meaning a thing to anyone.
    I am a good a Catholic as he, but I believe that everyone should obey the laws of whatever nation they live in or hope to live in.