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Six Questions the MSM Would Never Ask a Liberal

NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd on Sunday decided to put his Republican guests on the spot with some classic “gotcha” action, asking Ben Carson and Donald Trump if they would be comfortable with a Muslim as president.

Predictably, the answers generated news, as intended. All of it “controversial,” or so the mainstream press reported.

Ben Carson offered a reasoned, if politically incorrect, answer that incited outrage in the media.

Asked if he thought Islam was consistent with the Constitution, Carson replied, “No, I do not,” adding, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that.”

Uncharacteristically, Trump was a little more careful. “Would I be comfortable? I don’t know if we have to address it right now, but I think it’s certainly something that could happen,” he said.

These questions, which are designed to put candidates terrifyingly on the spot, somehow never seem to trickle over to liberals. Because the shocking truths that might be exposed will harm candidates the press would rather not harm too much — candidates who basically, in their hearts, are good people fighting the good fight, right? So why trouble them?

Here, then, are seven questions you will never hear the press ask a liberal. Thought they should.

Just imagine Bernie Sanders being on the receiving end of these.

The questions:

Would you be comfortable with:

1. Someone as president who believes most of the Bible, including creationism?

2. A president who who was so successful as a capitalist he or she became a billionaire?

3. Thomas Jefferson, a slave owner, as president?

4. A president who was a career military person who killed in battle and rose to the rank of general?

5. Someone as president who owns a gun collection?

6. A president who thinks Western civilization is better than all other civilizations?

45 thoughts on “Six Questions the MSM Would Never Ask a Liberal”

  1. Day after day, muslims figure in every TV news program, every national newspaper, many online blogs, and they are beginning to dominate the run for the presidency. Is it just me, or is anyone else sick unto death of them?

    1. “If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly.” -Thomas Sowell

    2. I´mNoDhimmi, I am also sick and tired of the Muslim issue, that is, when we non-Muslims are never allowed any critique, we are just supposed to be tolerant, to be nice and well behaved tax-payers.

  2. They twisted what Carson said. He said he would not “advocate”. He did not say “prohibit”. Then he went on and pointed out that Sharia Law is not compatible with the Constitution.

    1. Thank you Old Timer. As the msm seems to feel it is OK for them to say, twist, edit as they wish, but do not like when other people speak their mind in this Free Country.

    2. But then he went on to say if they renounced their reloigion it would be OK with him. I would not vote for someone who “renounced” their beliefs. And I don’t mean a flip flop–we have plenty of those in both parties. And by the way–this is totally hypothetical–no Muslim is running. What a waste of time with all we face.

  3. I saw where 128 Hollywooders signed a letter of support for Bernie Sanders.

    Will the media question any one of them if they’re willing to have 90% of their income taxed ?

    1. At the EMMY spectacular, the emcee said this – . “Donald Trump is running for president, to the delight of uncles everywhere.” The crowd of entertainers approved and thought it was a funny line.
      What does it mean, what was he referring to – last year MrObama asked the young people to talk to their “racist uncle” during Thanksgiving dinner.

    2. Those 128 people must have missed the fine print where Bernie says all entertainment for the masses should be free and artists and entertainers will be paid at wages set by the state.

  4. Just heard the big fake Conservative, Joe S., go off on the rant of all rants
    b/c the GOP candidates are not repudiating the words of Dr. Ben (everyone, that is, except Miss Lindsey).

    Ben Carson expressed an OPINION…an opinion that I, for one, happen to agree with 1000%.

    There is no place for Sharia in this country or our govt. I don’t care what the Constitution says. The last thing we want to do in this country is EMPOWER Muslims. Their stated goal is to turn the entire universe into the Islamic religion….a religion that condones honor killings, chopping off heads, stoning women to death, etc.

    We have had enough problems with Obama and the racial divide! Imagine what it would be like with a real muslim in the WH! The terrorists and radicals worldwide would feel like they had just conquered the Big Satan. They would be dancing in the streets as they did after 9/11.

    Dr. Ben is a wise man. He gets it. And so do most of us!

    1. Right On,Girly1…agree totally with what you said! If people in this country couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a Mormon (Romney) they would vote for a Muslim??

    2. The MSM is using only little gotcha sound bites as they continue to peddle the Carson non-story. If one listens to Carson’s entire response, he clearly explains his position, and it changes the entire tone of his response. But the MSM wouldn’t have a story if they told the whole truth. The MSM is simply playing Whack-A-Republican Candidate. As we all know.

    3. Girly….Well said. I agree 100%.

      Someone described this current situation as the Muslims are using immigration as a form of stealth jihad.

  5. Gallup reports that the public’s trust in the MSM is at an all time low. We know why. They are politically corrupt. To the core. Everybody knows it.

    1. True, Marcus, no trust at all. Over here the MSM dishes out sob-stories about “refugees” ( I prefer to call them migrants until their status is proven ) day and night , no hard questions asked, nothing about the opinion of the people who have to deal with the problems. And most people with a brain realizes that this avalanche of incoming migrants just can not go on and on.

      1. This morning on
        I saw a film of a man driving along the coast filming hundreds of people getting out of inflatable boats and climbing up the rocks. Than a picture of hundreds… of life jackets along the roadway, left behind. That is a lot of life jackets. I wonder where they got them from.

  6. As I write this, DrCarson is being grilled, skewered, and BBQ’d by the press on his opinions of faith, Muslims, PC opinions.
    As always, he is measured, polite, unruffled and answering all questions.

    None of the questions relate to current problems or concerns of America today, but rather what the press thinks will make a headline. Either the press doesn’t care what any Dem candidate thinks, or they are afraid to ask.

  7. I’d ask yet another question of Commie-Bernie that coincides with the Socialist Pope’s visit today which I would tack-on to Keith’s No. 1 question in the same rambling multiple question style so preferred by the MSM:

    Are you comfortable with the visit by the Pope, the leader of millions of his faithful, who is also an avowed Socialist/Marxist? If so, why and what endears him to you, and where do you personally draw the line on adulation – his theological or ideological preferences?

  8. Keith’s questions are child’s play. Actual questions and answers from Libs I know.

    Q Why are you voting for The Hildabeast?

    A I like Bill.
    Q Do you know the Fed reserve is a Private Organization owned by secret investors?
    A What?
    Q What don’t you like about Trump?
    A His hair.
    Q Do you know what a Black program is?
    A What?
    Q Do you know when an illegal has a baby here they can get welfare and section 8 housing?
    A No!

    And so on. Liberalism is a disease and there is no cure.

  9. If a Muslim strictly adhered to Shariah Law, it would be antithetical for them to hold public office. They would be unable to uphold the laws of the United States of America. But this is also true of any citizen of the United States or even someone who resides here on a Visa.
    This is logic.
    But of course, the left turns it into their own brand of illogical idiocy.

    1. Most high school graduates would know that “right”, in the sense you mean it, should be spelled “write”. Also, check your punctuation for your misuse of “<". "Remotely" is generally written as an adverb (the "ly" is your first clue) and, typically, refers to distance or time. It is not an adjective, as you have used it here. Unfortunately, we have to give you a C- for your efforts. But do try again. With a little effort, and less time playing Angry Birds, you should see some improvement in your writing skills.

  10. Actually if Chuck Todd is only looking for comfort from the White House, I would suggest we elect a Labrador Retriever. Naturally barks at danger, a loyal companion, loves kids, does his business outback in the yard. Known to lick you in the face with affection.

    1. We have a Yellow Lab. Best dog evah! Does all the things you mention. Huge heart, loves everybody. Happy dog who makes everyone happy when they meet him.

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