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Walker Drops Out

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is dropping out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, the Associated Press and New York Times report, citing unnamed sources.

Walker has reportedly scheduled a news conferred for 6 pm ET in Madison, Wisc.

The New York Times reports that Walker doesn’t have enough money to continue. According to the Times, a supporter said Walker decided “not to limp into Iowa” bereft of cash.

Walker’s fall has been precipitous. After leading for months in Iowa, his numbers declined steadily as Donald Trump entered the race and stole any thunder Walker might have generated. Meantime, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson snatched conservative and moderate support that might have gone to the Wisconsin governor. On April 1, he topped Jeb Bush as the front-runner, 17.3 percent to 17 percent. Now he’s at just 1.8 percent on the RealClearPolitics average.

Walker’s performances in the two debates so far also failed to distinguish him from the pack and generate passion among his supporters.

27 Responses to Walker Drops Out

  1. He did not impress me at the Red State Gathering. He spent way too much of his allotted time bashing HRC and not about what was going to do–all to an audience of Republicans. Obviously, none of us plan on voting for her, so why waste your time on her.

  2. I have to say I’m really surprised. how is it that Walker and Perry are both out, yet Jimmie Joe Dale Bob Gilmore (what IS that guy’s name?) and Rick Santorum are still running?


  3. Walker wants a “positive conservative alternative to the current front runner.”

    This, after he began his comments, with a distaste for personal attacks.

    I like Walker, but this is hypocritical and a cheap departing shot. Disappointing.

  4. Had high hopes for him at the outset, but it just didn’t work out…he never gained any traction.

    Slight OT, but isn’t it interesting how the subject of Muslims has taken over the campaign the past several days? After the 9/11 anniversary, we’ve had “Clock Boy”, Trump being asked if Barry is a Muslim or not, and then Carson being asked if he’d support a Muslim president.

  5. He would have been a good President. It’s too bad that he got overshadowed and underfunded.

    When all this is over, will the political autopsies find that the MSM’s and the established Repubs instant and viscious attacks on MrTrump from the very start was responsible for his rise and the demise of other candidates?
    There is an estimate of the “free” airtime MrTrump enjoyed so far of @$50,000,000. He is on every political discussion, the topic of at least two pieces on every political sites, and his message is upbeat or just plain interesting.

  6. Walker didn’t need to take a swipe at Trump on his way out. His problem had nothing to do with the Donald. This country is not looking for a boring, lackluster flip-flopper who doesn’t answer ‘hypotheticals’ to occupy the Oval.
    Guess we won’t be building a wall on our northern border. Sorry about that, Scott.

  7. Walker was weak at best. Same old stuff all the time. Beyond the union stuff there was nothing original. Perhaps Trump could appoint him to the NLRB. He might be able to do some good in that environment.
    Also, he claims we need another conservative in the likes of Reagan. Don’t see that anywhere in the current line up of candidates. And Walker was/is an establishment Republican – something that Reagan, if he were alive today would totally abhor. GO TRUMP!!