As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

25 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || September 20, 2015

  1. Something way more interesting than Trump? No one can pronounce Mackinac Island, where that Paul pantywaist swatted at a Rubio dweeb. It’s Macin-NAW, not NAC! It’s called research. My new hobby is how many media people get it right…they already blew it on RED EYE. A panelist there also made a ref to the “mean streets” of the place–mean bike paths, maybe…No cars allowed, only horse-drawn carriages, bikes and carts, and unarmed TOURISTS. My late ex had a hiss when he could not bring the .45. Yes, I have been there…

  2. Re: Another Obama legacy

    Obama’s decision to reinstate relations with Cuba has had a very negative impact on the Cuban people. They are desperate to leave before the rules change and they become stuck in Cuba. They are now flying to Ecuador and then overland through Central America instead of taking a raft to Florida. They have to be desperate attempting to go through the Darien. Many have tried and are never heard of again.

    It is also very dangerous going through Mexico. Last year when all of the children flooded the US one of Ortega’s supported made the brag that few Nicaraguans came because Ortega did such a swell job of taking care of them. Nicaraguans do not go north. They go to Costa Rica or Panama. Panama was getting so many it attempted to deport them back at the Costa Rican border. Costa Rica refused them saying they are not ours. So Panama made new rules. To made a land crossing from Costa Rica, $500 must be shown and a return airline ticket to their home country. This cut the flow of Nicaraguans.

    Here is a long article about the Cuban migration. Nice reporting because it reports how the real world operates.

    • Saw that. Pathetic. Here’s Georgie boy, the chief mocker and destroyer of women credibly accusing Billy Boy of molestation and rape, (in the Bimbo eruption chapter of Clinton’s Presidency) trying to take the high ground on a non-issue with Trump. That’s rich. George S. and others in the WH calling these women “bimbos” says all you want to know about these low-level, corrupt Clinton people. George is still one of those Clinton people and always will be. What a disgrace and morally bankrupt person he is.

      His sister Maria, a Russian Orthodox nun, has her own, ummm, problems with the truth as well, it would seem. Make your own judgement with her.

      What’s odd with these two is that their parents are very well regarded and influential in the Greek Orthodox Church. The father, Robert George Stephanopoulos, is a priest and very highly regarded in the Greek Orthodox Church. He is Dean Emeritus of the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in NYC. The mother, Nickolitsa, was the news director for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America for many years. Superb people.

      What happened to their kids? Yikes.

    • We pay her enough, believe me. More television shows coming up in L.A. and NYC. Fine, give her a paycheck as long as she pays for these trips herself !

    • That is disgusting on the highest level.
      Obama is making 400,000.00 a year and the first B can’t survive on that ???
      God help us until these people are out of office.

      This administration has provided us with one good thing.

      Never ever again put a grifter in that White House.

      Planes at their beck and call.
      Security 24/7.

      Now the Mooch wants a paycheck.

  3. How sad to hear about Mary Katherine Ham’s husband’s death yesterday. Jake Brewer died while participating in a charity bicycle race.

    Ms. Ham is pregnant with their second child.

    Many prayers to her and her family.