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Carly Takes Second in New Poll; Trump Still Leads

A solid performance in Wednesday night’s GOP debate has boosted Carly Fiorina into second place in the latest national poll, with 15 percent of the vote, while frontrunner Donald Trump maintains strong, if diminished, support with a 24 percent share of those polled.

The CNN/ORC poll of Republican registered voters shows Sen. Marco Rubio, whose debate performance also received good marks, on the rise, while his Florida rival Jeb Bush remains mired in the middle of the pack.

Fiorino’s emergence, however, is hardly indicative of where she will be by the time the voting starts – or even where she will be next month.

If 2012 is any guide, polls in the Republican primary could shift wildly even after the primaries begin, with many candidates in a large pack getting their turn to bask in the pollster-spawned limelight. And there is evidence that the heavy press attention to Fiorino’s debate performance may have goosed her standing.

The poll, conducted entirely after the debate, delivers the campaign of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker into crisis status, with the formerly highly touted candidate receiving support of less than half a percentage point.

The survey has Trump declining from the 32 percent he received in a similar poll taken earlier this month. Fiorina at 15 percent is just ahead of Ben Carson, whose 14 percent is down from 19 percent in the previous poll.

Bush in inhabits fifth place with a 9 percent share, followed by Sen. Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee who each garnered six percent. They are followed by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul at 4 percent, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at 3 percent, Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 2 percent and Rick Santorum at 1 percent.

Fifty one percent agreed that Fiorina won the debate, with only 11 percent saying Trump did. Trump was third, in fact, behind Rubio, who was the choice of 14 percent.

However, Fiorina’s numbers are nearly 20 points higher and Trump’s ten points worse than those of a snap poll taken directly after the debate, suggesting press accounts of Fiorina’s victory may have influenced voters’ thinking.

Participation in the preliminary debate did nothing for Rick Santorum, Jim Gilmore, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, and George Pataki, each of whom are at one percent or less.

The poll suggests Trump, in order to maintain his momentum, may need to start rolling out more specifics about what he will do as president and begin sounding more knowledgeable about policy details. Fiorina during the debate showed a command of subject matter, rattling off names and details as part of what was a clear strategy to showcase her knowledge and contrast it with Trump’s.

Rubio’s rise signals that the more moderate, establishment wing of the Party may begin considering him – or Fiorina – as an alternative if Bush doesn’t get his act together very soon.

And with a decline of five points, Carson may need to start upping the amperage behind his professorial, nice-guy style.

This story first appeared in the other publication I edit, PoliZette.

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52 Responses to Carly Takes Second in New Poll; Trump Still Leads

  1. I see an element of the ones taking the poll grasping at anybody that isn’t a politician.

    Carly made a statement that I like,….
    She said that career politicians don’t realize that they are surrounded by the Washington bubble.
    Just like a fish doesn’t realize it is swimming in water.

  2. But Keith, a day ago you suggested she looked maniacal when delivering that “fetus-speech” and I agreed, she certainly did. What´s this ?
    Well, rattling off names and numbers doesn´t make her in “command of subject” in my humble opinion. I still think she acts and speaks like a robot. And sometimes a scary one.

    • I’ve seen female managers in action. Some have been scary in the maniacal sense. I would like to hear what her close assistants think of her. (I am female)
      She holds up well in interviews & debates, I like that & I do want to hear more from her….especially in a debate with hilz!

    • I think she has some pre established lines and I don’t see her moving too far away from them. I am on the fence about her, something doesn’t sit right. But she commands a good position — outsider and female. Plus she does go after Hillary. And although she might have see slightly “maniacal” with her fetus speech I think she made a great point about the moral stature of this country and I also think it needed to be said.

      I appreciate it when these candidates make declarative statements about things that need to be said, or that they believe, and do not back down.

        • it’s so interesting to me that even supposed conservative women are delighted to insult women candidates about their looks.

          I must have missed the conversation about Lindsey Graham’s bad haircut.

          why is that, ladies? do you hear yourselves?

  3. She has an amazing way of organizing her thought process and then the ability to communicate those thoughts so that they are easily understood. A huge amount of world and military knowledge. I agree, AFV, she has not hit her stride yet. It will get interesting. It already is.

      • She reminds me a bit like a Margaret Thatcher who did not come across as warm and fuzzy. But one thing you knew about Thatcher was she knew what she was doing plus you were glad she was on your side.

      • Sometimes you have to let people go to save the company. There wasn’t a tech company that didn’t happen to at that time. It was a very rough period. Look at Dell at that time.

      • Yep.
        I worked for Xerox for many years and they did the same thing.
        What she did was to slim the company down to be competitive in the field that she was in.

        Trump can say all he wants about her management of companies, but she did what she thought was necessary.

        Xerox went through a massive re-structuring during those same years.

        • When a company like HP or other publicly traded companies make huge labor reductions or other modifications that impact the bottom line, they have to get the approval of the Board of Directors. It’s not like Carly woke up one day and decided on her own to make these changes to HP. Her Board approved the cuts.

      • There is a lot to that…She ran a company bigger at the time than any of the states (Fox News Sunday). The selling to Iran thing was done by a company twice removed from HP–and her knowledge of it was cleared by the SEC. The dot-com bubble was bursting–everyone was laying off. She pulled down a hefty salary–they all did. The guy who kicked her off the board or instigated the fight now has said he was wrong. This is business and like politics, it’s not beanbag.

        • I once edited a book on women in technology–and the author as well as those she wrote about were rough and tough, played hardball if Matthews has not ruined that expression, took what they saw as their due in compensation, the perks, everything. They knew it was a sudden-death business–a couple of bad quarters, and bam! They walked the edge, they criss-crossed the globe. The other day someone asked her about today’s HP layoffs–she has not been there in a decade or more. That was a gotcha, in my opinion. She refused to trash Meg Whitman. She didn’t say, “See? Happens to everyone…” She just said she was not involved.

      • yesterday I read an article from someone who said that if Carly hadn’t engineered the merger with Compaq that HP would have closed right then.

        Trump businesses have filed for bankruptcy four times, but nobody here seems to be bothered by that.

    • Her statements on increasing the military, without consideration of how to pay for those increases, made me thing she did NOT have much knowledge of what that increase would entail.

  4. Carly will be taken to slaughter by the Dems if she is the nominee. Just as she was in the California Senate race in 2010. All they have to do is point out how she has made the Worst CEO’s of All Time List by numerous publications, and run ads like this…

    If Carly is the nominee, it’s 8 more years of Obama as the wizard behind the curtain.

    • Whoever the nominee is, they’ll take him/her to slaughter. Remember how they implied Mitt Romney (indirectly) killed someone because of layoffs instigated while he was working at Bain Capital?

      The Rupubs have to beat ’em at their own game…whether it’s Hillary or Crazy Uncle Joe, they need to hammer their record of being part of the disaster known as the Obama Administration…the administration that’s been in power the past eight years and spiraled our country in the wrong direction.

    • Anybody the Repubs run will be taken to slaughter by the Dems…only their candidates will not be vetted…just like the o..can you believe people didn’t know lots of “stuff” about him that was never revealed?? I hope someday in some time, the truth comes out about this “faker” in the white housr

    • I tend to agree with you. The media/political elites are determined, highly motivated and energized to break Trump’s legs in the campaign. Bust him up bad. He’s giving no adviser money to fools like Rove, and so they hate him.

      Next up after Trump might be Carly, another non-political candidate. Once they set her up, as they are a bit now, they will pound her into the ground, as Chris Wallace tried to do with her today on his show. The issue he used to smash her over the head? Her dismissal from HP, of course. She handled it all with perfect confidence and skill. But there’s more coming.

      This Wallace character is a piece of work. Here’s a guy who couldn’t operate a hot dog stand in the Bronx, and he’s interrogating her about the right way to run a business. What an obnoxious dope. If his daddy hadn’t been a big shot in the media, Chris Wallace would be the guy cleaning the shoes in your neighborhood bowling alley. Total phony.

      So the media, for now, hails Carly as the new hero (with the occasional Wallace type interrogation), gets her and the Trumpster into some sort of mutual smack down. After a little time has passed, the media declares that Carly is The Winner, and then they bring in the big guns to get rid of her. And that leaves–tah dah–Jeb, riding in on his white horse. He’s the only R candidate the elites want in the race. And he’s the only one the media will ultimately lift up as the “correct” R candidate. Once Jeb is declared The Correct Republican, the media/political elites, as they did McCain and Romney, drop haymakers on Jeb. He won’t know what hit him.

      And then.. voila, whomever is the D Candidate–Hillary or Biden. A shoe-in for them. With Lizzy the Liar Warren as VP.

    • Someone who is a CEO with positive name recognition should go public with this explanation.
      CEOs work for a board of directors.
      If the power brokers on the board like you, you get to keep your job.
      If they get a case of the ass against you – buh-bye. You’re gone.
      Some times the dislike is deserved. Some times it isn’t just because a BOD member may have a friend/family member who needs a job.
      Carly surely sounds intelligent and poised and self assured.
      Most women with those characteristics have problems with BODs and … Others.
      I had my doubts about her at first, Now?
      She would definitely have my vote.

  5. OT…Fox is not reporting the death of Mary Katherine Hamm’s husband in a tragic accident. She has a little girl and one on the way. I am surprised since she does appear on Fox news that they are not reporting this. My heart goes out to her and my prayer…baby will never know its father!

  6. Carly was extremely robotic and boring at best as she merely rattled off a list of memorized talking points. For that disgusting performance she gets the attention of all who wish to bring down Trump. On her own she’s not capable of independent,off the cuff and meaningful thought. She’s going nowhere fast and will fizzle out as soon as the republican establishment media is done with her. She’s nothing but the “useful idiot” used by the RNC to clear Trump out of the way and to finally open the door wide for another Bush. So sad…but true!!

    • There are those words again I’m starting see everywhere online: “boring”…”robotic”…even “rattled off”!
      Surprised “scary” didn’t make it in there.

      Memes aplenty!

      • As I so often say–I prefer Kasich and Rubio, but I do see an organized effort to slam her and I know her straight-forward, direct, fact-filled manner is the way of many in the tech field, where being crisp and informed is considered a virtue.
        Anyhow–don’t most people hate memes…

    • don’t take this the wrong way, but not everything in the universe revolves around Donald Trump. Carly came in 2nd in the debate because people liked what she had to say, not because Reince Priebus told CNN to report it that way.

      I read a story yesterday about Carly that literally did not mention Trump even once. and the first comment was from someone who said “well–just another anti-Trump article.”