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Saturday Open Thread || September 19, 2015


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  1. Why isn’t English the official language of the USA? Has there ever been any effort to make it so?

    It’s time we did. You can speak whatever you want at home, but officially I believe it should be English.

      • 20 years ago or so, when you called info a phone number, The recording started stating Press 1 for English, I always just stated Operator, because I knew they could hear you even if you weren’t on the phone. Than it just snowballed from there. Many of our family members years…. ago came here and appreciated their new home and learned the English language.

      • They have tried that and pushback from all sides was huge–this is a melting pot…or a tossed salad–people can speak what they want. If a substantial number speak the second lang of the country, then that is accommodated. Don’t press SPANISH if you don’t want the message in Spanish. Pretty simple. Sure, sometime clerks in the store may be pointing at you and laughing and talking in Spanish–big deal. They probably know two languages–you know one. That’s my take on it.

        • If I remember history right, in the early days there was a vote to see if English or German would be the official language. English won it by just one vote.

          Our ballots are in Spanish too. Being from Texas I thought it was because we were close to Mexico. I was wrong. It is because so many Puerto Ricans came to New York.

          • I used to watch that reality show Giuliana & Bill–and G talked with her parents in Italian–they spoke English, but preferred Italian in the family. Bill was trying to catch up and learn.Most people who speak Spanish between themselves even in the workplace know English or understand it for the most part–they just speak Spanish. Are we really going to try to shape people and force them so much that they can’t speak as they wish? Freedom of speech!

        • I don’t feel they’re superior because they speak two languages. In the old days people came from other countries and assimilated into our culture. Now, they want to come here and change our culture to that of the country they fled.

          • I lived in the ME for 3 years. With the exception of science and math, all other subjects were taught in English. Most young people (50 & under) read, speak and write English better than most bone fide citizens of the USA. Why we have had Spanish forced upon us used to be a constant question in my mind until I learned about the Dems vote strategy.
            The minority throws hissy fits and we all kow-tow to their whims.
            Spoiled brats the whole lot of them.

          • I think I’ve mentioned before that my “first language” is French. I am third generation American. As kids we learned English in school–beginning in Kindergarten–, and the nuns would pound into our heads that we MUST learn English, and learn it well because English was the language of the country. To succeed and thrive in the US, speak English. Period. We spoke French at home and amongst ourselves. Fine. We were (are) Québécois in our ancestry, but we live in the United States. And that’s the end of the argument for us. Oddly and sadly (for me), our kids don’t speak a word of French and so, obviously, they are completely assimilated. And that’s ok.

  2. Even though MrTrump was nowhere to be found yesterday, his name was mentioned every hour on every forum and written in every liberal blog, paper, site.
    Claiming that somehow MrTrump was responsible for protecting MrObama’s religious claim of being a Christian, the anti-Trump message was on the line of ‘I’m not a crook’ or ‘My daughter is not a whore’. Sort of counter-productive and only brought out MrO’s own words in his two bios.

    MrTrump is news for what he says, what he doesn’t say, when he appears in public and when he is not. Absolutely amazing.
    No other political figure, no entertainer, no sports star has captured everyone’s attention as has MrTrump.

  3. Elsewhere, down in Irving, Texas, the “islamophobia” narrative is collapsing apace.

    Turns out that teenager has an interesting family connection: his father is a local pro-Muslim activist.

    There’s also some local politics involved, as well–the mayor of Irving recently refused to set up separate Muslim-only tribunals for Irving, and has been on the barbarians’ radar ever since.

    And an electronics expert has come to the conclusion that the kid didn’t even construct the clock: he just found an antique clock, possibly on Ebay, and took it apart.

    This is a provocation, and the press and the sheeple are falling for it, sadly.

    • So a relative is a pro-Muslim activist–does this mean the kid WAS targeted for his nationality? The youngster found a clock, took it apart and thought, wow, now I can get busted and cry discrimination–maybe it was! This sounds like a dopey story to me and this is the last I will post on it. Baaaa—baaaa.

      • He wasn’t targeted for his nationality–in fact, initial media reports didn’t mention his father’s, erm, “activities.” Those were only discovered later, after the story started looking, shall we say, awfully convenient.

        You MIGHT want to look up Frank Gaffney’s analysis of what we know so far about this, if you can stomach his sometimes strong medicine.

        Item: Kim Davis just spent the better part of a week in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gays.

        Item: “As a country, we have been through this too many times. Whether it’s an elementary school in Newtown, or a shopping mall in Oregon, or a temple in Wisconsin, or a movie theater in Aurora, or a street corner in Chicago — these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods, and these children are our children. And we’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.“–President Obama, on the Newtown shootings, emphasis added.

        So, given those two items, it makes perfect sense, of course, that when a teenager named
        Ahmed gets arrested for bringing a suspicious-looking device to a school, that he would get an invitation to the White House before the end of the news cycle.

        This story has legs.

        And Star, you’re smarter than that.

        I think.

        • It’s starting to look more and more like this was a deliberate provocation.

          Breitbart must have half a dozen articles about this story on their main page right now.

      • He’s supposedly a brilliant kid who also was in robotics club in middle school. Then he has such poor judgement to take what looks like a bomb to school because he’s proud of the clock he built? And neither he nor his parents thought anybody might think it looked suspicious? Things about this story just don’t add up.

        • Even poorer judgement as the first teacher who saw it told him not to show it anyone…yet he had the thing beeping in English class later on. I don’t blame that second teacher’s reaction.

          Of course, in some circles now, he’s being lauded as potentially one of the greatest inventors of our time!

        • In our school district (and I think throughout the state), teachers and school administrators are given training by the police on how to deal with these suspicious devices (this kid’s device looked like an electronic detonator for a bomb, not a bomb.) They are shown pictures of what to look for, how to react, to call the police immediately, evacuate the school, etc. Sounds like the school officials there did exactly what they were trained to do. Good for them.

          If a 7 year old kid can get suspended for chewing a Poptart into the shape of a handgun, this kid ought to be taken in and questioned, at the very least. And no invite to the White House to be celebrated.

          • Here’s an idea…

            When he flies in to DC with that thing, have him take that on the Metro on his way to the White House.

            If he comes in via DCA, they’ll have a SWAT team waiting for him at Pentagon City by the time he even sets foot on the Blue Line.

          • Exactly, DA. The kid’s immediate and near instantaneous mantle of honor bestowed by the WH and others, makes this little caper loaded with suspicion. There’s something weird going on. Are we being trained to disregard suspicious-looking possible electronic detonating devices because, you know, it’s just a clever kid carrying the thing?