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Biden Looking Like a Candidate

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Vice President Joe Biden has basically decided to run for president, though it is still possible he could change his mind if he decides his grief over his son’s death is haunting him to too great a degree.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Vice President Joe Biden’s aides in recent days called Democratic donors and supporters to suggest he is more likely than not to enter the 2016 race, and their discussions have shifted toward the timing of an announcement, said people familiar with the matter.

While the Biden team is still debating the best time to jump in, the vice president met Monday with his political advisers and talked about the merits of an early entry that would assure him a place in the Democratic debate scheduled for Oct. 13. They also are honing his campaign message and moving ahead with plans to raise money and hire staff, the people said.

The vice president could still back out if he finds the emotional toll from the death of his elder son, Beau Biden, too much to overcome. But the shift in the deliberations to the timing of an announcement is a fresh sign that he is moving closer to a bid.

“It’s my sense that this is happening, unless they change their minds,” said one person who spoke to Biden aides last weekend.

Someone also reportedly overheard a Biden fundraiser on an Amtrak train saying the vice president was “100 percent” running.

My advice: get in as late as possible and cruise through the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries on a wave of Bidenmania before people remember that you’re Joe Biden.

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  1. Leaked on purpose ? I know the GOPe usually uses Politico for their leaks, but WSJ is a BFD ;)

    I like Uncle Joe, but I’m old enough to remember every one of his re-election races with a serious challenger, he pulls the sympathy card for his Fail Safe deceased wife and child.

    Even in the 2008 election cycle I was an early supporter of Biden’s, only because I thought he was a decent human being. Especially that Cspan covered him live at a LGBT event where only about 6 people showed up. He pulled chairs together and spent the entire time with them. He never did poll more than 1%, eventually dropped out early.

    Content of Character always wins my vote. So he would be a better choice for Dems over Hillary.

    1. Over Hilla. yes. However today, he as followed o and that his a bad path to follow. Someone, anyone must have advised him of sufficient reasons of why he should not run as V. Pres to o.

      1. Like Hillary, Biden hitched his wagon to the destructive Obama Train.

        And there’s no Dem Bench? I have two Senators (Virginia) who are former, somewhat popular, Governors. Warner and Kaine….not a peep!

        Cory Booker was a populist Newark,NJ Mayor, now a Senator, not a peep ?

        Gov Walker is battle tested, not a peep.

        Oh look ClockBoy ! What a mess ;)

        1. Let’s see–won’t vote for Hillary, the duffer, Bernie, or Joe or Don…Maybe I won’t be voting. Sad–could be my last chance to vote on this planet, you never know.

          1. And I agree with Denise on the point that the prospect of pix of him hugging his late son and tearing up over his wife and child, callous as that sounds, will get irritating fast. And his cursing, bude swimming, blurts, etc. ACK!

          2. Star, no, you never know but still, you have strong Norwegian bones.You will have the ( questionable ? ) pleasure to enjoy many debates and elections, I am sure. Why not consider young Rand ? You would make young people happy.

          3. Don’t mind me–I am grouchy bec a petty bureaucrat is making me spray my yard with Agent Orange. Who knows if I will make it to the next election–but my yard will be grass-free.

    2. And now he has yet another Fail Safe family loss to use for greater show of sympathy. I will say that I personally like Uncle Joe, but I also feel that he has nothing to offer as president – unless it is to perpetuate the BHO era. *horros*

      He’s run so often that it feels like Harold Stassen, Ralph Nader and Eugene Debs all rolled into one.

  2. As far as I am concerned, he should have resigned as V. Pres. He still more than likely could never count on my vote. However just his devotion for respecting the Country, Constitution, and the American citizens would made him more eligible than he is now.
    Anyone can have the so called: credentials of following along with someone.

  3. Tin foil hat time:
    While it’s assumed that there is no love or respect between the Obamas and the Clintons, encouraging MrBiden to even think about running in the primary means this;
    internal polls show MrsC getting clobbered by some Repubs and sure to lose by more than a little.
    Of course, the Obama regime might have knowlege of some really bad stuff that’s about to tank her campaign, too.
    Anyway, the Dem base likes him, and apparently doesn’t like MrsC very much.

  4. So the big question is, if Joe does get in, will Hillary stay in the race, or find a reason to call it quits? Some of me thinks Hillary will stay until the bitter end, so hungry for the power of the presidency, she’s incapable of giving up. The other part of me thinks she’d be utterly humiliated by losing to Biden, a two-time loser. Thoughts?

      1. Agree with you, Girly. The Clintons will do anything for the win. Anything. I think Biden’s SS detail better be tailing him closely. And I’m not talking about watching his nude escapades in the swimming pool.

    1. She’ll stay in as long as she can, no doubt. But eventually she’ll quack and waddle away into the night. I’m predicting she’ll get out of the race for “medical reasons”. Her ego and misreading of the situation won’t allow her to get out for any other reason. Her campaign people will be the last to tell her to get out because, well, they’re employed by her at the moment. I used to think this would happen by Oct-Nov, but she may drag the torture out until Spring.

  5. Hillary has yet to pull out her Trump card, hubby Bill. She can’t win without him and I’m not sure Biden can win with him in the race.
    My guess is Joe is pondering the Bubba factor, not the little wifey.
    Bill is probably looking for property in NH as we speak.

    We absolutely need Biden in this race to eliminate the Clintons. Even with a DEM win in 2016, who would you rather have? The Clintons or the Bidens? Run, Joe, run!

    1. Almost forgot about that insipid interview on ABC when Hillary was asked if she would consider making Bill her V.P. She replied that she is seriously considering it!

      She has already started with the Bubba card…

  6. Of course Biden will run. We all figured that out long ago. Does he truly, in his heart of hearts, want to run? Not sure about that. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? Why would he run if he might have preferred not to run? He’s tired, grieving, low energy (he has said himself), not all that motivated to be POTUS at this point.

    What’s going on?

    As others have noted here, Hillary is in deep, deep trouble. She can’t win the POTUS prize. Sanders is a buffoon. Lincoln Chafee is a knucklehead. Martin O’Malley is lost in the ozone. Jim Webb is going nowhere.

    So. There is no truly viable Presidential candidate bench on the D side. Biden is the closest D that some D’s would feel right in voting for. Off you go, Joe. Obama pushing him as hard as he can.

    So here we are. Hasn’t Biden already said that if he ran it would be for one term only? Then what? Elizabeth Warren, Obama redux, that’s what.

    So how does Warren get into the race for the Big White House? She’s been virtually wordless for months as the D’s plot out their scheme. Very unlike her. She has an opinion on everything, and isn’t shy about letting us know what that opinion is. This isn’t the time to hear more public verbal gaffs or insane comments from Lizzy. Nope. Shut up, Lizzy. For now.

    So she rides in with Biden, according to the plot, as VP. Biden runs for one term, Warren is set up to run for POTUS, and voila, the destruction of the United States continues.

    But who knows?

      1. Star, I guess it was a joke, your yard and that poison. No bureaucrat can be that evil.
        If it wasn´t Biden and Hillary we discussed I would say that I am impressed that so many old people are engaged in politics in the US.

        1. I am not kidding on the yard–I am in a smackie with the city code people–they insist my yard (desert) must be all grass or all rocks–no mixture. Since there are some rocks (not a thick covering), I must kill the grass or be taken to court. The stuff lasts 5 mos–so it is STRONG. I am trying to get the name of it and check if it is one I heard is related to Agent Orange. I may take THEM to court. Or I would if I could leave the house. Never mind, just our fine govt in action.

          1. If the city is trying to get you to use Roundup to kill your grass , that’s a bad thing. There’s lots of fairly recent research that indicates Roundup is as detrimental to your health as some us (me) have claimed it is for years. The stuff can get in your lungs and do serious damage. The local Extension Service at your State University can give you lots of research material and answer your question. Plenty of information on the internet, as well.

          2. Star My neighbor killed her weeds with Vinegar, Epsom Salt, and Dawn.
            1 Gallon Vinegar
            2 Cups of Epsom Salt
            1/4 Cup of Dawn.
            I worked on her weeds.
            I have not tried yet.
            I do use Dawn and water till kill ant piles, and I throw it up at wasp nest. You have to be quick to throw it on the wasp.

          3. Yep, the mixture does work. I use white vinegar instead of cider vinegar or other types of vinegar, and apply it several times over the summer. One application doesn’t quite do the job.

          4. Thanks, everyone…As for “Roundup”–this stuff is way worse…It turned my yard yellow. The city also said I could get a flamethrower–why they want their citizens, esp the ornery ones, thus armed is a mystery. No flamethrower. Boiling water should do it, someone said–well how many vats of boiling water do I want my daughter slopping out the door? As for Dawn–people put their hands in this to wash dishes–now I am worried about that! I told the code woman in one of our charming confabs that I was worried about the poison making ME sick–she said that was not her problem. I said what if I get a note from the doctor? She said go ahead–we will still cite you. For the record, we are not talking Tobacco Road here–my newly painted house is in a leafy grove…My only “sin” is some grass poking between some rocks. They slide up beside my house several times a week in their little blue-and-white truck–very Stephen King.

        2. All the young politicos are too narcissistic and dope/sex/selfie/snide remarks addicted to face the media music of running for office.
          They have not bothered to learn history or to be grounded in some kind of Judeo- Christian belief.
          They have no new feasible ideas nor do they really give a tinker’s damn about maintaining the national integrity of the USA.
          They don’t know what integrity means.
          Of course – that is only my opinion. And my opinion matters.

      2. Biden is old.
        Hillary is old.
        Bernie is old.
        Trump is old.
        Cruz and Carly are possibilities.
        Rubio is … Not trustworthy. (I’m trying to be nice.)
        The remainder need to give it up, quit spending other people’s money and go sit on the porch.

  7. I am a cynic about politics, government and news casts. My life experiences have shown that politicians love to use the tragedies of life to garner sympathy that the media can use to (hopefully) lead to votes.
    Joe is senile. I say that because his public behavior can be respectfully described as erratic. Maybe he was a nice guy, but none of us will ever know for sure because I am certain none of us know him personally.
    I try to remain optimistic, but I know longer watch/listen to the news. It is all propaganda.
    As a Christian I believe the end times are near and that Jesus is coming soon.
    We will all reap our just rewards. Of that I am certain.

        1. Aileen, MarjoJimbo, the world is certainly in a turmoil right now, I agree, but the end times ? No. Parts of Europe was in total ruins in the forties and you can imagine what many, many thought about the future then but it was built up again and everything looked glorious when the Wall finally fell and then….I am optimistic after all, but we need to keep all the warmongers in check. We must put our trust in the young generations and in science and culture.

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