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Video || LifeZette’s Koffler on Trump’s “Gaffe”

Sorry I haven’t posted much today. It’s been a hectic day. Here’s one of the things I did, an appearance on Fox Business News to discuss Trump and Jeb Bush. Hope you enjoy.

43 thoughts on “Video || LifeZette’s Koffler on Trump’s “Gaffe””

  1. Keith, I must say you were great. I will save this video and share it. Thanks for posting it here at WHD.
    Is it possible to put LifeZette on this list here at WHD?

    1. Reporter: “[Trump] meeting with Putin, who hates the U.S. …”

      Another case of people not reporting the news, but pushing their opinions. (Tell us the story about Putin hating the U.S., not your conclusion.)

  2. Interesting in a lot of ways. Chris? threw out the idea that most Dems aren’t paying attention to MrsClinton’s e-mail soap opera, oh is he wrong. Where do insiders, assuming he knows stuff, come to their conclusions – do they just talk to each other or is it wishful thinking. She’s shedding supporters like a shaggy dog sheds hair in the Spring, and it’s not because of anything else but her lying about the e-mails.

    Liberals and others might be all over MrTrump about the Muslim-Obama connection, but it means nothing to everyone else. It’s not his place or imperitive to defend or explain MrObama’s religious beliefs. They all seem to forget that it was MrsClinton’s campaign that brought up the issue in 2008.
    Anyway, if calling someone a “muslim” then we need some new words and a code book.

      1. Right?
        Why isn’t CAIR calling out the media on this issue about why it is apparently BAD if Obama is a Muslim?
        Sounds like they are getting themselves all tied up in little knots.
        Even Bern The Socialist has jumped on The Idiots Bandwagon over this.
        And sadly, last night Charlie K., on Brett Baier, couldn’t see the forest for the trees on this particular issue.

        1. The point is that it’s NOT bad to be a faithful Muslim, but due to the last almost 8 yrs, it has become bad in some precincts–even on this list, I have seen Mooslims, Mud-Slimes, Muzzies, ROMPA, etc. Ugly. Don’t say this hasn’t become an insult–it has–and it does not speak well of Americans.

      2. As well, why is Donald according to his distractors responsible to defend Obama? Call or name Obama whatever. Let Obama defend himself. At this point after 7 years I have no idea what Obama is. I do know this much his world-life-view is not the same as mine.

        1. The part about Trump’s reply that irritated me was his going along, kind of, with the idea of training camps–we are going to look into a lot of things (like more anti-Muslim things are on his radar). It was vague and dumb-sounding. How would he know what Obama had in his heart–but he could have said, “Wait a sec–I looked into that not born here thing and the evidence does not suport it–as for Obama’s faith, I don’t know anyone’s faith–do you for sure?”

  3. If the shoe were on the other foot–if someone (I bet this guy was a plant) said something untrue about Trump to Obama and Obama didn’t correct him–I suspect the only sound we’d hear is the crickets.
    Nice job, Keith!

    1. Speaking of Fox, Megyn Kelly, acting like a crazed cheerleader, leads off her program tonight with, guess what? Trump’s “silence” re the “Obama is a Muslim” remark.

      Good grief. Is this what Fox is coming to? The world is on fire, we have a spectacularly unfit and destructive President sitting in the White House, we have ISIS cells in all 50 states, our economy is out of control, China wants to rule the East and West China Sea, Putin’s aircraft are buzzing Europe, the EU is slowly collapsing under the onslaught on hundreds of thousand Muslims, Iran promises Death To America every single day.

      And Megyn Kelly thinks the Trump affair is the lead story of the night? What the blazes is wrong with her?

        1. Yep. Ailes doesn’t want Trump to be president, and he’s lined up his presenters to make sure he doesn’t. The whole thing is corrupt to the core. It will be a good day when the media stops trying to be kingmakers.

  4. Keith you did a fine job on the program. Question: Does Chris Hahn live on the same planet as the rest of us? Does he pay attention to what is happening around him. Talk about a hack.

  5. Anyone care to weigh in on Ahmed Mohamed – the boy with the homemade clock?? He’s the Left’s new hero…and, of course, Barry has invited him to the White House because of his unfair treatment.

    1. To me, it looked like what I think a homemade bomb should – wires, odd cylinders, and a solid case.
      The boy can’t explain why he would make a clock in that manner or at all.
      The school and the police acted correctly.

    2. There’s more to this story. Mohammed’s father evidently is an anti-Islamaphobia media gadfly who has traveled back and forth to the Sudan to run for President. Wild! He was also the first to appear before the cameras.

      The boy, according to the police, was passive-aggressive and offered no explanations. With the media, however, he was quite talkative.

      The story smells.

        1. Yes, as always, he thinks we’re idiots. Something about this story just didn’t add up from the beginning. That Obama issued his invitation to the WH so swiftly makes it even more suspect IMHO.

  6. Good job, Keith! Just wondering what all the producers and talking heads of cable news will do if Trump drops out of the race? Their ratings and profits are soaring – it’s unprecedented. The head of CNN said he wants all the news to be Trump, Trump, Trump. Even cancelled Anderson Cooper’s special on 9/11 for a Trump rally.

    Poor Donald…he’s about to be thrown under the media bus – Hillary has found her voice again. Can Trump survive? I’m on pins and needles…

  7. Thank you, enjoyed the conversation. And I agree with you, it will not hurt Trump to call Obama either Muslim, Kenyan-Indonesian or what else, no, rather the opposite. Well I am not an American voter but I am a voter in another Western country and I, like you, hate it when politicians (like Obama) get away with something, when media just doesn´t do it´s job, when they made this guy a saint. And I think it is really hopeful to hear Trump talk about Russia in a diplomatic way, really hopeful. Make business, not war, that might be Trumps foreign politics and that is good for the world.You know, I see Obamas and Hillarys foreign politics as a main reason for the disastrous migrant crisis we now have here in Europe.

    1. O went to a state sponsored school, Madrassa, until the age of six. He carried a Quran under his arm and wore government issued clothing. It is who he is. Our religious and character values are established by age 5-6. He is a Muslim.

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