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Video || Hillary Makes the Children Cry

Well, I don’t know if they cried. I certainly wouldn’t cry if I didn’t get to see Mrs. Clinton. But then again, I spent too much time seeing her when I covered the Clinton White House.

The Clinton camp would score a pretty good PR coup if they turn around and send her back to this school. But then again, PR coups are not their specialty.

13 Responses to Video || Hillary Makes the Children Cry

  1. Fast forward to October 2016: MrsClinton finally shows up at the Boys and Girls club and tells them Social Security is going broke.
    Outside, whomp whomp whomp. The Trump helo parks in the playground.
    A campaign worker yells ‘first come, first served’ for a ride on the TrumpHelo.
    The room empties, MrsClinton has a paper cup of orange koolaid.

    • Thanks srdem65. When LBJ campaigned for US Senate he used a helicopter to make his grand entrance into a town. He did not trust riding in a helicopter so he had it go ahead to nearby the town and then drove to it. He would make the short ride. He knew the value of showmanship.