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Video || Hillary Won’t Say if She’s Seen Planned Parenthood Vids

Hillary Clinton today avoided saying whether she has seen the videos exposing the horrific baby-organ selling practices of Planned Parenthood.

Carly Fiorina during Wednesday night’s debate said she should take a look.

Watch Clinton here dodging the question with words, words, words.

Uh, does Carly look a little maniacal here? I’m just saying.

No, it’s not sexist. Trump looks plenty maniacal too. Maybe they’ll make up and form a magical, maniacal ticket together.

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  1. A magical, maniacal ticket sounds good to me. No more bland, Mr/MrsNice-y.

    The upcoming Dem ‘debates’ will be the battle of who can promise the most free stuff. Then they’ll move on to who can best ignore the constitution with their proposed agenda. A real Mr/MrsNice-y fest.

    • I went off topic at the sight of MrsC’s face, sorry –
      The Dems can’t, won’t un-fund Planned Parenthood because it’s one of their money laundering schemes – give them a hundred jillion of taxpayer dollars, then the PP ‘donates’ a hundre zillion back to the Dems. Rotten business all around.

      • Yes, just read an article recently that the PPPac donates millions to Democrats.

        Our money is used for funding them.

        If this is going to be used for a government shutdown, my federal employee friends are already thanking Obama for another FREE vacation. Sickening!

  2. So…why didn’t Wolfie interrupt and say, “You’re not answering the questions”?…istead of letting her ramble on with her campaign points? Oh, that’s right, he works for CNN ! The Clinton News Network !

    • Yes, Why didn’t Wolfie remind her of all the other clinic’s that are available to woman. Than move to quick question of o care. No she did not say, Yes I watched the videos, and I was appaulled.

  3. Carly makes Clinton look like Mary Poppins. Be careful what you wish for! Kalifornia got a taste of Carly when she ran for Boxer’s senate seat – it wasn’t pretty. She is ruthless…and maniacal, as Keith noted.

    Neither one of these women should be allowed anywhere near the WH.

      • Not looking for perfection, Denise.:) Just want to be ‘inspired’. We don’t have anymore JFK’s or Reagans, sadly. I suppose it’s strength of character more than anything.
        Mitt had that rare combination of character and brains. He was just ‘too nice’, unfortunately.

        The only question today is
        ‘who can beat Hillary’? Whatever the polls are saying on election day. I will vote accordingly. If it happens to be Jeb!, I will vote for him. Beating Hillary is the only objective.

    • respectfully disagree. Carly’s got brains, experience, the right policies, a lot of knowledge, and heck she’s already got a security clearance.

      just curious: what awful things did Carly do duringthe senate campaign? can you give us some examples?

      • It’s not a case of what Carly
        ‘did’ during the senate campaign. It’s a question of WHO she is.
        Carly is all about Carly. She is mean-spirited. She was despised by Repubs and Dems alike in CA with her private jet and yacht all paid for with the $100M she walked away with from HP after her disastrous performance.

        Don’t believe everything she tells us about the ‘boardroom brawl’. It was much more than that. She made enemies. She outsourced thousands of jobs and forced those who were terminated to train their overseas replacements. She fired key executives, leaving gaping holes in management.
        She famously said: “US jobs are not God-given

        As yourself why Carly has never held another position in the corporate world since her termination at HP.
        Her displeasing personality plays a big role, not to mention her lack of managerial skills.
        Carly is all about Carly!!!

  4. I watched most of the “debate” last night. So much nonsense all in one spot.
    None of those guys was believable. It was a BS fest. The under 10 % should leave now.
    Jeb the Mexican with the narrow glasses really looked like a looser!

    What a clown show, like looking at the Hildabeast and Obumer the Muslim.

      • Agree–it’s easy to slap on tired labels like “clown show” (isn’t that one about ready for the boneyard?)–and the format, if you can call it that, of asking each one what they thought of another’s insults was stupid as hair, but some intelligent points were made…did you even watch, VE?

    • I didn’t notice last night. However when they were all standing side by side being introduced Jeb was on his toes. I don’t know if he saw someone he knew in the audience, or if he was trying to appear the strongest.

  5. Carly was intense last nite! but for those of you who haven’t seen her much before, she is NOT always like that. she’s actually got a good sense of humor.

    you should watch her speech at the Reagan Library from a month or so ago.

    I personally think she was on edge last nite. she probably realized CNN was going to try to get them to fight with each other, and get into the whole Trump/face thing, and indeed that’s what happened.

    in fact, if I may say so, I thought we’d hit debate moderator bottom when Candy Crowley ran interference for Obama against Romney. but no…I hadn’t accounted for the rest of the CNN bench.

    all Jake Tapper seemed to want to know was how pissed off THIS guy was at THAT guy for saying something about something and yadda yadda yadda.

    I wasn’t thrilled with the Fox debate either (is it me, or is Megyn Kelly becoming really irritating?), but this was worse.

    • Megyn has already become really irritating…she “jumped the shark” for me a few months ago.

      Dana Perino is another one who bugs me now (after her on-air dust-up with Bolling, where she showed her true colors in not being all that nice or tolerant of other’s views). Seems like she changed a lot after her book came out (very full of herself). However, she appears to be a rising star there at the network…she has regular weekly spots on O’Reilly and the Kelly File…her exposure increasing proportionally with her ego!

  6. I turned the debate off halfway through. I felt a twinge of guilt as a citizen, but frankly it was offering no great insight.

    I know these issues as well as any candidate, and apparently much better than Jake Tapper. What a wasted opportunity, especially given there were three hours and thus could have gone more in depth.

    Bravo for Carly for raising an issue that, due to media blackout, many Americans were likely unaware of, and shame on Hillary for dodging the question and a pox on Wolf for not pinning Hillary down.

    The money-grubbing outrage of Obama and Pfeiffer in today’s pleading post-debate emails was entertaining though. I hear DNC is having problems raising money. Not good for a party that defaulted on its loan guarantees for the 2012 DNC Charlotte Convention, after which Duke Power stuck taxpayers with the bill by writing off the uncollectible debt.

  7. I have two comments related to this thread. One is that Perino grows more irritating by the day to me, what with that Miss Prim and Perfect personality. She’s turned into the Rebublican version of the Omnipotent Liberal Royals, they fancy themselves as.

    The second thing that irritates me, if you listen again to Blitzer in that clip, is his referring to Clinton as “Madam Secretary”. Appointed politicians (nor elected ones) do not deserve lifelong titles.