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Open Thread || CNN Debate

I don’t have the video, but you can comment as the debate goes along here.

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38 Responses to Open Thread || CNN Debate

  1. The ‘kiddie’ debate seems to go along, then falls off the rails by bringing up Trump.
    SenGraham sounds like he knows stuff, the others -eh.
    Halfway through it’s interesting enough.
    Any one of them would be a good candidate in the general election – not spectacular, but good.

  2. 6pm on the east coast is only 3pm on the west coast. That’s why they are wasting time on these guys who have no chance. No one will be, or can be watching on the west coast.

  3. Can no one see that the “moderators” are trying to get them to cut each other down? How ’bout realizing that the opponent is the downward trend of our country?

  4. Carly plans to make Netanyahu to tell him we will stand by him.
    Than call Iran saing we will inspect!!!
    Planned Parent hood. I dare to have obama, hillary to watch these filmsa and say we must harvest their brain. We must tell him to getting rid of it.

    • I misspoke I had left for awhile the top 2 are getting plenty of time , the top 3rd not so much, why don’t they let CARSON talk? because he is too low key and doesn’t bring in rating?

  5. If I were a candidate, I would meet with others on the panel and get them to agree that we would not attack each other on the stage and refuse to do it when the commentator tries to put us against each other but we will only discuss topics. We would the go to cnn, fix, etc… And tell them this is how the panel will work and if you don’t agree we won’t have a debate on your channel. You can tell the democratic commentators are doing their best to pit the top republicans against each other so the others have no time to respond. These debates have turned into a joke.

  6. I watched it on TV.
    I think CNN did a better job than FOX.

    Rand Paul=whiny
    Fiorina=good but predictable
    Kristy=better than expected

    That’s my take.

    • Here’s what I wrote on another site:

      Late night comments; I ‘forced’ my lo-info family to watch the second debate. They were – FASCINATED!, couldn’t take their eyes off the screen. Their takeaways were stunning – Carly was a b*tch! Didn’t like her at all. They wondered if DrCarson was on drugs or something – wondered why he was even there. They liked GovHuckabee – very reasonable, sounded like he knows something. Had no idea who or what MrKasich, SenPaul, SenGraham were. Didn’t understand SenRubio at all -is he from Cuba they asked? Sen Cruz was Okay. Jeb! was a wienie or just simple.
      They liked Donald. Why, I asked, why him. The answer from the lo-infos – the government is like a big business and it needs a businessman who knows what to do to turn things around. !!!
      Gov Christie was a close second! dunno.
      Talk about “fresh eyes” – they don’t even watch the local news, much less cable news. No newspaper, no Drudge sites – nada.
      Myself: the format was brutal – all about MrTrump, what he said, what he did, etc etc. It was the pile on Trump debate. I thought he was subdued and seething inside. It was unfair to him and cast the others as bullies. How the Dems must have loved that. I did notice they cut Carly off when she was talking about PlannedParenthood videos and Obama/Clinton needing to watch the horror.
      Anyway, compelling reality TV.
      I might think different tomorrow morning after some time to think about it, butt – here it is for now.