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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, September 16, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:30 am || Delivers remarks to members of the Business Roundtable and answers questions; Washington
2:50 pm || Visits with wounded warriors at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center; Bethesda, Maryland

All times Eastern
Live Stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

27 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, September 16, 2015

  1. Business roundtable….lots of head nodding by the Prez, while inside, he is thinking, these simpleton business folk don’t know nothing like us Ivy leaguers do…we’ll show them….right.


  2. Meeting with wounded warriors… bout’ time. This should be a monthly event, and lets not brag about it…do it in private and not put it on your public agenda…its about the soldiers Mister President, not you.

    W did it that way….


  3. OT: shocking morning
    My lo-info daughter and her 15yr old son both wondered why people were after MrTrump when he is making so much sense. !!!
    I answered – he’s outside, not part of, the established political group, so they don’t want him.
    Then – they said – well, it’s about time we get some new people in government to fix things.
    dunno – still wrapping my head around this.
    seriously – they don’t even watch the local news, so is it osmosis or something?

    • The Bill Whittle video I posted above explains it all :)

      Trump is catching the fancy of the apoliticals because he’s fun to watch and listen to. He wants to make America and Politics Great Again !

      • Yes.
        Another side – are we the only ones who find the constant attacks on MrTrump uncomfortable? Take him down, trip him up, attack his supporters, bring him to his knees,expose him -are what we’re hearing today before the ‘debate’. Why? Is this the way the establishment of politics wants to deal with a new face, an outsider – to destroy him and his message?
        This kind of politics screams of political malfeasance, of elites protecting their realms, and an ugliness revealed to all.

        • Note to all candidates:
          Don’t demean yourself by bowing to the media driven agenda of cheap shots, name calling and sarcasm. That means you, too, Mr. Rand.
          Don’t demean the time honored tradition of open debate with personal pot shots. Debate your
          thoughts and ideas for the future of our country.
          We the people are watching and listening carefully.
          We want to know your plans for the future. That’s all.
          Keep your opinions of one another to yourselves.

    • My daughter can’t stand him–she laughs when she passed through the fam room. If she had asked me that question (and she sometimes does come up with political takes that shock me), I could have said–some people are “against” him because he is rude, makes unsubstantiated statements he could never do or back up, condescends to women, and is just in this to get attention. I would add that apparently people are so “angry” about Obama, Congress, etc that it’s OK now to divide us further and turn us against immigrants and certain nationalities, even if they are legal.

  4. Can we all agree that these candidate “debates” are not debates in any sense of the term? It isn’t a debate when you have 15+ candidates on the stage who are lucky if they get a total of 5-8 minutes each to answer “how will you save the world” questions. It’s a complete farce.

    The self satisfied vultures posing as journalists will ask questions based on Democrat talking points. “Don’t you agree that CEOs make too much money?” Or “Build a fence to keep the illegals out? Tell us sir, how many rivets, bolts and tons of steel will you need? And tell us the answers to the nearest decimal point, Mr. Trump. You have 1 minute to answer the question.”

    We’ll hear lots of hypothetical contrary to fact (a cheap rhetorical trick for which there is no right answer) questions. Questions like, “If you knew beforehand how disastrous the Iraq war would have turned out, would you have sent thousands of men and women to fight in it, knowing full well that some would be killed and many more wounded?” That type of question.

    We’ll hear lots of “So and so said this and that about you, how do you respond to that?” Grammar school stuff.

    In the end, it’s all about ad revenues for the networks, and they are hysterically peddling a dumbed down political circus where those posing the questions can preen and pat themselves on the back, and continue to do their part to drive good journalism down the toilet.

    • No doubt the moderators will attempt to entice them into a food fight.
      I would like to see the candidates rise above it and refuse the personal attacks and stick to the issues that are destroying this Country.

      We shall see.

    • I agree–it’s for ratings, denigrate the thoughtful ones, bait the bear. I would not ask Trump how much steel he would buy–but I would ask, “Since you went to the border for a few hours a while back, you have not said the wall will be 1900 miles–if you got approval to build it. Are you thinking more of a combination–more agents, drones, maybe a physical barriers at known crossing points (the one giant gate–is that practical really?), cleanup of any corruption that allows coyotes etc to pass, a plan for more organized legal immigration. In other words a plan–not how many buses for hauling off millions and millions of people, which even he knows is not going to happen.