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Trump: “George Will is a Disaster”

Here’s some video from Donald Trump’s speech Monday in Dallas. Spoke for more than an hour – uh, without a teleprompter.

“George Will is a Disaster,” he said, in response to George Will’s opinion that Donald Trump is a disaster. Here’s what Will wrote a few weeks ago:

Every sulfurous belch from the molten interior of the volcanic Trump phenomenon injures the chances of a Republican presidency. After Donald Trump finishes plastering a snarling face on conservatism, any Republican nominee will face a dauntingly steep climb to reach even the paltry numbers that doomed Mitt Romney.

Trump also got the crowd to boo the media, which is not a difficult thing to do. He might as well have asked them how they felt about attorneys or liquor store bandits.

But the political media have been hard on Trump, in part because they are removed from the people they write for and think a bunch of idiots are rooting for Trump. They don’t get that Americans are a step ahead of them – several, actually – in perceiving the problems this country faces and the need for drastic action to change things.

Whether Trump is the person to do this, I don’t know. But I increasingly believe that the rest of the group running for president are not.

Ronald Reagan was certainly more of a proven conservative than Trump. But what he also had was the determination, the force of personality, and the charisma needed to lead and make changes.

There are no Reagans in this GOP crowd, during a time when we need one. Trump is not Reagan, but he has some of the qualities needed to blow up the consensus that has brought us near ruin.

Oh, and like Trump, everyone though Reagan was going to get us into a war or do something crazy. It’s hard to remember, but the man portrayed as an avuncular, benign old man even by some Democrats today was derided then even by Republicans as a dangerous warmonger.

Turned out, they were wrong.

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  1. It’s been amusing watching Will, Krauthammer, Stephen Hayes, Jonah Goldberg, Dana Perino, et al as they attempt to deal with the Trump phenomenon…dismissing his supporters and smugly alluding to what they perceive as their lack of intelligence or sense.

  2. The same GOP “experts” gave us Mitt Romney, and told us John McCain should get our vote because it was his turn.

    The same GOP “leadership” told us to trust them with Congress in the 2010 and 2014 mid-terms, because they would stand up to Obama, pinky-swear.

    And yet, the whole world continues to burn apace.

    Main Street is mad as hell. Cedar Street is seething. Lake Street is livid. Forest Street is furious. And Park Street is, if you’ll pardon my French, pissed.

    Americans have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the GOP of 2016 in no way resembles the GOP of 1994. And they are polling accordingly…and may end up voting accordingly.

  3. With no disrespect intended to the numerous Trump supporters here, I have to say that his act just won’t win the election for us. He calls everyone else stupid and brags about his wealth, but he has NO specifics on his proposed policies. We need a pragmatic, level-headed, ELECTABLE person at the helm, not an egomaniacal narcissist who is prone to saying utterly ridiculous and vapid comments that will be shredded by the MSM.

    I would rather get someone elected with whom I agree with 60-80% rather than put all my hopes on a guy who I agree with 100%, but has 0% chance of actually being elected.

    This election is too damn important for the frustrated “protest vote” to screw things up and put Clinton/Biden/Warren in.

    Beyond the obvious issue of who we want in charge of the nation, there is the very real issue of getting elected. We’ve got to win Florida and Ohio or get a really big percentage of the female vote. Think about the merits of a Kasich/Rubio or Kasich/Fiorina ticket. The numbers work waaaay better than a Trump/Cruz ticket ever will.

    As my Grandfather used to say, “you can wish in one hand and @@@@ in the other. Guess which one fills up the fastest”?

    We’ve GOT to get our people elected instead of hoping for some “pure” candidate to sway the mushy middle. That’s the long and short of it. My two cents….

    • I respect your opinion, but I must point out that nothing is how it should be or used to be.
      We used to have a secure border that prevented massive invasions of illegal aliens into our country.
      We used to have politicians who were honorable and kept their word -even if they were shouted down or prevented from their goals by others.
      We used to have a President who considered all of us his constituents and didn’t insult those who had different opinions.
      We used to win, we used to be respected-even feared throughout the world.
      We used to have jobs for almost everyone who wanted one.
      I could write all night on what used to be here in the USA.
      It’s a new day, a new way. Call it a revolution, call it insanity, but it is our last chance to reverse our national identity.
      If the revolutionary war was the result of the Stamp Act or governance without representation, then our “king george and the royalty” in Washington of today should be aware and be forewarned.

    • Funny, they were saying Romney had to be the nominee in 2012 because he was the most electable of the bunch.

      How’d that work out? Oh, that’s right…the GOP pissed away a must-win election. More, they lost running the most “electable” candidate against an unpopular incumbent who was presiding over an economy that was in the toilet.

      So after losing a must-win election, the Important People in the GOP said, “Give us Congress, we’ll stop Obama.” Voters kept up their end of the bargain; the Republican Congress, not so much.

      Average Americans have HAD it with the political class. Arguably, though, they’re madder at the GOP. They get that the Democrats are wannabe statists who have more in common with Marx and Engels than Jefferson and Jackson.

      What average voters don’t get, and are in no mood to let slide this time, is why the Republican Party, which should be standing athwart history yelling, “Stop!”, is instead meekly sitting in the passenger seat whimpering, “Hey, will you slow down a little?”

      Fool me once, shame on you, and all the rest; THAT is why Trump and Carson have been going gangbusters in the polls.

      2016 is going to be a watershed election, and a lot of the old rules are likely to be re-examined once the votes are counted.

  4. They don’t get that Americans are a step ahead of them – several, actually…

    Exactly right, Keith. The ‘establishment’ doesn’t like the Trump mantra of hope and CHANGE BACK!

    • And this is so fun to watch! ‘The establishment’ is skating on thin ice, as they see we aren’t the stupid voters as portrayed by ‘Goober’. What an elitist jerk.
      They need put aside, out to pasture for their remaining years.

  5. Trump is not a politician and that may be his primary appeal. I have to say, I am enjoying the phenomena of his appeal to the electorate and the confusion of the media. Maybe neither group has a clue. However, “The Donald” has surely awakened the sleeping giant of the majority – a majority which no longer identifies with, believes in, or trusts the denizens of Washington DC.

    • I, too, am enjoying the show.

      Cruz is a different breed from the others. He at least understands and stands by the Constitution. He’s smart, too.

    • But Trump is BECOMING a politician–his speeches are set now, same insults, same waiting for “oooo” responses, same same. Same printed materials–the hats–a politician. And not a conservative either. And what is the big woo about no teleprompter–he rambles but still, the same points–in the same order–stupid, ugly, low energy, you will love it, it will be so great you will get bored with winning…blah blah.

  6. Puttin aside all of the idiot comments, I will wait for Trump to unveil his upcoming tax plan. At that point, all of the bluster, name calling and silly comments will end and we can see if the man has a plan or is it all just a pep rally