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44 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || September 13, 2015

  1. Morning all. Fall is in the air, coffee is on, my Chiefs kick it off at noon. So far all is right in this little acre of the universe.

    Got some traction with this tweet about an hour ago:

    To: M. McConnell
    Subject: #IranDeal
    If Dem cowards won’t stop filibuster then shut down Sen until they do. LEAD DAMMIT!
    America #tcot

    Followed it up with some conversations regarding the courage of 9/11 and the cowards of 9/10 and started sharing around this Sunday’s column on same:

    Read a piece yesterday that DeniseVB tweeted out from Allen West (respect them BOTH a lot) in essence saying time to move on. I’m just not there yet. I realize Obama has the votes to override a veto but this is the single most important foreign policy retreat for the United States in her entire history.
    I for one, feel it is worth even shutting down the Senate until the Democrat filibuster is broken and those 42 cowards are forced to cast their vote and their betrayal be recorded in the annals of history for all future generations to see.

    Wondering what the WHD denizens think. Am I too radical? To combative? Or with only 21% of the American public supporting the deal would forcing the Dems to take a vote be the right thing to do?

    What say you oh wise ones?

    • Agree with you 110%. As for you being radical, H3LL YES! We all need to be patriotic radicals! Our Founding Fathers were radicals! This is our country and its very being is in jeopardy. Obama has made his intentions known from the beginning. He hates this country and anyone who does not bow down to him is derided, shamed in public, or had the IRS knock at their doors.

    • A strongly-worded letter. Might as well send it to a brick wall for all the good it will do. He is a traitor, bought and paid for.
      And while you are sending McConnell letters, let’s have a look what his masters are sending him:

      “Why would these ostensible ‘Republicans’ allow such a nightmare to proceed?

      Follow the money. Who are the most recent donors to Mitch McConnell?

      1. Blackstone Group ($185,800) – Blackstone Group has multiple subsidiaries that have done business recently with Iran, including TravelPort and TRW. Earlier this year, Blackstone was asked whether it would invest in Iran after the Obama nuclear deal, it denied having immediate interest (“it’ll be a while”).

      2. Goldman Sachs ($113,325) – GS entered the uranium market in 2009 and its associated business unit (NUFCOR) has been involved in Iran’s uranium deals since the seventies. In 2007, GS listed Iran among its most promising emerging markets, citiing opportunities in energy, human capital and technology.

      4. JPMorgan Chase ($97,075) – in 2011, JPM paid $88.3 million in fines over a series of financial transactions related to Cuba, Iran and Sudan. JPM is also involved in litgation with victims of the 1983 Marine Corp barracks bombing in 1983 through Italian bank Clearstream. JPM has a waiver from the Treasury Department to do business with Iran.

      10. General Electric ($74,995) – GE has had a long, sordid history of business dealings with Iran. More recently, The Street reported that GE has a “head start in Iran” that could result ina “bonzanza of new access to an economy eager to buy everything from the newest cell phones to the most modern oil production equipment”. GE has a waiver from the Treasury Department to do business with Iran.

      11. Citigroup ($70,400) – $1.75 billion from Iran was “discovered” in a Citibank account. Citigroup has a waiver from the Treasury Department to do business with Iran.

      And recent donors to Bob Corker? Like McConnell, Corker received substantial donations from JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and the following organizations:

      7. Apollo Global Management ($40,750) – Apollo recently “disclosed that portfolio company LyondellBasell Industries (Apollo funds owned 19.6%) reported collecting €4.2 million in revenue and €2.4 million in profit last year from Iranian entities.”

      9. Hercules Holding ($40,000) – Hercules has a waiver from the Treasury Department to do business with Iran.

      12. Allianz ($33,800) – Allianz recently announced its intent to cease doing business in Iran.

      14. Pilot Corp. ($33,100) – Pilot has ties to a company said to have “direct business dealings in the country of Iran.”

      If Iran kills a single American in the future, these men should face a firing squad.

      Yes, I said it. And it’s true.”

      • It goes to show, once again, how so many of our politicians are bought and sold many times over. This McConnell example is a classic profile of how greed and lust for power comes first, and the will of the people comes last. Boehner is likely in the same situation. It explains in a very clear way why these fools act and vote the way they do. Money first, country last.

    • I will read your comment in just a moment. First I would like to agree that, it is worth shutting down the Senate until the Dem filibuster is broken and the 42 cowards are forced to cast their vote and betrayal be recorded in the annals of history for all future generations to see.
      As well I still want a written document from each. Having them each show their face on TV explaining how themselves.

    • I say stage the shutdown starting with the capitol cafeteria and the barber shop, and the bank they use to bounce checks.
      Instead of shutting down National Monuments and restricting Veterans from viewing the Monuments that their blood and money paid for, take the pain to the ones that caused it in the first place.

      McConnell and Boehner should be removed from their positions,….hell, they should be jailed.

      Trump has awakened a Tiger and they know it,….and it scares the hell out of them.
      I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says but I sure love the way he is doing it and the results that it is producing.

      Keep it up Trump.

        • Great minds. I was thinking of getting a rude garden gnome to twit my city enforcement people who are bugging me to poison my grass…Turns out gnomes have a lot going on–you can get them in zombie, relieving themselves, flipping the bird, moto gear, stripper togs… There may even be a Trump gnome, who knows…

      • Jeremy Corbyn was just named Labor leader in the UK, and the reactions of the smart set there are the same as some have with Trump here. Hilarious to compare, watch and read the reactions. “How dare he!” “He dresses oddly”. “How can this happen?” “Where are his credentials?” “What are his plans?” “This is ridiculous!” “He’s a clown!” “We’re doomed.” “Will he become Prime Minister?” (it’s always a possibility) “It’s all over for Great Britain!” Harumph, Harumph, Harumph, Harumph.

        Record sales of smelling salts among those who can’t believe this is happening in Ye Olde England.

        Same hysterical drill as here re Trump. It’s early. The horses are just out of the gate. Relax.

          • The Brit establishment folks got real mad at Winnie in the ’30’s when he tried to warn them that the Germans were up to no good and were planning, eventually, to attack the UK. He warned them to arm up, prepare, train, and get ready to defend the homeland because bad days were coming. Shut up Mr. Churchill, they demanded. The Germans are our friends! They wouldn’t do that to us. It took the V1 and V2 rockets falling down on their heads before they took the old boy seriously. By then it was too late to avoid the attacks. There’s a huge lesson in all that.

      • And the kicker is when Obama and his ilk cry “shut down the government”, and try to create the image of a completely closed down government, that isn’t what happens at all. The “shutdown” amounts to about 16-17 percent of the total government. Some workers get sent home (only to be paid later), but the government is basically almost completely functional. The Air Force flies planes, the Social Security checks go out, NORAD is still operational, ObamaCare stumbles along, Navy ships still sail, the Post Office delivers mail,Obama gets to fly in AF1 and play golf, EPA still harasses companies, Capitol Police are still at work, etc.

        And, as Marc Levin notes, the government “shuts down” every weekend for all holidays. We survive just fine, thank you very much.

    • Geoff, not too radical at all. It defies logic that sane honest law makers want to give in to a hateful country that’s wants us all dead.
      Then, Drudge has a link about justice Breyer’s new book about considering foreign law as we are becoming so united in a one world environment.
      DC is one big cluster fluff.

    • I say collect the whole Congress, put them on an ocean liner and set sail for Ascension Island. Leave them there until they promise to vote against this deal. They can eat bugs, worms and coconuts until they vote the way we, the people, want them to vote. Consent of the governed, and all that.

  2. Re: Immigration problem

    Below is an article about the US deporting a guy back to Panama. A few thoughts came to mind. He was ordered to leave and he made an appeal. It took the courts over a year to get him deported. Who paid the expense of keeping him in jail all that time? Did the US taxpayer pay for his attorney? Who paid for the trip returning him?

    Trump pledged to build a wall. I’d like to ask him for some details on the other aspects of the problem. 1. What plans does he have for establishing a system to track those who overstay their visas? 2.What are his plans on handling the Sanctuary Cities? 3.Will he have enough Immigration attorneys and judges to process the deportees in a timely fashion? 4. How does he go about deporting those from far away lands such as the African countries?

    Here is the link.

      • Panama has troubles with Immigration too.

        A few years ago they caught eight Solmali “farmers” in the Darien Jungle. These guys were carrying brand new $100 dollar bills. Panama wanted to deport them but did not have the resources. I did not follow up with the outcome.

        They also have a problem with too many Nicaraguans. They attempted to return some back to the border with Costa Rica. Costa Rica refused saying they were not their citizens. So Panama came up with some tougher rules about entering via land from Costa Rica. The requirement was they show they had $500 cash in hand and a return airline ticket to their home country. This cut the flow. (Americans and Aussies did not like it because the rule applied to them too.)

  3. Well I had the best of intentions. Started off a thread and planned a wonderful Sunday with fellow WHD’s. By 10, that plan had already gone the way of a Mission Impossible tape recording.
    Apologies to all for starting something I couldn’t finish. (Hmmmmm, maybe I’m a Democrat after all!) BUT, what a great thread.
    I’ll leave you all with this little tidbit from the comment section on the Globe Sunday column. This guy is a regular and never fails to illustrate the depravity of the left:
    9 hours ago

    What drivel. Saint Ronnie would disavow the Republican party with it’s hate mongering about immigration, shutting down the Gubbamint, and starting a war based on lies that is the cause of the continuing mess all over the Middle East. It’s ol’ Jeffy Boy and his ilk that spew hate and discord 24 hours a day on Faux Noise and hate radio. Hope he hasn’t given up his day job cleaning toilets.”

    Best to all.