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Saturday Open Thread || September 12, 2015


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  1. Some thoughts;
    1.MrTrump scores big on the Late Show.
    2.MsWilliams gets smacked all over the tennis court by an Italian woman half her size, a ‘nobody’ wearing an ill-fitting costume.
    3.GovHuckabee on GovPerry leaving the campaign – he says it’s harder to leave than it is to jump in.
    4.The people with the TV cameras, the printing press, and fancy titles are still unable to come to a conclusion of Why? MrTrump.
    5.GovWalker is like the favorite race-horse that stumbles as it leaves the gate.
    Done and done.

    • Interesting times, No?
      Trump is popular because he is saying and doing what we would like to do.
      His resonance in the fed up people in this Country is palpable.
      Finally, they say, someone has the balls to say what we have been yelling at the TV for years.

      Notice that Cruz is not attacking Trump.

      Could it be that Cruz is waiting for Trump to flame out ?

      Cruz is a world class debater.
      No-one in the race is on his par when it comes to a debate.

      Couple that with his experience in the senate, you end up with one very formidable opponent.

    • Now imagine Rod Serling slowly reading your post and saying the following to the viewers:

      “You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.”

    • Did you see where FLOTUS tweeted Serena “I’m so proud of you” after she lost ? I think she implied a great effort, but still seemed awkward.

      I’m having so much fun watching Trump smash mouth the political class and media.

      Sad to see Perry leave so early, but if a 4 term governor of a red state isn’t good enough for the unwashed masses, maybe it’s because the people are angry with all the politicians right now? This is going to be the Post-Obama Apocalypse President, I’m not sure any mortal being would want that job in 2017. Well, unless it’s someone larger than the D.C. bubble…. Trump2016 !!

      • To clean up Obama’s mess post-2016, will take an Administration that is tough, disciplined, focused, Constitutionally-based and able to kick butt all over the Federal landscape. The new President also has to kick serious butt to get the lazy Congressional leadership to clean up their act and start acting like adults.
        It’s going to be painful for lots of government people and agencies who think they have a permanent comfortable nest in the government. But it has to be done, and it won’t be easy, whomever lands in the White House. Might even take two such administrations.

        Here’s what drives us nuts. We know that we have all the tools, resources and the right people to correct the dangerous drift Obama has set us on. Obama’s has completely wasted every single day of his Administration trying to drive us toward his MadMax view of a punishing Executive Dictator form of government. We always have had all this potential to become an even greater country, and he’s pissed away all his time trying to create some fictional country that exists only in his thick head.

      • I want someone in there to have the guts to repeal every Country destroying regulation that Obama has forced upon us.

        Nothing would be more devastating to Obama than to have his ‘legacy’ destroyed and thrown on the woodpile of history.

        Trump might do it, Cruz might do it.

        Something to keep in mind though is the fact that although congress rolls over under this POTUS, they may not under the next one.

        I stated earlier on this thread to Girly1, is still very early in the process.

        • Trump has already said he would not tear up the Iran thing but would make it better–how was not mentioned. We know he thinks a lot of health care for people is Good…mechanism not stated. He would take Isis’s oil–a ring of soldiers–who would run the oil fields and protect the oil workers–not stated. He will build a wall of walls–but after he went to the border, he allowed as it would not be 1900 miles. He has said sorry, all 11 million have to leave–how? All we know is that he thinks we will love all this…well, not everyone is convinced…

          • Okay. Well, not really. I guess you haven’t been listening to everything Trump has said. (Gotta work on that Trumpese Rosetta Stone course, Star).

            Now. Tell us the specific solutions that Kasich and Rubio (your faves) have laid out.

          • Oh, but I have been listening, repetitive as it is. Today in Iowa, his stump speech is so pat, he slyly refers to present leaders as impotent, then coyly (as in the past) says, can I say that? This is all a set piece. The Alpha male–I am potent, the others are a quart low in testosterone. And the point is not what others say–it’s what he says…His promises…His hires (I guess those TV generals or some of them). Kasich will approach this as he has everything–deliberately, with planning, good sense, good people. Trump in Iowa says he wants “horrible people”–so horrible we would not have lunch with them–to negotiate trade deals. There are plenty of good negotiators (Kerry is not one) who are not horrible “killers.” I am sick of this, honestly–Trump is repeating himself over and over. At least get new material… You guys have a high tolerance–I guess I don’t.

          • I didn’t hear Trump say anything about planning or the others–just trust me, you will love it, just words. Kasich is crinked for his Medicaid expension–but he takes the money on the table and then will plan for when it ends. For the good of Ohio. He looks ahead some moves… Oh, well, you all know where I stand–listen to the words, listen betw the lines, listen to the repetitions, the silly stuff…I am going to vote my hopes–we all are–but as we know, this can go awry. and it can go awry with anyone!

      • I’m guessing if someone like Chris Evert had lost yesterday…or had actually gone on to win the Grand Slam…Mooch would have no interest whatsoever. Only special snowflakes (black-gay-transgender) are tweet-worthy.

        We’ve really gone backwards the past seven years.

    • Yes it is. I was exhausted last night. I just wanted to relax and watch an ole Comedy or two, and than go to sleep. Instead I took the time to watch the documentary/program that has scenes from that day. They show every year. Did not watch all of it, but took the time to watch out of respect for the people we lost, and the injured, their families and the police, fireman, emergency personal. No one should forget.