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White House Can’t Say if We’re Winning the War Against ISIS

The question from James Rosen of Fox News was simple: Are we winning the war against ISIS or not?

“James there’s no denying that we’ve made important progress . . . ” said White House press Secretary Josh Earnest.

You get the idea.

So we’ve been in this war for a year or more, and we can’t even say we’re winning. AND WE’RE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And they are a bunch of animals roving the desert in Toyota pickups.

Ah yes, war fighting, Democrat style.

Meantime, the longer their in business, the greater the chance that they will strike us. Let’s remember that on 9-11. They are coming for us, and this administration’s policies are making it easier for them.

28 thoughts on “White House Can’t Say if We’re Winning the War Against ISIS”

    1. To each his own, but I like a cup of tea with a splash of JD.
      serious now:
      The big problem is that nay-sayers and liars have the big horns to shout their propaganda. We, the ones our betters have decided are idiots, can only speak here and other internet sites.
      We do speak. If we check the comments anywhere, even on the MSM sites that allow such, you’ll see dissidents, other opinions and voices than what is shouted at us every day.
      We will survive, we will win. This one square foot of America that is mine will never give up or surrender.
      Buck up, friend. It will be better.

    2. Bitch like Hell….!
      Yell at the TV…News !
      Do not talk to Liberals..!
      Drink ! As recommended by L.Spook..who will have plenty of ‘on the rocks’ company until 21 Jan 2017.
      Take 2 Aleve & Pray for survival when all else fails..

    1. They say that there is one person in the United States, living somewhere in rural Georgia, who actually still believes what the White House says. However, he refuses to give his name and won’t talk to the press. He lives alone in an abandoned farm house, and has a dog with a bad case of mange.

          1. yes, Lucky is still there!! He’s down to 2 legs, both on the same side, but he can run like the wind!! I asked why he called the dog “Lucky” since he’s already lost TWO appendages and he said “He’s LUCKY ’cause I never had him neutered”!!

  1. Wrong question from Rosen. Well, not a wrong question; it only sets up the listener for a non-answer.

    The more plausible questions should have been:
    “How long before we are attacked again by jihadists?”
    “Will it be before or after Obama leaves office?”
    “How many ‘refugees’ make a cell? or will a good percentage of them work as lone wolves?”

  2. Translation: Even Josh “Not so” Earnest knows we are not winning. We are getting picked apart. “We knew there would be periods of setback” Well, why, then, did we not send a more serious force to smash them? We PLANNED to get our asses handed to us? What kind of leadership is this? (Don’t answer that.)

  3. Looks like the White House Spokesmouse reads the same sanitized, phony intelligence reports Obama reads, as in “We’re WINNING!”, or “We’re making progress!”. And who can forget, “Al-Qæda is on the run!”, or “The Benghazi terrorist attack was caused by a video!”

    This is the sorriest, dumbest, most criminal, dysfunctional, lying, anti-American White House in the history of the Republic.

    1. Remember, these are the folks who think everyone should get a trophy just for trying. Or even for just showing up. So the very concept of winning really doesn’t make sense to them. Does complicate trying to run a war though. Or, maybe it doesn’t.

  4. OT: “107 killed in a crane collapse at the Great Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 284 injured”. While I take no pleasure in what is a very real tragedy I feel it IS reasonable to point out the irony of this happening on the anniversary of 9/11!!

    1. My thoughts exactly. I bet more than a few of the 9/11 terrorists had visited Mecca at one time or another. Do you think anyone shouted Allah-who-snack-bar?

    2. I know what you mean. It’s like God is pi$$ed off, raining havoc on a huge mooslum gathering.
      Any loss of life is sad, butt the number over there is minimal compared to our loss on this exact date 14 years ago.

      1. So God did the Towers, too…? By that “logic.” Somehow I think plain old mankind designed these horrors…and innocents died in that crane thing as they did in the Towers.

    3. And remember, they were dancing in the streets in Saudi Arabia as the towers went down!! But I think I’m edging into “They Had It Coming” territory, so I’ll stop here!!

  5. Thanks all for the responses to the survival question. And to Marcus and A.J. for the vaudeville routine! lol
    Looks like drink and pray is the consensus. Luckily I’ve got a good stock of Irish Whiskey, and a bottle or two of gifted single malt somewhere. Having the first crisp fall morning today, leaves be turning and falling soon. Between winter and Obama that stock going to come in mighty handy.
    BUT, do I pray BEFORE the drink, AFTER, DURING? I worry about doing it afterwards because I certainly don’t need God misunderstanding me and I awake the next morning to a Secret Service visit regarding some mumbo jumbo about Obozo no longer with us and I was the last one to pray about it.
    (A note to the lefties and the attorneys, synonyms I know, that was a J O K E. I would never pray to God for mishap to Obama. NOW if God asks me what he can do to help out the country he loves so dearly?……….:)

  6. The person who wrote this post should learn the difference between”their” and “they’re” and then he/she could use the word(s) correctly.

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