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Video || Biden Not Sure He’s Ready

Here is video from Vice President Biden’s appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show in which he says he is not sure, following the death of his son Beau, if he is emotionally ready to run for president.

21 Responses to Video || Biden Not Sure He’s Ready

  1. I do not discount his agonizing pain over losing his son. But for crying out loud, in or out, it’s the Presidency of the United States at stake, not a national grief counseling session.
    If he’s not emotionally ready to even run, he sure doesn’t need to be under the stress of the office should he somehow get elected.

    • MrBiden has been the victim of tragic losses before this one. The sudden death of his first wife and children didn’t prevent him from seeking reelection then, so to use the excuse of profound grief is just so much political spin.

      It’s impossible to reach a certain age and not mourn for loved ones and friends who have passed. We learn to deal with it, just as he must.

      • Having seen how death in her family affected my mother throughout the years (from losing her brother in World War II to being the last surviving sibling), all I can say is Biden was only 30 years old when he lost his wife and child…young enough to regroup and carry on. Of course we all have to deal with loss as we get older, but the weight and burden can be heavier for some in their later years, and their energy to cope with it much less.

      • I agree with SrDem on this one. No one can tell someone how long to have the active wrenching grieving part–but the cynic in me says this is a setup, kind of, to keep this in the press and build sympathy and suspense. In my worst parts of grieving, I could not go on a TV show and try to talk about it. But I am not a politician, I guess.

  2. King Xerxes I and the DNC needs to let this poor guy off the hook. They’ve got The Hag and Bernie The Socialist. They gotta run with what they’ve got. Lord knows, we had to in the past.

  3. It was bad enough when Joe was functioning at full-speed. To end up with a grieving, ‘half-functioning’ Joe Biden in the WH would be a national disaster.
    Biden is almost 73 years old! He would be 75 on Jan. 20, 2016!
    What is everyone thinking???

  4. I watched Biden speaking at some sort of meeting last week, with a Jewish group but I don’t know the name of the group. He was explaining his current position re becoming a Presidential candidate.

    He made a strong point, over and over, about how he wasn’t sure he had the energy or even the needed motivation and desire to go through a Presidential campaign. I listened to his tone, watched his body language, his expressions, his eyes, etc.

    I came away believing he was having a truly candid moment on this issue, and that in his heart of hearts, he really didn’t want to run in yet another gruelling political campaign. He was as sincere as I’ve ever seen him.

    • All that. And yet, in the end, my money is on Uncle Joe running. I am sorry for his personal losses — but I remember the Kennedys personal losses as well. And there was none of this when they buried a dead child. Sorry to be so heartless, but if Biden is so overcome with grief that he feels the need to reach out to America, it is best that he seek solace with his God if he has one, and his family.

      • Yes, I think he will probably run, after all is said and done. He’s being very public with his decision making process, and the Obama machine is certainly backing him, rather than Hillary. So it’s an interesting political dynamic going on..

    • Joe needs to be left alone. What, God forbid, something happened to his wife, Jill. Would our country become totally incapacitated. We must have a strong leader both physically and mentally to get us back on the right track. Ten years ago, Joe might have been okay. Not now.

  5. Man, they are really getting ready for the heartstring tug here. Not sure he’s ready, still grieving (which I am sure is true) but “for the good of the country and for Beau’s memory” (wait for them to use that line) he’ll step in and rescue the Dems when Shrillary is indicted. Cue the violins.