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White House: U.S. to Take 10,000 Syrian Refugees

The United States will dramatically scale up the number of refugees it will take from Syria, allowing in “at least” 10,000 refugees during the next fiscal year, which starts October 1.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday the U.S. is on track to accept only about 1,500 Syrian refugees during the current fiscal year.

“The president has directed his team to scale up that number next year, and he’s informed his team that he would like them to make preparations to accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next fiscal year,” Earnest said.

As refugees from the conflict in Syria flood into Europe, the United States has come under increasing criticism for not taking more of them. But some who are expressing concern about the influx have noted that many of those fleeing seem to be young men, and they warn of the danger that terrorist groups have seeded the refugees with militants who could strike from within the country.

Earnest noted that the United States has donated $4 billion to relief agencies and others trying to meet humanitarian needs in Syria, saying the funding was “the most effective way” to address the problem.

This piece was first published on PoliZette.

38 thoughts on “White House: U.S. to Take 10,000 Syrian Refugees”

    1. You must be naive there will be terrorist Muslims among them and Obama knows this, Obama should be arrested and jailed for his crimes against the U.S.

  1. Ten thousand is just the start, there will be many more to come. They will be sent to live in white, middle class, conservative areas and not a Christian among them. God save us from Obama the Evil One.

  2. I got room in my basement… Mister President, pay me rent, we shall talk.

    Each of these immigrants should be screened, inoculated, and engaged in federal work program to earn their stay…

    no food stamps, no cell phone, no free housing.

    This is the land of opportunity, not the free lunch program.

    1. I read an article the day before. Young woman in Germany walking while talking Hebrew with her family. She was beaten. This was from a crew that had already been there a little while. I also feel that they just mention 10,000 for next year, to gently break to, and fool the American citizens. This number will grow.
      I suggest that food and water be dropped, and the true Christians can take it with gratitude, and the others can throw on the tracks. This man is determined to ruin our Country.

    1. I hope they live a long long time to see the destruction that they have brought to this country.

      Mark Levin says McConnell has blood on his hands. I agree.

  3. What a brilliant idea – send them all to Detroit! Most of the city looks like their bombed out homeland so they’ll feel comfortable. Of course, winter is harsh, but no one is chopping off heads or throwing gays from rooftops, so there’s that.
    NO /s/ either.

  4. Welcome to Obama’s candy-coated M & M
    World: Mexicans and Muslims!

    In addition to capitulating to Iran, we learned today that Obama has been candy-coating the rise of ISIS; the whopping 50 Syrian rebels we trained are all gone – dead, missing, or captured; and now he’s flooding us with untold 1000’s of Syrian Muslim ‘refugees’. Obama now has to ‘re-think’ his (non) strategy – what a joke!

    There must be a way to stop this madness. Can Congress over-rule Obama? Why can’t we accept only Christian families? No Muslims, especially single men. This is OUR country – not Obama’s Muslim utopia.

    The FBI director has stated that he cannot protect us from every ISIS attack on our own soil. Why are we giving them an engraved invitation to come here as ‘refugees’? It’s insane! We will always be looking over our shoulder!

    1. And as the FBI has stated recently,there are ISIS cells in every single state in this country. What guarantee is there that there are no ISIS killers in this batch of “refugees” coming to the United States? Absolutely none. The ISIS cells must have asked Obama for more killers so they could staff up before the attacks. Obama endangers the lives of every citizen in this country as easily as he cheats on his golf score.

  5. Absolutely asinine. He creates the refugee crisis with his own cowardice on his red line and now we have to pay to take them in AND run the security risk?
    Hell NO!
    No fly zone in Northern Syria, refugee camps there with food and aide and every able bodied male “refugee” is drafted into a militia and sent into the fight for HIS damn country.
    Hundreds of thousands of Americans paid the ultimate sacrifice that those who came after them would live in freedom. They sure as hell didn’t give their all for some American hating, thug loving, two bit community organizer to destroy us from within.
    OK, rant over, but the anger is simmering to boil in 5…4….3…2….

  6. AFVet posted this You Tube about 3 weeks ago. It has had only 400,000 views. It should be in the millions. Mixing Islam and Christianity is like trying to mix water with gasoline. It would be best to send these refugees to other countries who believe in Islam. President Maduro of Venezuela wants to take in 20,000 and even Panama is looking at the possibility of taking some.

  7. I would wait to learn where Obama is moving in Jan17 and then put every one of them in his neighborhood. Only fair since he ignored the 200,000 dead and empowered Putin by bluffing a Red Line he wasn’t prepared to enforce.

    Ignoring expert military advisors warnings on withdrawing from Iraq so he could brag in his 2012 campaign about “ending the war in Iraq” didn’t help. Thanks for creating a vacuum that gave us ISIS, Obama. Congratulations, you created a humanitarian refugee crisis. And ISIS will sneak into Europe in the chaos.

    Money talks, Bullshit Walks and Horseshit has Syrian refugees camping on his lawn.

  8. The OBAMA WAY:

    1) Create a crisis via your own incompetence.

    example: OPM Hack

    2) Then suffer a huge fustercluck embarrasment

    example: 23 million Federal employees hacked

    3) Waste a ton of money to fix the problem your incompetence created

    example: wasteful $630 million contract to buy Identity protection for the 23 million who were hacked. Taxpayers pay for Obama incompetence.

    4) Irony: wait until it turns out the identity theft company is itself owned by ISIS or China or Russia. We should not be surprised….

  9. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, and Oman – the oil rich countries – have stated they will not take any Syrian refugees. Why not? “Security concerns.”

    If countries which share a common religion, language, and ethnicity refuse to accept them – and have the money to take them – why should we?

    Also, by the U.N.’s own breakdown, 75% of the so-called refugees are men! Where are the women, children, old people, etc?

    1. I agree, where are the families? I have watched some extremely disturbing videos of the younger male immigrants and their behavior is atrocious. Sadly, a 7 yr old German girl was brutally raped by one of these savages.

  10. They should be vetted and only Christians and especially the Yazides should be admitted. But , of course , this will not happen.

    Obama will flood this country with Muslims of his choosing. And they will go to agitate where the WH directs them to go.

    And what the heck is going on with Merkel? If I was a Jew in Germany I would be packing my bags.

  11. It will be so nice having thousands and thousands and maybe even a million new Muslim terrorists in our country. It is time NOW for the people to rise up against this monster traitor Obama who has nothing but hatred and contempt for the U.S. and is dangerously mentally ill. So get off hour arses Republicans and DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS TRAITOR AND PROTECT YOUR COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE OR ELSE YOU, REPUBLICANS, WILL GO UP IN SMOKE ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE.

  12. Interesting litte tidbit from Refugee Resettlement Watch:

    Out of an annual US quota of 70,000 refugees, guess who took the least:

    “5. NIMBYists gone wild: As a Senator, Sam Brownback harshly rejected the resettlement of Somali Bantu in his own state even though he was a major advocate among evangelicals for increased refugee immigration to the U.S..”

    “The state of Delaware has resettled less than 10 refugees annually in recent years even though then Sen. Joe Biden was a sponsor of the 1980 Refugee Act – the bill which defines the refugee program we have today.”

    “Upon entry, a network of private, “nonprofit” agencies (so-called “voluntary agencies”) selects the communities where refugees will live. The agencies are either headquartered in Washington DC or have lobbying offices there.”

    “Washington DC took less than 200 refugees between 2007 and 2012.”

  13. 10 000 ? Next year ? And you think that this is a problem ? Oh dear, Germany is expected to take in 800 000 this year and we are expected to take in 80 000 this year. And many other countries in Europe are also taking in a lot of people. We have an Exodus going on here. If I go to Malmö, close by, I can see this people milling around the station, embarking trains etc. There is so much to say about the situation that I could go on for an hour but 1. the Obama administration, NATO and some European partners caused this situation with their destabilisation politics in Libya and Syria 2. the European politicians are weakminded and dangerous when accepting this amount of un-screened people into our countries. I blame them all. And 3. why is there no pressure at all on the Muslim countries in the region to accept their brothers and sisters ?
    Of course I can understand that many, many lose lives and homes in the terrible conflict in Syria and of course they must be helped in many ways, for example in safe camps in safe regions nearby. This is what we have the UN for, at least I thought so. And, the war must be ended. If everyone backs out, and Assad is allowed to deal with the Islamist-terrorists himself ( now with the aid of long time partner Russia ) they will be destroyed. As of now, these terrorists dominate in large parts of the country. Can you imagine that they have taken over oilfields, cotton plantations etc . Who trades with them ? Who gives them money, who supports them ? When Assad ruled there were no refugees from Syria, isn´t this true ?

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