As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, September 10, 2015

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Meets with veterans and Gold Star Mothers to discuss the Iran Nuclear deal; Roosevelt Room
2:05 pm || Participates in a conference call with Rabbis for Rosh Hashanahn
3:45 pm || Delivers remarks at the 2014 National Medal of Arts and the National Humanities Medal ceremony; East Room

All times Eastern
Live Stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

15 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, September 10, 2015

  1. I’d like to think those vets and mothers would give him hell for selling out the country their sacrifice paid for, but then again what good would it do.
    Obama has one goal and one goal only: his legacy and that legacy includes making sure America is taught a lesson for her past arrogance. No better way to do that than give the world’s number one sponsor of terror a pile of money to spread it more and an “agreement” that puts it on par with established nuclear nations.
    If only the future could come back and put the Democrat cowards in the Senate on trial for their aiding and abetting Obama in this disaster.

  2. This must be International” I have no backbone”Day.

    Meets with Gold Star Moms to discuss the most consequential foreign policy decision of his two terms? Oh boy, that took guts.

    and then, he lacks the hutzpah to meet face to face with Rabbis to participate with Rosh Hossanah? Hmm, now you use techy talk Mr President, now?

    So, lets review:
    1.Flies to Alaska to talk warmies and hike, while China has warships on the horizon.
    2.Flies to midwest to chit chat at some community college at promoting free, er, cheaper tuition.
    3. Sweet talks moms about the Iran deal, no doubt in a condescending manner.
    4. Avoids confrontation with Rabbis ON THE SAME DAY, thus averting any off color photo op.

    All in all, looks like we got a weenie in the WH.


  3. OT, but the biggest news story of the day—

    “Exclusive: 50 Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked”

    “It’s being called a ‘revolt’ by intelligence pros who are paid to give their honest assessment of the ISIS war—but are instead seeing their reports turned into happy talk.

    “More than 50 intelligence analysts working out of the U.S. military’s Central Command have formally complained that their reports on ISIS and al Qaeda’s branch in Syria were being inappropriately altered by senior officials, The Daily Beast has learned.”

    “Two senior analysts at CENTCOM signed a written complaint sent to the Defense Department inspector general in July alleging that the reports, some of which were briefed to President Obama, portrayed the terror groups as weaker than the analysts believe they are. The reports were changed by CENTCOM higher-ups to adhere to the administration’s public line that the U.S. is winning the battle against ISIS and al Nusra, al Qaeda’s branch in Syria, the analysts claim.”

    “The analysts have accused senior-level leaders, including the director of intelligence and his deputy in CENTCOM, of changing their analyses to be more in line with the Obama administration’s public contention that the fight against ISIS and al Qaeda is making progress.”

    This is very, very big.

    Here’s the whole story. Let’s see how our corrupt MSM reports the story. If they ever bother to do so.

  4. If he is this busy — shiny object — something nefarious must be going on behind the scenes.

    Nothing else could get him to book almost 5 hours of non essential (not unimportant to those who are participating and being recognized) meetings.