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Jindal Dumps on Trump

Hovering at near zero percent in national polls, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday drew some attention to himself with a blistering, highly personal attack on Donald Trump, characterizing the GOP front-runner as an unprincipled narcissist who has no business running the country.

“He’s non-serious. He’s a carnival act,” said Jindal during an appearance at the National Press Club in Washington. “Here’s the truth about Donald Trump. Donald Trump is shallow. He has no understanding of policy. He is full of bluster — he has no substance.”

Trump has the support of nearly 30 percent of Republican voters, according to the most recent RealClearPolitics summary of polls.

“Donald Trump is not a serious candidate,” Jindal said. “He’s a narcissist. He’s an egomaniac. The only thing he believes in is himself.”

Jindal said Trump is without political principles — that he is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. He’s just for Trump.

“Donald Trump is dangerous,” Jindal warned. “The question for conservatives is this: Are we going to rely and trust proven conservative principles or we are going to turn to a man who believes in nothing but himself?”

Jindal flavored his assault with heavy doses of ridicule.

“Just because a lot of people like watching Kim Kardashian — we wouldn’t put her in the White House either,” Jindal said. Trump, of course, has the reality TV show background with “The Apprentice.”

Jindal said the multi-billionaire who is trouncing him in the polls is “weak.”

“He is an entertaining narcissist, but he is still a narcissist,” Jindal said. “Like all narcissists, Donald Trump is insecure and weak. He’s afraid of being exposed. That’s why he tells us, always and constantly, how big and strong and wealthy he is.”

He added that the country won’t become great again “by putting an unserious and unstable narcissist in the White House.”

Jindal’s attack comes just a day after retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who is second in the polls, said he didn’t have the “impression” that Trump’s religion is a major part of his life.

“I realize where my successes comes from, and I don’t in any way deny my faith in God,” Carson said in differentiating himself from Trump.

Jindal echoed Carson’s skepticism. “It’s clear Donald Trump has never read the Bible. The reason we know he’s never read the Bible? He’s not in the Bible,” Jindal scoffed.

Jindal claimed he likes “the idea of Donald,” saying an outsider willing to go after the D.C. political class is a good thing. The bad thing, according to Jindal, is that it’s Trump.

“Donald Trump himself is full of foolishness and nonsense as well,” Jindal added.

A version of the story first appeared in PoliZette.

29 thoughts on “Jindal Dumps on Trump”

  1. “Just because a lot of people like watching Kim Kardashian — we wouldn’t put her in the White House either”

    … well, that’s just too easy of a set up. ☺

  2. I expected him to stamp his feet and hold his breath until , well, someone in a poll mentioned his name instead of MrTrump.
    What a baby. What a sore loser.
    The Gov had no chance to be on the Repub ticket even if MrTrump wasn’t in the race. He knows that now and needs to find a way to save face so that he can bow out.
    Repeat – Sore loser.

      1. Jindal’s assessment of Trump is spot on. Will it put a ding in Trump’s popularity? Nah.

        Trump’s explanation for the Fiorina insult was lame. Make that a lie. I put down a double bogey for Trump on my campaign scorecard.

        Will I still pull the lever for Mr. T if he’s the R nominee? You betcha.

        1. He’s just trying to entertain–what does he have to lose? I laughed! Better than the canned jokes those already elected try to tell on talk shows. I liked how Trump doesn’t read the bible bec he is not in it. Funny!

  3. I really like Bobby and have always thought of him as a rising star in the GOP. I think he kind of blew it when he gave the GOP response to one of Obama’s STFU,oops,I mean, SOTU speechifyers.

    Jindal came across like a thud. For days the lefties compared him to the nerdy NBC page character on 30 Rock, who they thought could give a better response.

    He’s young and should probably run for the Senate after his gov. gig. Find his voice (a la Cruz)then run for President.

    With that said, I reread Keith’s piece and replacing “Trump” with “Obama”‘s name. That would have been Jindal’s surge in the polls. ;)

    Freaky, Shep just played a segment of Jindal’s speech. He was reading it, almost word for word.

    1. I listened to the later part of the speech on Rush, than Rush played the beginning of the speech. He spoke well of Trump bring attention to The Mess, etc. than explained why he didn’t think Trump should be in.

  4. Jindal is RIGHT! good for him

    With the latest Trump garbage dissing Fiorina’s looks I am convinced now that he is shilling for Hillary (and doing a good job too!)

    1. Yes–if someone is too bad looking to be president (remember Lincoln?), there are others…In fact, Carly would not even be on the list. And don’t forget–Trump is 69, older even than Hillary.

    1. Interesting observation. Even though I am disgusted with the political class, I still want a President who is gracious but firm. You can be those things and still speak your mind.

      1. Agree–and finish a sentence and have actual plans that make sense and treat people, even those who are negative, with class or maybe a witty little pinch, but not the YOU UGLY thing…Yeah, I know–not fun.

  5. I agree with Bobby Jindal and I always vote Republican. I find Donald Trump to be a joke. He is offensive and all he says is he will do what he needs to do. He could show some humility and some decency and still be effective. Yes he does speak his mind and that can be refreshing, but he really does sound like a school yard bully. Should he be the candidate I’ll hold my nose and vote for him because I absolutely will not vote for ANY democrat.

      1. Never happen. And you are a fool also to talk about Trump the way you do.
        Trump is the only one who speaks the truth, insult or no insults. There is no one else running that gives a damn about the U.S. All paid off politicians who won’t do a thing for us, look at Boehner and McConnell, 2 turncoats who promised us everything and now they are mum, doing nothing but going along with the criminal Obama, Kerry, and the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Administration. Think before you run down Trump, he may be our only answer to saving the country. Vote Trump or the Muslims terrorists that are coming here will get us.

  6. Governor Bobby Jindal, gave a blistering outburst about Mr. Trump moral fiber, although it’s not going to change my mind where my vote goes? Bobby Jindal is so low in the polls, he’ll have to hire an Uber car to arrive on Capitol Hill in time for the daily sessions. Jindal is a poor example of men like Trump, as Donald has made billions and that Jindal’s governing record is next to poor in Louisiana? It comes immediately to me, that this Jindal attack on Trump, is sacrificing himself on the altar of the Status Que for the RINO’s top people to kill Donald’s candidacy? I see Jindal reading from a teleprompter, or his own writings hidden behind his podium, not Trump who speaks from the heart. We need a hard case to stand up against the GOP establishment of former attorneys, governors or any other professional class politician in either political party? America is not going to be ripped off by incompetent policies anymore.

    Mr. Trump will not take any intimidation from Alexei Putin in Russia, the Chinese or anybody else. I have absolute trust in him “To make America Great Again” Millions of free thinking, Self sufficient Americans think the same as me and utterly frustrated with the political game played in Washington. Even dyed in the wool lifetime Democrats that I know are not interested in well-versed excuses anymore. Voting for Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton who are a unambiguous part of the power grabbing class, offer nothing to me, my family, relatives, close friends, neighbors and co-workers. Just about every issue that benefits the American people is renegotiated behind closed doors, so that the wealthy donors and special interests get the first cut of the cake.

    I don’t care if Donald has no humility, has a harsh temperament, as Trump will reduce the size of government and begin the almost impossible task of slowing down our unspeakable federal deficit. There is no question in my mind that he will build a wall, between Mexico and this sovereign land. He will bring to end Obama’s overreaching executive orders to smother America with more poverty from all over the world; that’ is illegal aliens and not genuine ‘Stem Workers’ and lawful entries. Birthright Citizenship unless it reaches the Supreme Court is unlikely to be amended, but there is potential for MANDATORY E-VERIFY. This is the ONLY way to stop this unceasing invasion with the promise of Amnesty and incarcerate working aliens and those who hire them?

    His abilities at the conference table made him a billionaire and will be a major advantage for the American people signing any contract. It’s about time that our nations population comes first, which include our veteran warriors, who should not be without hope. And of Obama’s administration stripping our military down to old war ships, jets and service personal, leaving our country unprotected against domestic and foreign enemies? Trump pledges to make us whole again. Instead of paying billions of dollars to make millions of illegal aliens comfortable, that money should go to our military, who rely on charities to advance their physical, mental and spiritual treatment. Abject poverty in other countries, caused by terrible corruption is not our problem; the welfare of our people should be first on the list.

    Trumps understanding that we have been taken for a ride by mega multinational corporations, taking American jobs offshore or into Mexico; he has already said we need a level playing field in regards to free trade. All trade treaties will be renegotiated and Trump has guaranteed that the businesses as the giant 1.2 Billion Ford vehicle factory or Nabisco and others that are establishing themselves across our Southern border, will be begging to return our jobs and businesses back to America, or paying a fair tariff to import their products? We have dreadful unbalanced trade as we sell them poorly excepted goods as beef, but we receive high tagged items like cars?

    The usual overly confident Mega-Corporate business men must be urinating in their pants, as the day of the greedy business owner will be at an end, when Trump becomes Commander in Chief?

    Our disproportional selling does not equal what comes into our ports and that must be restrained. As for King Obama’s IRAN deal, if it does go through the legislators who vote for it, will certainly pay a high price in 2016. It’s my personal opinion that Israeli people will end the menace of Tehran, by obliterating every nuclear military facilities will become a pile of rubble and the disguised bases as well; it will certainly be the blame of Obama, John Kerry and the rest. Donald Trump by telling the truth, unlike the Majority in Congress has hit that raw nerve, that usually stays simmering under the surface. Trump has a captivated audience and ready to take the plunge as president. Nothing stands in his way except rigged debates, caucuses, or the Presidential election.

  7. Aren’t most ‘Ego Driven’ personalities
    nonsensical,full of themselves & unapologetic.
    Politicians & non-Politicians… are one in the same.They all live in ‘glasshouses’ throwing ‘verbal’ biblical stones”.Bringing ‘God and the Bible’ into the rhetoric?..none of them are qualified or deserving of the ‘baptismal waters’ of eternal salvation from God,The Folks or the Media.

  8. Jindal’s words are disgusting. Jindal wishes Trump were a “carnival act”. Jindal is at 1%, Trump at 37%. Me thinks Jinal is the “carnival act” with his desperate words. I am very surprised at Jindal, thought he was a nice man, just found out he’s a Jealous idiot with zero class to call Trump names like that. Soon, Jindal, you will be at zero percent.

    1. He got a news cycle–your boy made that the hold standard–say any old thing to get a news cycle. This is what it has come to. Well, Trump is down to talking points of his own now–I am the one who raised this or that or it would not be discussed, we will be such winners you will be amazed, everyone loves me, I will build a wall (he has already backed off “all the way across”–did you know), everyone but me is stupid, I can reneg the Iran deal, I can too drag 11 million people out of their homes, I can too create jobs making things people can’t afford to buy…on and on. Listen to these people! But these pts over and over don’t get the news cycle anymore–so let’s insult a woman’s face…This guy is a boor and a loudmouth and he is writing checks his “rump” can’t begin to cash. That is my opinion–want to call me names? Go ahead!

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