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Video || The Hillary Email Tango

If she thinks saying “sorry” is going to make this go away, well, it ain’t. She’s got someone taking the Fifth, a hearing before the House coming up, an ongoing federal investigation, and more email dumps.

Mrs. Clinton, welcome to your campaign.

11 thoughts on “Video || The Hillary Email Tango”

  1. “Sorry” and “I take full responsibility” – pithy words that make my head explode. So we are expected to absolve her of her crimes??? It didn’t work for Richard Nixon – it shouldn’t work for this presidential candidate.

    ***How odd that just two days ago she said she couldn’t apologize for something that
    ‘was allowed’.
    What a crazy-maker!

    1. And before that, she apologized for all the “confusion” – like we’re a bunch of morons who are too stupid to understand her complex undertakings.

      1. Exactly. He arrogance knows no bounds. I do believe she is worse than Obama in that department. And it all stems from simply being the wife of an aging rock star.

  2. Normally, I don’t listen to this type of “music”!
    Butt, I did here & it is spot on. Gobsmack Hilz into oblivion, we are all so very tired of her tried & untrue lies. (Is that a double negative?) Tired of this witch offing anyone who dares to question her lifestyle of lying, cheating, stealing, murdering AND always getting away with it. Go Trey!
    Orange is the new Hillary.
    Suck it up & be honest for once, you old bag of bolts.

    1. At the WaPo, I was going over the types of apologies.
      1) The flippant “Sorry sorry sorry” a la Seinfeld.
      2) The “Washington”–“If I offended (or confused) anyone, I apologize.”
      3) The Meaingless Universal: “I take responsibility.”
      4) Corollary of the Universal: “Mistakes were made.” Subtext: By someone, certainly not me.

    2. It WAS a double negative, but since is in reference to HRC it is perfectly OK to use double, triple and any multiple of negative you care to and you will not be wrong!!

  3. If we did this with TS stuff, we would already be under arrest for treason!

    At the minimum we could never have another security clearance plus some jail time.

    Sorry = ok I am guilty but hey at this point what does it matter?

  4. For all the whosit pundits that are fascinated with MrTrump’s supporters, how dumbed-down or clueless are those who support MrsClinton.
    It’s obvious that she expected the MSM to cover for her in all matters as if it was still circa 1980 instead of the day of the free internet. And, Drudge, of course.

    Why she believed that her e-mail account would NOT be hacked by some mouth-breather living in Nana’s cellar when NASA, FBI, Pentagon and each and every retail international business server were a piece of cake for hackers is a mystery.

    ot: a little
    Why did she have tens of thousands of e-mails anyway? Was nothing delivered to her on paper, did she not hold any face-to-face meetings with her subs at the State Dept?
    Did she never make or answer any phone calls? Just curious.

  5. “She’s got someone taking the Fifth”. NoNoNo!! Didn’t you hear Hill’s explanation? He’s just a very private person and doesn’t want to get caught up in the Media circus!!! Sure! I believe that!!! Don’t YOU!!!!!

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