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Video || Cruz Blocked From Huckabee Rally

Here’s the video of Sen. Ted Cruz being blocked by a Mike Huckabee aide at a rally for Kim Davis, the Kentucky official who had been imprisoned for refusing the marry gay couples.

Huckabee, who is in a life-or-death struggle with Cruz for evangelical voters, claimed Cruz crashed his event.

“Look, I invited him to come and meet with Kim Davis. It was our event. We were kind of surprised that he showed up. But you know, once he was there, we invited him to come and meet with her. So I’m not sure what the controversy is,” Huckabee said.

Cruz was able to meet with Davis, but kept an atypically low profile at the event.

12 Responses to Video || Cruz Blocked From Huckabee Rally

  1. The Gov wanted this to be his break-out moment. I get it. This was more about him and his campaign than the issue of a imprisoned clerk.

    SenCruz should take note that this campaign will get nastier, meaner than any other we’ve seen for many decades.

  2. That wasn’t a very Christian thing to do, Huck! Try to practice what you preach, if at all possible.
    Joe S. and Mika started to call him out on this earlier today, but ran out of time. They were genuinely appalled, and rightly so.