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Hillary Transformed into a Real Person!

Here’s the new down-to-earth Hillary. See the emotion. See the sincerity. See the . . . dancing? Oh boy.

She really is supposed to be very natural in person and charming with her friends. But translating that into a public persona just has never come easy to her.

She watched Bill do it for years. And when she first started out in politics running for the Senate in New York 15 years ago, she was surprised how difficult it was, saying of Bill, “He just made it look so easy.”

And she’s never really figured out how to be herself in public.

27 Responses to Hillary Transformed into a Real Person!

  1. Keith–seriously–this woman is secretly entertaining, fun, funny, and a good person to drink with? Well, she might hold her own in the latter–but I am not seeing it now and never will. SHUT THOSE EYES–can’t stand it!

  2. Its a bit late to bring out her true personality trait, which then says, well, all that stuff you saw from me since 1978..? Naw, that aint me….

    Sure, and Bill Belicheck never cheated either…


  3. If we look at this candidate, Hillary, as if she was the governor of some fly-over state or a back bench Senator and forget all of her history – we’d wonder what this woman has to offer that America would want.
    Up in age, slow in speech, overweight, promoting ideas that no one wants, and a scandal that promted the FBI to check out.

    She would be at the bottom of all polls, nearly broke, and just a hanger-on by now.
    But – the history, the husband, and the big money is all she has and it’s not working.

  4. Why in the world would anyone in their right mind even consider voting for a woman who appears to be so mentally challenged?
    Who talks like that? Her mother was never an integral part of her public life, and now she is fighting for her mother…and others like her? It’s gobbledygook!

    There was a clip of HRC on MTP in 2008 on MoJoe this a.m. The change between then and now is staggering. Something is terribly wrong with her – feeble-mindedness? I dunno. Whatever it is, she cannot continue. The pundits need to stop talking about how ‘authentic’ she is in person! What we see, is what we will get! G-d help us!

    • I noticed that as well. The younger (and not that much younger) Hillary and the current Hillary. Of course it happens to all of us, the aging process, but it seems that her mental faculties, her take on issues, her conflicting answers, the nervous, awkward manner she presents herself are raising serious questions about her ability to be POTUS. It’s not a bad thing to age well, but for goodness sake, but the shoe has to fit the foot, no? She (and anyone else else) needs to take an honest look at reality versus desire. I don’t run marathons anymore, not because I don’t want to but because, at my age and condition, it’s insane.

        • I do believe you have it right. My mother had a nasty fall on a cement sidewalk when she was about 50. She hit her head very hard, and while she more or less recovered, she was never quite the same after that. She seemed often disoriented, not sure what word to use, etc. She had been a really bright woman, lots of energy, funny and well read. That all changed after the fall. We always wondered if she had had some sort of mini-stroke that caused the fall. It got worse. About a year after her fall, she became very clumsy in her walk, fell a few more times, and eventually got diagnosed with ALS which took her life, eventually.We always wondered if the conk on her head brought on the ALS, or if she fell initially because she in the early stages of that nasty disease. We’ll never know for sure. She left 8 kids behind (I was the oldest).

          • I did research concussions for a booklet I sold on the internet for some yrs. They are very tricky. You can get the symptoms from a bodily insult not even involving the head. But in a head trauma–a mild brain injury–basically the mooshy brain (term of art–ha) abruptly sloshes against the fixed skull-loosening a lot of connectors and damaging tissue that does not come all the way back in many cases. She had a head bleed, we have learned.

          • I knew you were deeply involved at some point in medical research, newsletters etc. I’m sure you have helped many, many people. A good calling, indeed.

          • Thank you, Marcus. My health site gets about 10K hits a month–nothing world beating. But my readers are world-wide–incl the Ukraine and UAE. I would like to think someone has benefited over these nine yrs….

      • If we were to judge by ‘age’ – SenSanders is sharp, on the ball, and a good speaker.
        MrsC – not so much.
        Agree with @Star – there’s a problem that they are keeping secret.

    • 240 Generals and Admirals signed against the deal. One general is speaking now.
      Border of Treason and violation of Logan Act. Negotiated against ourselves. Assure Iran and show them how to be attacked by others.
      We than lifted sanctions, that led Iran to get weapons.
      General speaking. Did not catch his name.
      We let them develop with their missile.
      We agreed to let Iran who has lied and cheated to check their own sites.
      You can’t make this up.
      Congress must torpedo this deal.
      Once Iran get’s the weapons, Game over.
      God Bless America.

  5. Watching Hillary pretend to be a nice, patriotic, down-to-Earth, approchable person makes me physically ill. She’s nothing of the sort, and there is plenty of video to prove it! The woman is just an older white, female version of Obama. They ooze arrogance and greed. Both, are devoid of any sense of morals or feelings for anyone they consider lesser beings than themselves. I don’t think they will ever pay a penalty for their traitorous acts in this lifetime, they will have to answer before a higher power,

    • Agree! For me, it’s the arrogant waddle and the condescending looks.

      One story has circulated for years-how she demanded that no one in the WH was allowed to look or speak to when she passed through the hallways. They were expected to go back into their cubicles or stand in the doorway.
      It all rings true!