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Video || Koffler on Fox Business News

Here I am on Maria Bartiromo’s show this morning on Fox Business News arguing with some shill for Hillary about whether she did anything wrong with respect to her email. Which she did.

It’s pretty combative. For 6:15 am anyway. Hope you enjoy.

30 thoughts on “Video || Koffler on Fox Business News”

    1. Ugh–that bland apologist–the talking points…I could smack those apologists who just deny what has already been established. Good try to blast him, Keith. You were right, he was wrong–did he know it? Probably.

      1. X2
        Good thing you weren’t in the same room with him. I would have been difficult (for me, anyway), to curb the urge to reach over the desk and throttle him! That said, good work Keith!

      2. bland apologist — perfect, Star. Great interview, Keith. I had to watch it twice to catch it all because the shill was continually talking over you.

    1. Definitely stoned.
      I believe he does coke too, as he’s repeatedly wiping, scratching, sniffling & picking at his nose during interviews.

  1. Way to go Mr. Koffler!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looks like I have to start DVR’ing FBN in the mornings as well. Have been stuck on Morning Joe out of habit due to the political guests. Looks like Maria upping the game.

      1. What happened to Imus ? Last I heard they all moved permanently to the ranch in NM so Wyatt could pursue his dream as a pro-rodeo circuit cowboy? I guess I should do a wiki search ;)

    1. but he’s got nothin’ on Lanny Davis. oh, dear God, that sycophant is truly annoying.

      good job, Keith. they’d have had to pull my eyes out of the back of my head from the eye-rolling that would have gone on.

  2. Mr. K, you did very well attempting to discuss this issue with a moron liberal. Egads, they are so self involved, buried in their lies & excuses, they will never open their eyes to the actual reality we know & understand.

  3. Keith fantastic job. Sorry I missed it. I am usually up between 3:00 and 4:00. You were stating facts, and he was talking in a circle, somewhat like Joshi.

  4. Keith, you were a total pro. You looked great, sounded great, and pushed just enough. All with a smile or a pleasant look on your face. You’ve never been better.

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