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The Dissing of America: Our enemies and rivals show no respect

As President Obama was traversing Alaska last week sounding the alarm about the theoretical consequences of global warming, a more concrete threat loomed just off the coast, in the Bering Sea.

Five Chinese naval ships suddenly materialized and were cruising about, symbols of China’s growing military might and its challenge to America’s naval hegemony in the Pacific.

That Chinese warships had appeared on U.S. radar in the Bering for the first time ever during a rare Obama visit to Alaska could be no coincidence. It was an obvious challenge to the president, and to be sure, an unmistakable sign of disrespect.

Meantime, halfway around the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin was toying with sending troops into Syria. Iran, which had just signed a nuclear deal with the United States, was continuing its rhetoric of open contempt for its new “partner.”

America’s enemies and rivals seem to have little fear with Obama at the helm. Would such derision, particularly by the Chinese, be offered up were Ronald Reagan president? Or even George W. Bush?

Obama boats

Obama’s naive policy of “outreach,” his grave affliction with indecision, and his ardent commitment to tentative half-measures have earned him the disrespect of the rest of the world.

Overseas, jackals reign in a Darwinian struggle for power and survival. They have a finely tuned nose for weakness, and with Obama, they sense it in abundance.

The problem is not so much that Obama refuses to launch the kind of military engagements Bush did. It is that he fails to understand the symbols of power and dithers instead of acting.

Obama didn’t do the wrong thing in Syria. He did nothing, refusing to decide whether to arm the Syrian rebels.

At the same time, he withdrew all U.S. troops from Iraq and crowed about it on the campaign trail in 2012. The result of his Syria and Iraq policies was opportunity knocking for extremists in the absence of U.S. policy, and the rise of ISIS.

In Libya, Obama “led from behind” and then abandoned the scene once Qaddafi had been removed, resulting in anarchy exploited by Islamists. He drew a red line in Syria and then backed away. He set a deadline for ending the war in Afghanistan, win or lose. He demanded that Iran dismantle its nuclear infrastructure, only to reach an agreement that permits Iran to develop nuclear weapons in 15 years.

He abandoned a stalwart ally, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, and expressed optimism as the radical Islamist Egyptian Brotherhood seized power. Soon, he quietly acquiesced as the Egyptian generals took power back and slaughtered and imprisoned their opponents.

These are only a few of the exhibits in the Obama gallery of indecisiveness and timidity. Pair all this with the incessant golf, the long, luxurious vacations, and the indulgent White House parties, and America’s enemies know they are not dealing with a serious opponent.

Ronald Reagan understood that he had to be perceived as unrelenting, and it was this that allowed him to win the Cold War without firing a shot.

One of the most significant foreign policy decisions of his presidency was made on the domestic front, when Reagan opted in 1981 to fire most of the illegally striking air traffic controllers. The Soviet politburo took notice and understood that they were dealing with a resolute force.

It was Reagan’s same stubborn conviction not to abandon his anti-missile defense program, even as the initiative was ridiculed as “Star Wars” by the left and in the press, that made the Soviets realize they could not compete with American power on an equal footing, hastening the dissolution of their empire.

Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 is still debated today. But his resolve is not, and the flexing of American might caused the Libyans to abandon their nuclear aspirations and may have helped keep a temporary lid on the Iranian nuclear arms program. After all, why invite trouble?

Nobody fears trouble from Obama, least of all the Iranians, who will have their nuclear arsenal, obtain billions of dollars that had been frozen overseas, and keep the American hostages they have taken.

And not the Chinese either, who will send their warships close to American shores and grow their power in the Pacific, knowing the worst they have to fear is a lecture from the president.

This piece was first published in Polizette.

74 Responses to The Dissing of America: Our enemies and rivals show no respect

  1. Obama is a psychoanalyst’s fantasy of an ideal patient.

    He professes “the coolness factor” is the way to ignore or non-respond to aggression in the world. That’s why he heads for the golf course — or Alaska — instead of tackling crises head on. “Dude, I’m cool. I’m calm. Nothing ruffles my feathers. Let’s have a few chuckles and go play 18. Hey, check out that cool glacier. Where’s my selfie stick?” As the world burns, Obama feigns nonchalance.

    But Obama isn’t kidding anybody. Least of all, our enemies and rivals. They — and we Americans — know the truth: Obama is a coward.

    The ultimate diss is this: Obama does not CARE about America’s status in the world.

  2. We have a term here in Central America called “Juego Vivo”. It does not translate well. What it means is “I am going to screw you and you deserve it for letting me get by with it”. Appears everyone in the world is doing it to Obama and the saddest part is Obama is doing a Juego Vivo on us.

  3. For years, I have commented that Obama should be evaluated by a team of psychiatrists and declared unfit to serve. As a CIC, he has refused to lead and has shown extraordinary signs of cowardice, i.e. his absolute silence during the Green Revolution and his Syria ‘red lines’ debacle.
    Worst yet, he turned our military forces into sitting ducks by enforcing his insane and cowardly rules of engagement. He emasculated these brave men and women who put their lives on the line to defend this country.

    He couldn’t even find his voice on the Gulf spill disaster for THIRTY DAYS. He finally ended up taking the wife and kids to Florida for a game of miniature golf and photo ops.

    Now that he is free from future elections, the coward-in-chief is using his magic pen to legislate. After six years of zero leadership, he is finally feeling ‘fearless’ and ‘feisty’. Obama’s way is the coward’s way…and he makes me sick! Where is he LSM on all of this? Crickets!

    • I know you don’t watch MoJoe–but they are pretty hard on him–and Hillary. Today Harold Ford tried to make lame excuses for Hillary and Joe took him to school! First day of school for Harold.

      • Au contraire…I do watch MoJoe regularly. Mika has been behaving herself lately, and it’s much more enjoyable. Besides, it’s fascinating to watch Joe’s experiments with his hairdresser each day.:)

        • Sorry–I thought it was you who said no…my mal. Joe’s hair? Have to watch that…his casual dress, shall we say, is an amusement. A few mos ago they joked about him having a Scotch in the AM before the show–now I wonder if it’s a joke and try to see if he is overly jolly.

      • I caught some of the show this morn – ouch, they pummeled, stomped on, trashed and pinned MrsClinton’s lame excuses for her ridiculous personal server. I even heard the word “lie”!
        Someone, Joe?, repeated her claim that what she did was “approved” but no one asked “who” approved her personal e-mail – herself?

        • And yet Joe never ceases to remind everyone how ‘likeable’ the Hildebeast is in real life. He knows her personally afterall.
          He has no doubt she would get the nomination if only she could convey her likeability to all of us.

          Guess he will do or say anything to get her on the show.

  4. “America’s enemies and rivals seem to have little fear with Obama at the helm.”
    They know a paper tiger when they see one. A 5 year old dressed up in Daddy’s clothes. A horse’s hind end. A dilettante. A toothless enemy. A dog that endlessly barks but never bites. A cat with no claws.
    Take your pick or take all of them. Obama fits them all.
    Cannot wait until we have a real man in the OO, even Carly Fiorina.

  5. Obama does not have a problem with indecision. Everything he does or doesn’t do, is on purpose. Too bad we don’t have a real photo of Obama in Alaska with the Chinese ships right behind him, it might wake up the brain dead American voters.

  6. You got this all wrong. The Chinese were there to protect and salute their favorite American President. The one who has betrayed our friends and help our enemies. I can see them providing support for Hillary as our next President because they can get anything the want from her thru blackmail.