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Obama Decrees Major New Benefit on Labor Day

President Obama used Labor Day Monday to unilaterally provide a major new benefit for hundreds of thousands of people, signing an executive order mandating that federal contractors provide up to seven days paid sick leave per year.

The White House estimates some 300,000 people working on federal contracts will gain access to sick leave as a result of the order, and others will see their leave expanded. But the administration offered no estimate of how the benefit would be paid for, and acted on the matter even though legislation to expand paid sick and family leave is going nowhere in Congress.

The Labor Department said any costs would be offset by savings that contractors would see as a result of lower attrition rates and increased worker loyalty, but produced nothing to back that up, according to the Associated Press.

Obama announced the new benefit during a rally in Boston, lecturing businesses, as he has often done before, that his ideas are good for their bottom line.

“It’ll be good for business. It’s not bad for business,” Obama said of a legislative proposal to make paid family and medical leave “a reality for all Americans.”

In a statement released Monday, the White House similarly informed businesses that the new mandate would “benefit employers” by helping them hold onto employees.

“A body of research shows that offering paid sick days and paid family leave can benefit employers by reducing turnover and increasing productivity,” the statement said.

“Paid sick days would help reduce lost productivity due to the spread of illness in the workplace.”

Promoting congressional proposals for universal paid sick leave, Obama suggested the government should influence business decisions about who comes to work each day.

“Let’s face it — nobody wants a waiter who feels like they have to come to work when they’re coughing, when they’re contagious,” Obama said. “But if they don’t have sick leave, what are they going to do? They have to pay the rent. That’s no good for anybody.”

Obama said other nations have policies requiring sick leave, “so why not the United States?”

He added, “I’m calling out Congress: Take a cue from the rest of the world, work together in a bipartisan fashion, find a way to make paid leave — paid family and medical leave — a reality for all Americans. That’s something we should be doing.”

This article first appeared in PoliZette.

32 thoughts on “Obama Decrees Major New Benefit on Labor Day”

  1. The last paragraph: Take a cue from the rest of the world, Stop. I read enough. Has this man paid any attention to what is happening around the world.

    1. Keith, I did mean that to sound negative on your article. The article was informative as always. I meant only I had enough of his comment. Thanks.

  2. He has no idea what he proposed would do to the employee/employer relationship, no idea how it would be implemented or paid for, but nonetheless talks on.
    Every time he makes his pronouncement on the proper way to run a business when he has never even attempted to do so, makes someone like MrTrump all the more attractive.

    Little ‘ol me, srdem of flyover, knows more about running a successful business than MrObama could ever dream of knowing.
    He should stick to greeting winning ball teams or school children and leave the important stuff to people who actually know what they’re talking about.

    1. He knows how it will be paid for. There is only one way TO pay for it, and that sticking his greasy paw in the pocket of the taxpayers once again. He isn’t going to include that little tidbit in his edict though.

        1. Sick leave is considered part of an employee’s compensation package. IWI it will be built into the payroll cost’s of any bid that will be submitted for consideration. We the taxpayers pay for these projects. It does not seem inconsistent that we are also going to pay for sick leave for federal contractors.

  3. There are jobs “with benefits” and jobs without benefits. You accept the position knowing this. When there were ‘jobs for teens’ you knew if you called in sick, ill or not, you will not be paid. That is life as a part time worker. Now that this PoS has completely screwed over up the once normal work force, he is again sticking his stupidity into our lives & hopes to mandate, ‘with his pen’ how employers take care of their workers. I know, this step is or Fed contracted jobs, butt, he is worming his way into private businesses that are already hurting from his stupid healthcare law. There is way too much intrusion into our lives as it is, stay the heck out of it, you community organizer who never accomplished anything worthwhile in your pathetic life.

  4. Executive Orders are meant to implement legislation legally passed by Congress. Exactly which law is this implementing? None, right? So this Order is illegal. I’d tell him to pack sand.

    1. I’d be willing to give him permanent sick leave, starting now.
      Just wondering….did he spend any time with The Mooch this weekend? Seems to me, except for the junket at the Vineyard, they have spent the prior 4 weekends apart.

  5. His majesty signs his edicts without consultation. He expects the employers to figure out how they’ll pay for his royal whim.
    We shall await new rulings soon as the months pass.

  6. Obama says it will be good for business? And he bases this on his vast experience of … what exactly?

    If he *actually* had ever had a real job – he would know that any job that offers sick days… those days get taken whether they are needed or not. THey just become defacto vacation days.

  7. What will happen is when a company makes a bid on a government contract they will add the extra cost in their bid. The taxpayers will pay for it.

  8. “The Labor Department said any costs would be offset by savings that contractors would see as a result of lower attrition rates and increased worker loyalty […]”

    How can these people make assertions based on the belief that companies operating in a hyper-competitive environment don’t already understand how to cut their own costs?

    This is an old old OR subject.

    This way, though, as long as all competitors for a bid’s costs go up together, it will just be cost-plus’d back to the tax payer.

    Disingenuous at best, absolutely condescending based on his belief that we are stupid – and unfortunately, we keep proving him right.

  9. Once again, Obama uses his pen and phone to issue another Royal decree. “Work together in bi-partisan fashion.” When have Obama & Democrats, not been the most partisan & divisive creatures on the planet?

  10. Obama is just introducing more chaos in the equation. He hasn’t a clue, nor does he give a rat’s bum, about the impact of his decree. There is a delicate balance in any business that depends of proper management of labor costs, the cost of raw materials, what the business charges for goods and services, meeting targets and goals, paying overhead, taxes, deriving a profit, planning for future challenges, etc. It’s a delicate system where all the gears have to mesh successfully all the time. Basic economics. Obama, who couldn’t run a profitable cold water concession in the middle of the Sahara Desert, has no clue about any of those issues and doesn’t care. That’s why he’s happily screwing up everything he touches.

  11. In that “body of research” he cites–how many govt contract employees are there? Hundreds of thousands is vague. And how about research of the body–does the average person really get sick a week a year? Isn’t that kinda sickly? Does this count time off for doc appts? My experience and sense of it is that people have health problems and may be out more than a week or are hale and would never use this? Or one year it could be one, the next yr, the other.

  12. What about companies that changed to a ‘Paid Time Off’ (PTO) system that eliminated sick leave and vacation leave that gave the employee the option to take kids to the dr, etc.I changed to that system. he is totally clueless.

      1. Back when I had a real job (at AIA, representing some places you worked, Von Ebb), we would call in “well.” If we got them early before the first cup of java, we could say, “I feel too good to come to work..” They would go, OK, hope you feel better soon.

  13. This is America, not Europe. We have (or used to have) a free market economy. Decisions about businesses are made by businesses, not the government. But then, O Is not truly an American.

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