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  1. For what it’s worth, a certain poll shows that 25% of Black voters admit they support MrTrump. That can’t be a surprise to the Dems and their MSM minions who most likely have their own internal polls to ponder.

    It’s likely that a similar poll of dues-paying union members would show a bigger percentage for MrTrump as his whole agenda is something they approve- from the anti-illegal alien, let’s be winners again, let’s fix the roads and bridges, and jobs, jobs, jobs.
    The MSM, in every media, throws everything they have at MrTrump in an attempt to destroy him in the public eye. Instead of promoting him for the loser they claim he really is so as to insure MrsClinton has a weak opponent, they reveal the knowlege that MrTrump would, um, thump her in a general election.
    Traditional truths about how to run for office, who the public will support, and the certainty of particular voting blocs is all a relic of the last century.

    • Well said, srdem.

      I believe the traditional ways of voting went out the window in the 2008 election. We have lived in a topsy turvy world since then.

    • Think back to George Washington, no campaigning, no primary, no billions spent on getting dirt on the nonexistent opponent.
      George agreed to the job reluctantly. What a long way we’ve fallen in 240 years.

      • Fallen? We have kept the world in one piece, reached out to the miserable, provided a flawed but workable example of self-governance, we were the only country to ever drop a nuclear weapon on a population, instilling a fear and caution that may save us all, despite what some religious fanatics say to control their own population, we have fed a lot of the world, provided entertainment that still sets the gold standard, some of the greatest artists ever born, I could go on. Geo Washington also did not have it so easy–there was a lot of ambivilance about this new system back in those days–he didn’t even want to be president.

        • Ok
          Fallen in these last several years of 0 & his leading behind, putting our nation into third world status with open borders, bowing to kings of crazy mooslum countries, shoving his healthcare bs, thereby increasing cost & negating decent health care choice upon those paying. Giving up our country to sick, diseased illegal immigrants who demand our money & support, while waving the flag of their country of origin.
          Yes. We have fallen since this fake idiot was elected president of our country. And as I said, Washington reluctantly accepted the job as president. Way back then, there were ideals that the new country aspired to. If they could see how much we have fallen out of the initial intent of our USA they would be ill.

          • We have taken some funny jumps for sure, but this country has hardly been destroyed or fallen in my opinion. What has happened can be repaired. I know some politicians (and yes he is one now) are making hay on this “we don’t have a country” riff these days.

  2. This is another topic but I think it important to keep up with what is going on in our hemisphere. It appears to me Obama is bound and determined to give Guantanamo to the Cubans. This will give the countries who want to do us harm another foothold. Can you image Iranian, Chinese and Russian warships anchored in Guantanamo Bay?

    Starting next year there will be direct, non stop flights from Turkey and Dubai to Panama.
    Another open door for the terrorist to come this way. The Dubai flight will take 17 hours and be the longest flight in the world.

    Venezuela is dead broke. Their money is worthless. They have all sorts of shortages. Inflation is out of control. There are border problems with the Colombia. The US is on their enemies list.

    China is still giving money to Venezuela. Here is an article from Foreign Policy.

    I live in Panama. All I am saying is please do not ignore what is going on in our backyard.

    • Great post and sadly so true. My 2012 political column tag line on Obama was “Obama 2012, Kick him out or kiss it good-bye”.
      Well we didn’t kick him out and every day we wave good-bye to another piece of a once great nation.

    • Old Timer, I was unaware of the plan for the non-stop flights from Turkey and Dubai. Everyone’s backyard is being stomped upon one way or the other.
      That last sentence, once not to make lite of your situation.

    • Given Obama’s sinister and untrustworthy approach to international politics as it impacts the United States, I think you have it right.

      It goes like this: Obama gives Gitmo to Cuba–that’s perfectly obvious. Guantanamo Bay is much more than a mere prison–it has excellent housing, an airport (smallish, but still), self sufficient power generation, excellent port accommodations, medical facilities, strategic location, etc.

      Then Cuba leases Gitmo to Russia, giving Putin a nice warm water port in the Western hemisphere, just off the coast of the US. Russian warships and freighters already dock in Cuba, which has, as we know, has a very long relationship with Russia. That’s what’s coming.

      Count on it.

    • The legacy comes before anything!

      Never mind that human rights conditions in Cuba reportedly have not changed; never mind that Iran, Russia and China have emasculated Obama; never mind that dozens of the worst of the terrorists from GITMO will probably be housed in a US super max facility; never mind that Cuba could become the home base for anyone who wants to do us harm; and never mind that Cuba is 90 miles off our ‘wet foot/dry foot’ shore!

      Thanks Barry! Enjoy your Havana vacay with Beyonce and JayZ !

      • Too HOT !
        I spent a year and a half in the Philippines.
        It once briefly got into the 60’s and the natives were freezing their butts off and the GI’s were lovin’ it.
        I don’t like hot humid weather.
        Looking forward to Fall.

          • I have always loved the fall.
            Jacket/sweatshirt weather.
            Gorgeous trees.

            My first assignment in the AF was Syracuse, N.Y.
            The NE is stunning when the trees turn color.

          • Must be a zonie? I have no words to express how much I hated the weather in Tucson. 2 years their OMG 100 days over 100 degrees. 10 months of AC bills. 300 to 400 dollars a month for AC. Every thing was a plane trip and a rent a car. Like being in an oven island.

          • Von Ebb, you had a crapy A/C unit. We never have bills that high. I agree it’s HOT! Butt, a/c house to a/c car to a/c business is do-able. Too hot sucks, butt we do get summer monsoon rains that make it bearable ‼️

      • :) I would rather be hot than shriving cold. I mentioned last week, I cut the front and back yard. Before I got started I took the hose and wet my hair and my cloths. I walk around with the mower pretending to be at the beach.

        • Oh dear. Thanks for the article, I think.

          One Boston newspaper wrote Obama was in Boston to “Show solidarity with workers on Labor Day”

          Ha ha ha ha ha, take a breath, he ha ha ha. What, did he shake the hand of the pilot of AF1 who has to work today because the President wants to leave DC??

        • Depending on the contractor, that may actually be a good idea.

          I have a confidante here in Washington who was working for a contractor at one of the military bases here. For their first year, their employees got NO leave AT ALL–it was no work, no pay. On their one-year anniversary, they got ten days’ leave for the upcoming year. Not SICK leave–LEAVE. As in, ALL-PURPOSE leave. As in, every sick day meant one less vacation day.

          You had to last five years with that contractor to get fifteen days’ leave for the upcoming year.

          On top of that, if GS employees were given a comp day–day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve on a Thursday, and so on–those contractors got no such luxury. They had to burn a day of leave.

          And this was all on top of the contract being “at-will,” meaning they could be let go at any time, for any reason, or none at all.

          Often, contractors have to squeeze a bit to get the low bid in, and sometimes, that means the unseen tradespeople at these installations end up taking the hit.

          Let’s hear this one out before we pooh-pooh it.

          • So, with that logic, when I got my first job, I should have said, even though I’m new here, I want a month vacation, paid sick leave, I want health insurance free?

            Every job I had I had to EARN privileges, not be handed them just because it was a good idea.

          • There are also instances where employees of federal contractors are employed at beyond market rates and at will. Many contract employees in any industry do not receive the benefits of regular employees. And there are a lot of federal contractors who are small shop. Moreover a federal contractor is still a private business and whatever “benefits” they provide should be at their discretion not a man at 1600 Pennsylvania with a pen and a phone. How is it that he can alter federal contracts at a whim.

          • I was a registered govt contractor at one time–getting THAT was a you know what. I never got a contract but did get contractors who wanted me on their team so they could say woman owned business. When they got the contract-they never included me. This is dirt common. And yes, often these contract jobs pay a ton–bec the benefits are so skimpy. And even the contractors know these deals are temporary–contracts end and sometimes do not get renewed or they get rebid. I think Obama messed in this pond bec it was something he could do with his “pen.”

          • Star, I was team leader for federal contractors — working abroad. It is a contract, you are right, they end and life goes on. No lifetime employment, pensions etc. You do contract work you understand that.

            When I was overseas and my father was sick I went home — paid my own airfare etc. –was not docked pay and given as much time as I needed. Each contractor is different.

          • I worked for many big aerospace companies. General Dynamics, Hughes Air Craft, GD/E Systems, ATK missile systems.

            All went to PTO in the early 90’s. Gone was any sick leave. PTO means paid time off.
            We could have 240 hours in bank year to year.
            Then it was PTO shrink to carry over of only 60 hours. Use it or lose it.
            I had so many banked hours I took every friday off for over a year to use it. Management was pissed about that ATK sucks.

          • Star says:
            September 7, 2015, 1:12 pm at 1:12 pm

            All the more reason to not EO blanket regs. I worked for small to medium contractors, my SO worked for defense contractor. Night and day.

  3. Obama the dictator signed another exec order today — when asked about details of where money will come from for this edict, and other common sense details, filthy White House says “We don’t know details about how money will be paid, etc.” Did you ever? The sooner this horror invading OUR White House is cleaned out of these commies/socialists/failures the better. Can’t wait.

  4. Does the community organizer proof-read his speeches? He is yapping away in Boston about the history of organizing/unions: “Your parents, grand-parents, great-grandparents – those are the folks that gave us the FORTY HOUR WEEK, overtime, minimum wage…”

    Does he realize he is the one who DESTROYED the 40 hour week with his disastrous Obamacare???

    ***He keeps lapsing in and out of his fake Black dialect. As far as I can see, this is NOT a Black audience, lol.

    • Excellent point Girly.
      Either he has the memory of a goldfish, is lying, or thinks we have the memory of a goldfish, the videos and the internet do not lie.

      His regal arrogance delights in playing us for fools.

    • So easy to forget yourself…that’s funny. Maybe he is worried about the blacks that would supposedly vote for Trumpie–which, by the way, I would need way more evidence of. Is that a sentence?

      • These guys are brain dead or just think we are. Biden was out there railing against lack of jobs etc. — eight years in, who does he think was in charge. Yeah! Biden for President.

        • Not really shovel-ready, oops. The Summer of Recovery–the OTHER Summer of Recovery, oh, look, it’s summer–the summer of Recovery. Are all these jobs, whoever promises them, coming from infrastructure repairs? Will the cash abroad be repatriated–if so, will it be used for expansion and creation of jobs or will enough people have a job to justify expansion–meaning they could buy whatever was made? Or will all the jobs be govt jobs–we know how that works out so well.

          • Biden will be all for the “common man”. I find really phony coming from him who has been a government employee his entire life.

            I am sympathetic to all people who lose loved ones, especially children. I am suspect of those who use it in their political campaigns, on purpose or not. This goes from Rick Santorum to Joe Biden.

          • AFVet says:
            September 7, 2015, 2:01 pm at 2:01 pm

            McConnell will fold and give Obama everything he wants. The mere whisper of veto sends McConnell off to “it can’t be done ” land rather than take the hit and make Obama veto stuff and then explain why to the public.