As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

69 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || September 6, 2015

    • Thanks AFVet for posting it for everyone. I viewed the pictures last and read her outstanding notation last night.
      By the way coffee is ready everyone.

      • Indeed! It made my heart ache for the great and powerful America that has been repressed by the Left for far, far too long.

        Sarah is a national treasure. I hope she can be tapped by the new Republican administration. Drill, baby, drill!

    • America’s number uno fictitious president. Goes to Alaska on our dime. Snaps some selfies and goes home…After holding forth some geographic names changes, pounding the podium with down with global warming or else.. What a fine fictitious fellow…

      • I guess he is too narcissistic to comprehend his huge gigantic ever evolving carbon footprint?
        Seriously? We have to cut back so he can travel the world, on our dime, whilst he condemns us for driving an SUV.

    • Good journalism by ‘Denali’ with wonderful Alaska photos.I have been to Alaska many times ..Loved each experience!!
      Thanks for sharing

  1. AFVet:
    Great link, I love IJReview. Without the MSM carrying he water for the left this country would not be in the mess that she is.

    When have time,(It’s long, but a good read) here’s a Jonah Goldberg article from a month before 9/11 regarding ANWR and the ridiculousness of the left keeping drilling out of the area:

    And for those scratching their heads about Trump, here’s my Globe column today on Silent Majority that has had enough and will be “Silent No Mas”.

    Have a great Sunday all!

    • It still is so astounding that elderly have to take off their shoes, and searched at airports, put they cannot get a grip on the drugs coming in and out of this Country. Than there is this news, and reminder of what Castro thinks is best as a policy.

  2. I read the article earlier, and took notes. I than saw it on
    I*** reveals it has smuggled thousands of Extremists into Europe.
    I have seen many pictures of mostly healthy looking young men. If they are carrying a little child it is mostly young boys. Hardly any women, hardly any young girls. We all know what o was doing instead of being behind his desk paying attention to this. He was playing with a fish. “With Gloves”.

      • That wasn’t a good clip, that was a GREAT clip. Love Paul Harvey. Our cops and teachers have the toughest jobs and it is mostly due to the family break down.

        • Cops and teachers.
          No respect for authority is the root problem that we have today, and is directly attributed to the family environment.
          Discipline starts in the home.
          Respect for your elders starts at home.

          • It is also attributed and coming from Obama’s White House. Obama is a hater and racist, it is obvious about him. He’s like Hitler was, wants to wipe out white race and replace it with brown and black — he’s crazy — must be stopped from exterminating human life with Planned Parenthood also.

    • And there is the rising graffiti in Texas; pic of a police officer’s head with a hand gun pointed at it.
      Thanks 0bama for turning back civil rights to the 50’s, only worse & more ‘out there’ violent.

  3. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day.

    I was just scanning the headlines. Support for the Kim Davis’ stand on gay marriage licenses is growing and apparently there are similar circumstances in other states.

    As stated earlier Gavin Newsom’s issuing gay marriage licenses against the law and without repercussions and the sanctuary cities , etc. there are examples to back this up.

    But it occurs to me that the Obama’s lawlessness if finally beginning to take effect. If the President believes he does not have to obey the law or can interpret it as he sees fits, why shouldn’t others?

    Josh Earnest’s announcement that no one is above the law, not withstanding.

      • That’s correct,….no law was passed.
        The SCOTUS does not make law, they are to interpret the law based on the Constitution, nothing more.
        Kim Davis should not be in jail.

        • I agree she should not be in jail–apparently she wants to be a martyr…If she could not perform her job requirements, then she should have found another job that didn’t interfere with her take on the bible. As for Huckabees’ remarks–he first tried to say she couldn’t issue a license bec the forms still read “man” and “woman.” Like new forms could not be produced–or those words crossed out. Then he tried for the you need a law following every court decision to make it “real.”

          • She is standing up for her principles.
            I commend her for doing so.
            The queers in this country are ruining it.
            If she doesn’t want to issue the license then go somewhere else.

            Martyr,….who is the “martyr” Star ?
            The Christian or the queer ?

          • “If she could not perform her job requirements, then she should have found another job that didn’t interfere with her take on the bible.”

            Yeah right,….give in, give up.
            Let the queers win.

            Pay the fine for not baking a cake and lose your business, or for refusing to take a photo at a gay wedding.

            What’s next, taking over the churches ?
            Oh wait, they have.

            Principles be damned !

          • What about the sentence the judge gave Davis? Indefinite detention. She’s in jail until she changes her mind. How can this be?

            She didn’t ask to not issue licenses. She just doesn’t want her name on them. I know she could have resigned and found another job, but why is she being jailed if Mayors of sanctuary cities aren’t being prosecuted? I don’t like this selective upholding of the law.

          • As I am sure you know, the term you use is offensive. And who is “winning” what? Your heroine there appealed–let’s see how that goes. Reporters get kept in jail until they give up sources? This is not unknown. Speaking of which–that giggling Judy Miller has not been around–did she get canned?

    • Here is Mollie Hemingway’s (The Federalist) take on the Kim Davis case (though she disagrees with the specific legal argument Davis’s lawyers are using):

      “Now, if you disagree with journalists on the marriage topic, you should be prepared for them to go after you. They are still taking their time investigating almost any angle associated with Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of organs from aborted children, mind you, but they wasted no time doing a deep dive into Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis’ past.”

      Ain’t that the truth!

      She also adds, in her article, example of the incredible ignorance so many journalists have regarding the most elementary and basic tenets of religious faith. Interesting reading.

    • Started to watch and just couldn’t–I remember Powell holding up the fake anthrax and also his cracks about the dark side of the Rep party–forget him. His day has passed.

    • What did you expect from the turncoat Powell? He’ll stick with Obama because of his color, couldn’t be anything else like common sense love for country. What a bunch of traitors, Obama, Kerry, Clintons, etc. etc., and Powell goes right along with this? Its all about race and black power with these people

  4. In a world where countries and people are arguing with each other, refugees migrating everywhere, and politicians yelling at one another nonstop, I want to share Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

    He has passed now at the young age of 38, but his rendition of this song enter your heart and you’ll be singing it along with him. You’ve probably heard his rendition before, but here is Israel Kamakawiwo’ole singing it himself in his own special way, just to give you hope for a better world. It can be done.

  5. This just made me laugh. The Obama Administration is going to get tough with Russia over their activities in Syria. In this article, the US has “warned”that there could be further confrontation with coalition forces and Kerry himself called Sergei Lavrov to express his “concern”. I am waiting for the resurrection of the red lines. This is just oh so sad, for this country and for the world.–syria-7872368035.html