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Trump: You Love Me!

What’s not to love?

Trump thinks everyone loves him. Or so he says.

But he doesn’t particularly mean it. Because the basis of his appeal is that, unlike most politicians, he doesn’t really care who likes him and  who doesn’t.

I mean, he’d like to be liked, but if you don’t, take a walk.

15 Responses to Trump: You Love Me!

  1. Everybody loves Obama too,….according to the media.
    Even though he has screwed this Country to the point that it may take years to recover from the damage his administration has done to US.

    ….All the while, smiling and posing for the cameras and riding his big airplane to where ever he wants to go on our dime.

    Cheap shot Keith.

  2. “I mean, he’d like to be liked, but if you don’t, take a walk.”

    Is this similar to Obama dismissing high ranking military commanders because they disagree with him ?

  3. The Trump presser – how it’s done and done right!
    Gotta love the guy, he answers everything and never misses a beat. No uhs, no ooo, just the same message a hundred different ways.

    He signed the “pledge”; now what RNC?

    • He signed “The Pledge”? Hahaha!! He called their stupid bluff. They thought it was a ‘can’t lose’ deal.

      If he signed it, they can’t lose cuz a dem won’t get elected. If he didn’t sign it, then Trump won’t get elected because people will see him as a selfish megalomaniac (like there are none of those already in place in DC). Now they realize he is even more likely to wreck their stupid “elite GOP politician’s club” because he is going to win.

      When are the GOP arseholes going to realize that they suck?

  4. Very lively debate going on at CNN after Trump’s presser. One of the guests was Javier Palomarez, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO. He met with Trump for an hour this week, and spoke very highly of the Donald. Although they disagree on many issues, Palomarez said Trump is nothing like what you see on t.v. He is very thoughtful – not at all bombastic. He listens more than he asks questions. And he DOES want hispanics to like him.
    He is beginning to understand that he can’t win without the hispanic vote. Hurray!

    After listening to Palomarez today, I am optimistic that Trump CAN win the nomination if he is able to make his case in a civilized manner.

    One way to begin, IMO, is to say that he ‘does not want to fundamentally transform America; he wants to make it better for EVERYONE’.

    Trump has agreed to do a 90 minute Q&A with Palomarez on Oct. 8. Can’t wait!

  5. Keith, I think you are off base on this. Most politicians DON’T give a flying fig who likes them. Oh, unless they have a boatload of money to donate. Oh, and unless those who like them can give them more power. Power and money.

    Unlike most politicians, Trump does sincerely care who likes him. More importantly, Trump cares about what he can do for our country to make it great again. If that offends the politically correct crowd, then take a walk.