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Signs Begin to Point to Biden Getting in

It’s looking increasingly like Vice President Biden is going to jump into the race.

Nothing’s for sure, of course. He is genuinely still grieving over the death of his son Beau. But I think it’s better than 50-50 now that he gets in. And that’s how Beau would have wanted it.

Biden is doing an event in South Florida today, where the campaign money is; he will be appearing at a Labor Day event Monday with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka; and he will appear on Steve Colbert’s new Late Show next week. These are things presidential candidates do, not grieving old men.

Meantime, according to a new Reuters poll, more than 38 percent say they would want Biden to be the Democratic standard bearer if it looked like Hillary Clinton would lose to a Republican. Thirty percent said they would prefer Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Here’s a pretty good montage from PoliZette of Biden gaffes, to celebrate the possibly Biden entry.

38 Responses to Signs Begin to Point to Biden Getting in

  1. Just perhaps word has come down to Obama and Biden, that Hillary is in really big trouble. That would be enough to send Biden into the race. Hope Hillary gets her due…she is such a liar, and phony. She deserves no place in this election place.

    • And the $150,000,000,000 Obama sends to the Iranian regime, which they have publicly announced they will use to fund their terrorism, will be on their consciences, as if they had one.

  2. All us old fogeys know that life goes on, mourning is for private time. He will mourn the rest of his life for his loss, and he has my sympathy.
    Why not run? This campaign is not following any rules, any sensible pattern, so what difference could one more candidate make – none.
    Of course, the Obama vs Clinton feud would be entertaining to watch for all of us.

    Ooooh, the notion of aBiden/Clinton/Sanders debate would be a delight. They could call it the Senior Debate.

  3. OT Just caught a glimpse on TV of the Nation’s Top Global Warming Scientist Obama in Alaska. He was walking along, someone caught his attention in the crowd and he waved. Not a hand wave, but a limp wristed wiggly fingers wave. I was awed by the majesty of the boy king.

    • And Chinese warships were spotted on the coast of Alaska. I am sure Barack Hussein Obama just walked out on the water and gave them all a stern talking to.

  4. Obama is so ridiculous. He is not intelligent at all when it comes to climate change OR ANYTHING ELSE, SO OBVIOUS. The climate always changes,hello Obama! We have had different climates causing floods, fires, hurricanes, storms, etc. etc., does Obama think that humans could have prevented Katrina? Bet he does, he’s so unbelievably stupid, low I.Q. or just plain emotionally or mentally ill. Someone like him with big problems should never hold any high position, he will only hurt innocent people for fun as he is doing now and he’s doing the sticking the needle in everyone’s eye with GLEE!! Nothing worse than a fake president.