As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, September 2, 2015

10:45 am || Departs Anchorage, Alaska
11:55 am || Arrives Dillingham, Alaska
12:15 pm || Meets with local fishermen and families; Kanakanak Beach, Dillingham, Alaska
1:35 pm || Attends a cultural performance; Dillingham Middle School, Dillingham
2:45 pm || Departs Dillingham
5:05 pm || Arrives Kotzbue, Alaska
5:50 pm || Delivers remarks; Kotzebue School
8:00 pm || Gets a tour of the Kotzebue Shore Avenue Project
8:30 pm || Departs Kotzebue
10:05 pm || Arrives Anchorage
10:30 pm || Departs Anchorage and takes the Air Force One redeye back to Washington

All times Alaska Daylight Time, which is four hours behind Eastern

18 Responses to Obama Schedule || Wednesday, September 2, 2015

    • This whole Alaska trip is very strange and, yes, including the reason you cite–there are no fundraisers (that we know about). True, he’s peddling the man-made global warming hoax again, but he can do that from the WH. It’s also true that Putin is making claim to parts of the Arctic, and perhaps Obama wants to show a presence there to counter that. Obama’s not that clever or strategic in these kinds of matters, so it’s doubtful that was the case. His whole Arctic itinerary and schedule is just odd. Has he always been that interested in the life and culture of the Inuits, the Yupiks and the Inupiat? I think not.

      • Remember – someone commented earlier that he’s filming a reality show with Bear Grylls. That explains it all – our first “celebrity” president.

      • Meanwhile Putin is meeting with the leaders from Arab allies the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan in Moscow. The US is no longer a factor.

        And then there is the stock market, and all the executions of police officers.

        Obama to Alaska. Shiny object.

      • Every news piece about his hike to the melting glacier adds that it has been shrinking for over “200” years, two centuries or more.
        Of course, there was no one there to measure the glacier 200 years ago, so it could have been melting for 10,000 years as did the great glaciers that covered northern US.

      • Pretty photo ops to fill up the Climate Change Room in the Presidential Library. PLUS, if you have the time, you can watch an endless loop of the reality show video featuring Dear Leader “hiking”, er, “running wild” with Bear Grylls. Yes, you can watch him STOP the receding glaciers in their tracks!

        I am so, so, so tired of this phony crap.

      • Weirdly he is pushing to increase our icebreaker fleet from two to three. My bro in law was a Coastie on a breaker–the North Wind–to the South Pole. I forget how they wiggled this to ask for an icebreaker with less ice—Oh, I know, the less ice, the more ships that needed channels to go in the ice that was left — something like that.

  1. As always, his schedule is confusing. Are we supposed to feel for him since he’s taking the redeye back to DC? That sure is a significant gesture – he’ll forgoe a day of rest in order to be back in the Capitol to govern. / sarc