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Obama Schedule || Thursday, September 3, 2015

9:10 am || Arrives at the White House from Anchorage, Alaska

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Live Stream of White House briefing at 1:30 pm

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  1. The RNC is pushing a loyalty pledge!
    The last resort of a failing royalty – the oath of loyalty.
    HenryVIII had SirThomasMore beheaded for not signing the loyalty oath – a desperate attempt to legitimize his position of head of the church of England.
    Today, it’s the royal Repubs who hope to hack off MrTrump’s head. Same thing.

    • Trump will meet with the RNC chair. this afternoon to discuss this so called loyalty pledge.
      Former aide to pleade fifth amendment to avoid subpoena.

    • Agree. This is a desperate attempt on the part of the RNC. In the final analysis, it is up to each one of us, including candidates, to vote for whomever we want to vote for in the privacy of the voting booth. That’s our special franchise, and not part of some cheesy group-think promise.

      • How I feel about the Norquiust pledge not to raise taxes, too–forget it, shorty! About the only positive thing I can think of about Trump is he did not sign it–at least not yet.

        Hey–even better news story (WaPo)–Fox’s Harris Faulkner is suing Hasbro for making a hamster toy that looks like her and is named Harris Faulkner (no doubt a complete coincidence). Of course, no one would have even known about this silly thing unless she had sued…way to build a brand! I love this story. The only thing missing from the hamster is her ever-present cleavage.

        • Yea, these pledges are PR stunts and mean nothing, can’t be enforced and can only be used to try to embarrass the pledgee if not lived up to. Grammar school stuff.

      • Six months ago, my son and I were coming home from dinner and got behind a NM state car. License plate NM-16. The low number seemed to indicate a “player” in state government. Bumper sticker, on a state car, “I’m ready for Hillary”. I called Susanna Martinez’s office, it was 6 PM, the phone was answered and my complaint taken. I was told it would be addressed first thing in the morning. My hope is that state employee lost all car privileges and had to wash that car and all of the other pool cars!
        Sure haven’t seen any bumper stickers on state cars since! Good God Democrats are audacious!

    • Just heard that there is nothing whatsoever legally binding about a loyalty pledge.
      If Trump doesn’t sign it, however, little Reince has the right to keep him off the debate stage in two weeks. That will never happen, of course.

      *In some perverse way, this pledge reminds me of the ‘Treaty’ with Iran. Nothing legally binding, as far as I know.

  2. And in other news, I like to call “Not a smidgen [fill in the blank]”

    A former State Department employee who helped Hillary Rodham Clinton set up her private email server said he will assert his Fifth Amendment right not to testify before the House committee on Benghazi.

    Attorneys for Brian Pagliano sent the committee a letter Monday saying their client would not testify at a hearing planned for next week. The panel subpoenaed Pagliano last month.

  3. A few observations on 0bama’s last day in Alaska:

    * 0bama gave a twenty minute speech in Kotzebue, and then spends almost 2 hours giving an interview to Rolling Stone before departing. Seems like a wasted two hours in the arctic doing an interview that could have been easily done on the flight back home. (

    * A Presidential VH-60N helicopter was flown up to Kotzebue several days prior to the visit… a helicopter that 0bama subsequently never used while there.

    * 0bama flew to Dillingham and Kotzebue in the smaller C-32 (757) then switching to the larger VC-25 (747) for the return to Washington. Even though the C-32 has the range for the return flight, apparently 0bama’s concerns of global-warming/climate-change are not so great to limit any of the transportation emissions from this trip.

    * Noticed 0bama wasn’t wearing his wedding ring in the speech photos from Kotzebue, perhaps the marriage situation at home is getting colder then the arctic!

  4. Obama dances (like a girl)in Dillingham:

    The Obama Diaries is filled with Obama tourist shots: visiting a bakery; wandering around taking selfies; holding a baby; holding a fish; and dancing like a girl.
    It’s all so creepy. Just saw a clip on MoJoe of Obama addressing a gathering. He was wearing one of his effeminate Indonesian style jackets. So out of place in Alaska!

    • I suspect Hillary’s emails are all over the place–China, Iran, Cuba, Russia, hackers of all stripes. If she and her fellow travelers don’t go to federal prison for this, then we are screwed.

      I’m completely convinced that Obama and his people knew she had that unsecured private server. How could they not? In a Washington political pig pen where everyone rats on everyone else to gain favor and power, do we really believe that not a single recipient of Hillary’s email didn’t tell someone in the Obama cartel that Hillary was jeopardizing national security? Of course they did. Obama knew, and let it go on.

      • Plus there are all sorts of things you can deduce from hacking emails–say she didn’t post for a few days, maybe she was sick (the head bonk) and a country could try something with no SoS there. Or those meeting schedules–this is when everyone will be in one room. Or a frequent correspondent drops out for a while–maybe he or she is on a mission. It isn’t just the content.

        • True. As the FBI applies some forensic thinking (what you are referring to), lots of Aha! moments will come to light, as well as connections, deductions, sloppiness and an unraveling of what really went on. Her IT guy, who now plans to plead the Fifth, is just the beginning. Think of where we are: the current leader in the Democrat run for President is under criminal investigation by the FBI.

  5. We keep looking at Mr. Empty Pants Omuslum. I think we should be looking at his chief of staff.
    Denis McDonough a Soros operative has been pulling Omuslim stings via Soros for several years.
    Soros is running Obummer and we are looking the wrong way.
    Obummer is just an empty suit doing Soros bidding.