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Bush: Yes, It’s an Act of Love

Jeb Bush confirms statement that most immigrants come to the United States out of “an act of love.”


Meantime, Bush continues to step up his attacks on Donald Trump, comparing him to Democrats and accusing him of being “soft of crime.”

“Donald Trump Supported Legalizing Illicit Drugs,” states a Bush news release. “Trump Has Spent Years Supporting Soft-On-Crime Liberals Like Harry Reid ($9,400), Hillary Clinton ($5,100), And Charles Schumer ($8,900). Donald Trump Even Supported Nancy Pelosi—Who Supports Sanctuary Cities And Backed A Moratorium On The Death Penalty.”

What is it anyway with the Bushes and their lovemaking parables.

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  1. Trump admits he’s “bought” politicians for “favors”. It’s why he won’t do that, he doesn’t want to “owe” anyone.

    Does Jeb! not understand business wheelings and dealings? It’s like politics only businesspeople spend their own money not taxpayers’ !

  2. Act of love – sometimes refers to screwing someone, or per MrObama, what gays do to each other. If that’s what MrBush meant, then, okay.

    MrTrump is soft on crime – oh for pete’s sake, he is/was a businessman, not a police officer or elected official sworn to uphold the law.
    Same goes for his political donations to, gasp, the enemy, certain elected Dems. That’s called hedging your bet in Vegas.

    That’s it? that’s all they got?
    Oh, how could I forget – he refused to quote from the Bible after some idiot reporter asked him which passage was his favorite.

  3. JB’s wife came here (legally?) out of love for Jeb, I presume. From what I’ve read, her heart is still in Mexico…poor dear. She does travel back and forth frequently.

    JB is correct. Illegals come here out of love…for our welfare benefits. It’s so much nicer to be poor in America than Mexico or other third world countries.

    The majority of illegals do not care about becoming US citizens. The only privilege citizenship will give them is the right to vote. They do it anyway… with the blessing of the DEM party. Amnesty will give the them every other benefit of citizenship. Permanent legal status is the name of the game.

    Heard Bush answering questions in Spanish again this morning. Is he an imbecile? When are we going to declare English the official language of the US??? Sheesh!

    • Oh Lord not Eng as official language again–I would not survive that debate. When he speaks Spanish, I feel jealous–wish I knew a second lang. Certainly my college German did me no good when I had the house painted. An excellent job and not by people just looking for a handout.

      • When a politician speaks in another language, it’s pandering. In this case, it’s pandering to illegals, most of whom do not speak English – a so-called requirement of citizenship.

        If you live in a border state as we do, you need a smattering of Spanish just to survive. I keep an English/Spanish dictionary handy at all times with workers around the house. My French is pretty good, but totally useless.

        Funny story: Up until 10-15 years ago, there used to be flyers posted in English everywhere… utility poles, markets, etc.: “How to get rid of your Spanish accent in three months or less. Call so and so.”

        Times have changed.

        • I had a funny story, too. My cat is named Chonie bec she is black with white lingerie markings on her stomach–chonies are undies in Spanish. When the painters opened the doors to paint them, I kept yelling at her–“Chonie, no!” and “Don’t let Chonie out…” They look puzzled–don’t let the panties out?

    • I am for English as the official language of the country. If you can vote then you ought to be able to understand English. English is also the accepted international language of business.

      Immigrants who come here should want to assimilate. Of course, they if they choose to honor the customs and language of their home country in their private lives at home, with cultural clubs etc., but in the normal course of living in the United States English should be the operational language.

      • English is the most articulate of languages.
        Spanish phrases used in different situations mean different things.

        English is a montage of many languages thereby, it is the preferred language used when a pilot is attempting to land at an airport.
        Air Traffic Controllers don’t like Spanish, at least not in this Country.

        • English is also one the hardest to learn…I have a friend who teaches ESL as a second career and she took endless courses and when she describes how she splains things, I glaze–explaining past participles to someone who doesn’t speak Eng is hard. But these are adults–they ask–what is the “rule”? She has to look up the rules and then try to explain to someone Level 1 or 2. Not easy. With some types of visas they have to be in the school or lose the visa. But yes, some people don’t assimilate, don’t want to, not their comfort zone or they are hostile, various reasons…this is why my tossed salad not melting metaphor works.

          • Most don’t want to assimilate, and there is nothing to persuade them to learn English–or even make the attempt. We print everything from government notices to driver’s license tests in multiple different languages (yet surprisingly, road signs are still only in English). Every day, the police scanner mentions someone who needs the police, fire, or EMS but there is a “language barrier.” I have lots of friends throughout Europe who learned English in school, but also many who learned it on their own, as adults. They are all pretty fluent. What’s the difference between them and our immigrants legal and illegal who gave been here 20+ years and still can’t understand or speak simple English? The immigrants don’t want to learn, and we accommodate them so they don’t have to.

  4. Jeb needs to be watched very carefully. He’s created a strange super-PAC process to raise unlimited money for his campaign:

    And the RNC is manipulating (with the help of the Bush campaign) a winner-take-all scheme which will effectively shut out non-Bush candidates (should be gain a majority of the delegate selection).

    Dirty politics, from A-Z. There’s no doubt in my mind that the RNC wants Jeb as their nominee. And they are working the delegate process hard to make sure it happens. Delegates are the key to this election, as we all know.

  5. Only a very few 2016 candidates both parties have not been on the taxpayers payroll. Ben , Carly, Donald. Outsiders making it to high office? It causes the trembles to set in for the insiders. To have the corrupt payola system dismantled, with an unbought president, unbeholden to them? Lines of special interest folks out the back door and around the corner? Come to pay their respects with a check? Those days would be over. And, they know it.. I suppose the evil, selfish, powerbrokers of the dark side could still have their comfy beds, retain their corrupt influence, by doing nasty things to the outsiders. Which they are good at. I fear that..and for them..