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Van Susteren to Obama: Honor the Police

Greta Van Susteren of Fox News invited President Obama to visit the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

It’s not far, just eight blocks from the White House. Much closer than the golf course.

You know why he needs to honor them? Because #BlackLivesMatter. No one has suffered more from the demonization of the police and the subsequent pullback of law enforcement officers from engagement with the community than the people they are sworn to protect.

That is, the murder rate is rising.

Most cops are heroes. They go to work every day and they don’t know if they’ll come home. And some of them don’t. The president should honor them in the same way he has honored criminals who have been killed by police trying to do their jobs.

31 thoughts on “Van Susteren to Obama: Honor the Police”

    1. Obama’s task is to create chaos in every aspect of the life of Americans. He has attacked and discombobulated our civil institutions, energy production, economy, education policies, urban police forces, our international reputation, medical care delivery, our role in the world and relationship with our allies, the US Constitution, the Congress, the proper role of State governments, the flow of illegal immigrants, race relations and the proper function of the Office of the President itself.

      That’s what Obama is all about. And it’s no accident.

    1. X2. I usually miss Greta, but I will find the time to watch her for the effort she made.
      Yes I know I have to upgrade my cable, or switch cable, so I can tape shows.:)

  1. yeah, where the heck is our president? surely he can take some time out of his busy schedule demonizing Israel to at least pretend to care about these cop killings, can’t he?

      1. He was shot in the thigh. It happened in Dekalb County. Responding to a burglary in process call that was given with no house number just a description. Officer’s found an open unlocked door in fear of house. Home owner shot the officer, home owner also shot. Was not the burglary home. Incident is being investigated by the GBI.

    1. I read somewhere that he called Mrs. Goforth.

      If so, the tide might be turning against him. The phone call? Too little, too late and without a smidgen of honesty I would guess.

  2. MrObama doesn’t give a flying fig about the Black community et al, or local and state police who keep all of us as safe as possible.

    Instead of asking MrO to do something, how about all of the high-paid anchors, contributors and sponsors of FOX go to the memorial.
    Show us something besides talk.
    We get talk all the time from our betters who exhort us to do this or that, so put up or shut up.

  3. POTUS has caused the derision, continues to support it by defending black victims against white officers. Worse yet if a black gunman murders a white cops he says nothing. I believe he truly wants anarchy across the country by Nov. 2016 so he can call a state of emergency thereby postponing elections. POTUS IS AN EVIL, CALCULATING, LAZY, LYING, PIECE OF WORK. Goes to show ALL of you who voted for him 1x didn’t know any better. But to vote for him a 2x shame on you. We are all paying for your uninformed voting.

    1. Yes, we’re a;l paying for the dumbass voters who voted for him once, and then again.

      But even worse, I feel like slapping each and every idiot “conservative” who sat out the 2012 election because they weren’t in love with Romney. As Trump would say, “How STUPID!!!”

    2. Figures, that the racist bigots scumabgs on the racist right resort to deman the black man in office like the Klansman that they are without proof. Obama doesn’t hate Jews.
      Obama just doesn’t understand that appeasement has never worked in the history of human civilization.

      Ironic how Obama is much tougher on his domestic political enemies than America’s enemies abroad

      Obama is right the figures speak for themselves.
      Blacks are being beaten in public and shot when fleeing mistermeaners, often unarmed.
      The Police, or a good number of them started the war not a person talking about it. The people have clearly had enough of the ruff treatment and have a dam right to stand up for themselve!
      And I’m white….and right!

      I love being right. Anyone who hates Barack Obama is a racist. Br none. This is why the right is getting pounded in the ass so much. You spread lies and you have blind followers crying about “That socialist atheist fascist Muslim!’ so much that you’ll believe anything you hear. Whether you believe his sincerity or not is not the issue, but he did fucking say something you blithering racist.

      Why don’t you learn a history yourself before you start opining about it, and next time might I suggest that you set your Obama Derangement Syndrome aside for just a moment. At least you’ll be pretending not to live in the same Universe as the rest of us.

      In the meantime, enjoy your seething paranoia. What are you going to do in February of 2017 when there’s no black person in the White House to be full-time scared of?

      1. The only person who demeans The Office of President is Obama. He is an anti-Semite, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-woman, homophobic bigot. Yes, I called Obama a bigot, what kind of person sides with Muslim zealots who stone women, throw gays from rooftops and burn Christians to death?

        1. So…Zackie…you are one with those who chant Fry the Bacon…or whatever witticism was concocted? That was Vietnam era–not even original. I have my issues with cops (I am white), but calling for their death is pretty horrible…just on a human basis.

  4. I caught the end of Greta tonight and almost teared up thinking about the vastness of that wall…all those names, and how many lives and families are connected to them.

    Obummer finally commented about the killing of the Texas Deputy this weekend, but not before he posted a pic on Intagram of the view from Air Force One over Alaska:

    Pres Obama posts photo of Alaska he took from Air Force One.
    6:17 PM – 31 Aug 2015

    In written statement, Pres Obama says he phoned condolences to the widow of the Harris Country Deputy Sheriff shot & killed this weekend.
    7:06 PM – 31 Aug 2015

    Pres Obama denounced the killing of Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth as contemptible & reaffirms commitment to the safety of police officers.
    7:08 PM – 31 Aug 2015

    1. Until Obama publicly denounces violence against whites and police by blacks, vitriolic statements and threats by the Black Panthers, Farrakhan, & “Rev.” Al this will continue unabated. Obama also needs to acknowledge that more black lives are taken by other blacks and by Planned Parenthood, but he won’t.

  5. Didn’t Obama’s dear friend, Louis Farrakhan, just call for 10,000 good Black men to sacrifice themselves for the cause by killing cops? I’m not sure if it was before or after the latest murder at the gas station.

    Obama’s silence is deafening. But we all know why.
    Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee , a black man, came right out today and blamed Obama and Holder directly for instigating all of these murders. Good for him!

    ***There is a photo of Michelle Obama and Farrakhan’s wife sitting together at a luncheon for one of Chicago’s black leaders. They appeared to be very chummy. It was sometime just prior to his run for the WH.

  6. Excellent suggestion from Greta.

    Fat chance that Obama would do anything like it. Here’s a guy who sends representatives to funerals of guys like Michael Brown and totally ignores those of slain policemen.

    You think that he’s gonna listen to a suggestion from Fox News?

  7. Today September 1, a police officer from Fox Lake, Illinois was gunned down. He was a 32 year veteran of the police force, an Army veteran, and the leader of a Scout Explorer Post, which worked with youth interested in police careers.

    A manhunt continues for his killers.

    I live just a few miles from where this happened. I knew this officer through some brief encounters in scouting. I have friends who knew him much better – some who worked on the Fox Lake PD with him.

    Police Lives Matter. Except, of course, to the current occupant of the White House. The silence from that location is deafening.

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