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Rove: The Trump “Summer of Silliness”

The Establishment Empire Strikes Back.

Obviously people like Karl Rove can’t believe what they’re seeing and don’t really understand it. Trump is ruining everything!

Do you support Trump? Do you consider yourself silly?

Is the $18 trillion in debt piled on by supposedly sensible people a little silly too maybe?

45 thoughts on “Rove: The Trump “Summer of Silliness””

    1. Every time my father hears the name of Karl Rove he spews the “7 words you can’t say” (George Carlin) to explain Karl Rove

  1. Ha, I see the strategy now…attack the supporters (like they did Sarah’s in 2008). The GOPe certainly didn’t help McCain/Palin that year which gave us Obama for 8. Ugh.

    1. The GOPe is beginning to get their head handed to them.

      I am watching for Boehner to lose his position as Speaker.
      That issue is not finished yet.

      1. My Rep is Billy Long, he rode in on the 2010 Tea Party wave and has since become one of Boehner’s most reliable boot lickers.
        At a Town Hall here in town last Thursday he actually had the gall to say the Boehner was a good conservative because he hadn’t proposed any earmarks in his 25 years on the Hill. We’re working on getting a primary opponent to run against him as this is one of the most conservative parts of the country and to have to listen to crap like that from a still self described Tea Partier is more than we can handle.

        1. It’s doable Geoff, look what we did to Eric Cantor in Virginia :) They found a sweet Economics professor from a private college and BOOM! Beat Cantor in the primary!!

      1. When they threw that insult out, they forgot to mention that the true crazies and wackos or maniacs as I call them were laughing once again.

  2. I have my issues with Trump regarding his useless twitter wars that only hurt what otherwise is a positive, restore America message, but when I heard Rove this morning I was yelling at the radio.
    In my mind, he and the Republican establishment are actually worse than the Dems right now. At least with the Dems you know where you stand and what you have to fight.
    With Rove et al there isn’t even an inkling of fighting for anything “American” other than they holding onto their political power.
    And the fact that Fox keeps him employed, speaks volumes to me. So high the volume that I watch less and less of it with each passing day. (I will NOT however give up Special Report and Bret Baier. No better news show on the air on any channel.)
    Rant over till Obama or Rove utter their next word. :)

    1. The GOPe’s volume will escalate as the threat becomes more intrusive to their agenda to place their candidate in office.
      We’ve been there before and Rove is not the one to administer it.
      He’s a snake, a has been, someone that should be ignored.

      I don’t know yet about Trump, will have to wait and see.

      The rest of them are fodder for popcorn and hours of mental exercises.

  3. Silliness: nothing silly about how recently elected GOPers are not standing up to this administration.

    Hey Karl: put down the donut and listen up… America is tired of business as usual in DC. And if you cannot see that, you, buddy, are part of the problem. You can bellow all you want and predict that Trump is a flash in the pan but there is something in the air.

    Not saying Trump is the man, but he has sparked a nerve in the American voter that has not been seen in a generation, or two..


    1. On Rove,…..
      The further you get down the road, the louder you have to yell.

      I don’t know yet about Trump either,…but he sure is making them yell.

  4. I cannot abide Karl Rove. I finally had to stop watching Hannity b/c he fawned all over this tubby little mongrel, christening him “The Architect.”
    There is an excellent commentary on RedState on the coming demise of the Republican Party b/c of the idiots that refuse to face reality and think their gravy train is going to go on forever. That train is coming to a screeching halt.

  5. 110 years ago, this stuff is not new…..

    “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.” -Theodore Roosevelt, April 19, 1906

    Can we ever change this?

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