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Baked Alaska: Obama heads North to Sell Climate Change

President Barack Obama departs Monday on a three-day voyage to Alaska to try to drum up excitement for his massive, unilateral climate change agenda.

With support lacking in Congress for a “cap-and-trade” carbon reduction program, Obama decided to take matters into his own hands and is using the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon emissions. A regulation issued earlier this month by the Environmental Protection Agency requires a 32-percent cut in power plant emissions by 2030 from levels that existed in 2005.

Obama views climate change as a “legacy” issue and hopes to go down in history as the president who seriously addressed it and, to his mind, saved the planet. His more immediate goal is to generate support for an international climate change deal he hopes to strike this December in Paris, with America’s carbon cuts leading the way.

Obama’s aggressive Arctic global warming push comes as he is being accused of being a hypocrite by environmentalists for allowing Royal Dutch Shell to drill in the Arctic waters off Alaska’s northern coast.

The trip this week includes a “hike” on Tuesday to Exit Glacier and a boat tour of Kenai Fjords National Park, all so that he will “have the opportunity to view the effects of climate change firsthand,” according to the White House.

Before that, however, the White House will showcase the “victims” of climate change. Obama on Monday will be in Anchorage where he will meet with “leaders from the Alaska Native community” whose “way of life” is threatened by global warming, the White House says.

“Higher average temperatures are diminishing the range of winter sea ice, allowing heavy storm surges that sea ice once kept at bay to batter the Alaskan coastline, and interrupting the winter hunting season for Alaska Natives,” the White House said in a statement. “Rising ocean temperatures and increasing acidity are affecting marine life, including the fish, shellfish, and marine mammals on which generations of Alaska Natives have depended.”

On Wednesday, Obama will travel to Dillingham, Alaska, where he will meet with more victims — local fishermen and their families.

Showcasing those supposedly adversely affected by the failure to implement presidential priorities is a classic White House PR device. White House reporters, forced to cover such carefully staged events, refer ironically to such people trotted out by the White House as “the sob stories.”

While in Anchorage, Obama will also deliver a speech on climate change to an assembly of scientists, policymakers and foreign ministers from Arctic nations and other “key” countries, the White House said.

While in Alaska, Obama plans to use the opportunity to announce he is renaming America’s tallest mountain, Mount McKinley, declaring it will henceforth be known by its original Native American name, Mount Denali.

The Alaska trip is part of a concerted effort by the White House to highlight the climate change issue. The president referenced it during his trip to New Orleans last week to mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, although there is no evidence the hurricane had anything to do with climate change.

He also plans to discuss climate change during his meeting in September with Pope Francis.

This article first appeared on PoliZette.

57 thoughts on “Baked Alaska: Obama heads North to Sell Climate Change”

  1. Obama will certainly have a legacy. We have inner city riots , cops being shot, American beheadings, a trampled middle class, massive joblessness among minorities, a collapsed border, and agreements to support the #1 state supporter of terrorism…..he is a man on a mission.

  2. I am still disgusted that he showed up for the Katrina Anniversary. He had nothing to do with it. Instead he should have called/visited the family of the fallen policemen. We have had hurricanes forever in Louisiana. Yes a levee broke that did not have anything to do with climate change. Plus their were two local people in office who did not know what to do with their thumb, much lesson a hurricane.
    As far as his trip to Alaska, I think he should stay their the whole winter in an igloo.

  3. Wondering why Michelle isn’t tagging along to lecture those chubby natives on fruits and veggies and to kick the whale blubber habit ?

    1. I quickly typed in the question, Does P. have the authority, etc. Anything and everything came up, except the answer.
      I will edit my question, and do some more searching later.

  4. Drudge has a headline caption – The High One – the Athabascan name for Denali. So Obama did re-name Mt. McKinley after himself! Figures!

    This trip is just another leg in The High One’s seven year National Geographic personal travel odyssey. He will be billed as ‘the first sitting prez to ever visit the arctic circle’!

    Ironically, the High One just signed the final permits for Royal Dutch Shell’s expanded oil drilling off the NW coast of Alaska.
    When confronted by enviros, he remarked that ‘he remembers the Gulf Spill all too well’. Huh??? We all remember too well that he went silent for 30 days before he meekly took Michelle and the kids to FLORIDA for photo ops on a minature golf course.
    He didn’t show up in LA for weeks!

    ***Just wondering if The High One has invited the four heroes from the French train episode to the WH yet…

    1. No, no, no. It’s impossible for Obama to name a mountain after himself.

      Unless, that is, the mountain is composed entirely of petrified manure from male bovines…

  5. “and interrupting the winter hunting season for Alaska Natives,” the White House said

    Wait, stop the press….since when is Obama and the WH concerned about hunters and gun rights????

    Oh I get it…this is “good hunting”… What about the “hunting” going on in Ferguson, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans?

    Never mind…..


  6. OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

    Everything Obama does is about gaining more of the spotlight, more power, more control, and expanding the Marxist ideology of redistribution of wealth from those who created and earned it to those who didn’t.

    Just what part of what one man earns through his own sweat and toil…does another man have a right to take from him?


  7. MURDER RATE 2015

    Took a quick look today: Looked at DC, NYC, LA, St Lou, Detroit, Chicago, NOLA, Balt…

    Calendar year, 1597 murders, overwhelmingly by gun by and against blacks.

    That number should rise to about 2400 by year end. One year, 8 cities, 2400 dead.

    1600 died in Katrina.

    You tell me what the bigger disaster is…and this happens EVERY year. Wake up Mister Obama.


  8. We’ve got a long way to go, unfortunately, before this egomaniac is gone.
    I’m waiting for him to give Gitmo back to Castro & free the terrorists there as one of his “legacy” projects.

  9. So I’m wondering (cynically) when will The High (Choom) One appease those who would like to rename other mountains. Like all of those peaks named after racist, slave-owning presidents. Mt Washington, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Madison, Mt. Monroe, Mt. Jackson…

  10. It was “global warming” that did not work so now it is “climate Change” Still does not exist.
    Record ice in the Arctic the last two ice seasons. Antarctic ice has been growing for years. 13000+ feet deep in a lot of areas there.
    Its all just another scam to get “cap and trade” so the 1 percent can screw us again.

    Last report no increase in temp the last 10 years.
    “hottest year on record” is playing with the numbers to make it look that way. Its all bull pucky!

  11. Rush just revealed that Obama is taping a reality type show while he is in AK.
    Something about hiking and survival in the great north.

    God help us.

    1. Don’t you fret. Just a beautiful and scenic drive from Anchorage to Seward, then take the paved path to view a glacier. Not excessive wilderness.

  12. After almost 8 years, still a snake oil salesman. Nothing more and nothing less.

    When the product doesn’t work, he is nowhere to be seen.

  13. He says climate change is a crisis…but he’ll still take his Christmas golf junket in Hawaii, burning a ridiculous amount of jet fuel both ways.

    I’ll believe he thinks it’s a crisis when he starts living by the same rules he expects the little people to live by, and no sooner.

    Frankly, I expect there will be ice hockey in hell before that happens.

  14. Mr. Koffler, you display a shocking lack of concern for your fellow citizens in Alaska. I’m no fan of Mr. Obama or his particular solutions, but those problems are real and real Americans are hurting. Arctic sea ice this year really is far below historical norms. Conservatives need to propose good market-based solutions to the climate problem or we will be stuck with liberal policies that will compound the misery.

  15. Obama is accused of ‘constitutional over-reach and ‘insulting all Ohioans’ by ditching former President and renaming North America’s highest peak from Mount McKinley to Denali

    • Sen. Rob Portman, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Rep. Tim Ryan and Rep. Bob Gibbs have all condemned the renaming
    • Obama administration announced the decision on the eve of the president’s visit to Alaska Monday
    • Alaskans have long called the 20,320-foot peak by its Althabascan name, Denali, which means ‘the high one’
    • Mount McKinley National Park was renamed Denali National Park 35 years ago, but the peak retained the name Mount McKinley
    • William McKinley, a native of Niles, Ohio, was the 25th president of the United States who was assassinated in 1901

    1. If it was issued without congressional input, it can be rescinded without congressional input.

      Ohio is a must-win state.

      Whoever the Democratic nominee is, won’t pledge to undo this petty little PC congressional end-around. The GOP nominee would jump at the chance.

      No, that won’t play well in Alaska, but you’ll take that trade all day. If someone offers to give you St. James Place, straight up, in exchange for Baltic Avenue, you’d be a fool not to take it.

  16. Regarding the reality show mentioned above, it’s the Bear Gryllis show, something all the cool celebs are appearing on. Give me a break, what a joke:

    WH says Pres Obama will hone his survival skills in the Alaska wilderness taping appearance on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.”
    11:22 AM – 31 Aug 2015

    Don’t expect any dangerous stunts by Pres Obama when taping Bear Grylls show tomorrow.

    “I will not deny your suspicion that there may have been some suggestions put forward by the Bear Grylls team that were not approved by the Secret Service,” @PressSec told reporters on Air Force One on the flight to Alaska..
    1:28 PM – 31 Aug 2015

  17. I am so tired of this BS global warming nonsense

    What hubris people have for thinking the human race can affect the environment, are you kidding?

    The earth can shake us off like fleas on it’s back if it wants to

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