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Saturday Open Thread || August 29, 2015



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  1. “What do we want? Dead cops!” Words matter! Another Obama/Sharpton-inspired execution of a white police officer by a Black man last night in Houston.

    Where is the Golfer-in-Chief? Crickets.

  2. I read where O’Malley and Sanders are not happy with the Dems “rigging” the system for Hillary.

    Why the Dems are stilling running Hillary is the bigger problem !?

    • That would be the suspect identified as “dark skinned”? Houston Sheriff speaks out about Back Lives Matter and the dangerous domestic rhetoric against LEO. I am glad that he did.

      RIP Deputy Goforth.

  3. “our fundamental political problem is not “big government,” but the creation of a ruling class, inhabiting both parties, that is steadily increasing its authoritarian control over the nation….

    At increasing speed, our ruling class has created “protected classes” of Americans defined by race, sex, age, disability, origin, religion, and now homosexuality, whose members have privileges that outsider do not. By so doing, they have shattered the principle of equality – the bedrock of the rule of law.”

    excerpts from article by Angelo Codevilla

    An interesting look at our current affairs.

    • Grace, I believe that the appeal of Trump is partly because he never panders to any of these “protected classes”, blacks, gays etc. He never panders, he never makes apologies. Well, there will be situations when some flexibility will be required but not now,not in a campaign. Let them have it, the media, the politicians. And there is something reassuringly old fashioned about him, a man is a man and we may all say Merry Christmas again.

      • Yep. I remember some time ago Obama espoused “There is no black America, there is no white America, there is only the United States of America” — or something like that.

        And look what we got — a nation more divided than ever!

        • Here it is in all its glory : “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America—there is the United States of America. There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America—there’s the United States of America. ”

          —Barack Obama, 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address

        • On one level–that might indicate the trickiness of promises–from both sides. I think Trump is self-styling himself into a politician. Don’t politicians pander to what people want to hear, exaggerate or mispeak or lie, hog the mic, preen? I guess he is not one–yet–in that he is not conversant with how the Congress works (except to bribe members with donations), or with the non-trade players in foreign countries. Just an observation. And I think the problem is big govt–not just the people who put it in place.

          • Long time to go yet Star, an eternity in the political arena.
            I like the game.
            We are going to have fun with this conglomeration of simple people that think that they can blindside us again.
            The only way they can do that is to take over the polling machines again.

            Looking forward to your comment Star.

        • Yes, there is an eternity to go. I think this used to be brought up as a way of saying Trump would fade and his supporters knocked it down–but more than a year is ages in this biz!It is kind of the passing parade now…I was pending until grace, I think, called me out on whom I liked. So now I also say whom I do not like.

          • Hi Star, I don’t recall calling you out — but no matter. On the fence myself. I like Walker’s ability to execute, I like what Jindahl is saying about assimilation etc., I like a lot of what Trump is …. I think I am getting there by process of elimination.

            But like many people I no longer believe in the GOPe.

          • Jeez–it wasn’t grace who had that poll and asked me who I liked? And I said Kasich and Rubio–reluctant to come out for anyone? If it wasn’t you, grace, I apologize…calling out is not bad, by the way.

      • But he also does not “take them on” in any sense–the protected classes. At least not yet. I love you, SL–but old-fashioned? You mean like the 1950s bossy cow husband?

  4. Trump is 69? I never even thought about it–that is Hillary country–even older? I heard him rambling about his BP–110 over…didn’t finish the sentence. I still don’t believe Hillary’s is 100/65–she wouldn’t be able to screech with that level, she would be sooo tired.

    • Age means nothing.
      Cognizance and ideology IMO are more valuable.
      Patriotism and love of Country need to be in the fore front in this next election.

      Obama is a young man and his policies have taken this Country down miserably on the world front.

      We need to choose wisely, carefully, using our wisdom and knowledge to determine who can take this Country back, and dissolve the divisions that the Obama administration has created.

      • Age does mean something, though–in terms of life experience, perspective, energy level, health, outlook (life is short, enjoy it). I had no idea Trump was older than Hillary–interesting is all. And he has had no head injury, so far as we know. Obama is a weird case–he still seems to hark back to adolescent patterns, even though he is mid-fifties. Maybe Trump does too? Going to watch Meet the Depressed. Why does Chuckie always hold that rolled up piece of paper?

      • Unfortunately, we don’t have much to choose from, AFVet. IMO, of course.

        Take Walker for instance. If it’s true that the Koch Bros put most of their moola on Walker, they need to Google him. It’s worse than I, for one, could ever imagine.
        Two Google searches: Scott Walker flip flopper and Scott Walker incompetent.

        I have voiced my opinion on the rest of the slate ad nauseum, so I won’t bother going down the list again.

        If there are any good men/women waiting in the wings, they will never have a chance with the Donald sucking up all the H2O. We’ll probably have to settle for Kasich or Christie when reality sets in. Sorry for being Debbie Downer, but it’s depressing!

        • No Girly1 !
          This is invigorating !
          Long time to go,
          Long row to hoe.

          Keep in mind that Google is in league with the Obama admin.

          Don’t rely on Google to give you “fair and balanced” reports.

          Their reports may be correct.
          Google Obama college records and see what you come up with.

          • Christie will say or do a n y t h i n g to get the job.

            Re Kasich…Heard that 40% of his budget is going to expanded Medicaid. AFVet would probably know more about this.

          • Star,…so did McConnell and Boehner.
            The burned us big time.

            is iffy in Ohio.
            He took fed money for Medicaid and also supports common core.
            We live nest door to a teacher that has just retired and you ought to hear her talk about common core.

          • So did Boehner and McConnell what? Make sense? So that means anyone who makes sense is like them as you think of them? Don’t get it. I think any of these incl the Hat Cat will say what they think will get them elected–isn’t that the idea?