As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video Satire || Donald Trump’s Newest Campaign Ad

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26 Responses to Video Satire || Donald Trump’s Newest Campaign Ad

    • He is too much of a typical liberal little coward to do so.
      He should do a funny little ad about “Hillary for Prison”
      Signs are popping up everywhere.

      • A relative (gay) just posted a “scathing” summary of Trumpisms…combined with the requisite name calling of anyone who would consider voting for him.
        I’m so sick of these people. Shut your mouths and go to work and live your lives and leave the rest of us taxpayers alone. Do what you do in the bedroom just like the rest of us and keep it private.

  1. I liked the satire. Funny. There is some truth in it even if I like Trump. I find him so refreshing even if I haven´t made up my mind about his politics yet. I don´t know anything about his visions on foreign politics. I have read, though, that he thinks that Putin is a “patriot and nationalist” ( just like himself ) and that he thinks that he can talk to him. And that, I find very hopeful. With him, the Victoria Nulands of the government will be gone. So maybe, hopefully, we will not have a new war in our region, we have our hands full with the Great Migration, the Exodus, that is the result from the previous ( and ongoing ) wars.

        • Well, we need to stop the trafficking of the migrants. One of the routes start in war torn Libya, another one is the Balkan route. Hungary is building fences and walls. True, ImNoDhimmi, military presence is needed. Also we need to build good camps in , for example, nearby Turkey, Libanon and Libya where the asylum process should begin. Asylum should only be granted to those with real cases like for example the Yazidis, persecuted Christians from MidEast and North Africa and some others. And then, all the EU members should have to accept a quota of these people. Then we would see who is who. Genuine refugees would accept to go to Hungary, Estonia, Finland, Portugal etc. Right now they all are heading for Germany and Sweden. Guess why ?

  2. First of all, I enjoy satire, even if it is at the expense of ‘my’ team. However, I am tired of the double standard Trump is supposed to meet. What other candidate has disclosed their ‘plans’? Even if any of those jack@sses would disclose their supposed plans, what could possibly make me believe they aren’t completely spewing shpit like everything else they have said for their entire cushy careers? Why does everyone keep piling on the Donald about this?