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MSNBC’s Willie Geist: Hillary GOP “Terrorists” Remark “Beneath Her”

Beneath her? Beneath her??? This is standard Clinton fare.

Thursday, Hillary Clinton compared Republican candidates’ position on abortion to those of “terrorists.” Since the Aliyskyites took control of the White House, this kind of vitriol has become standard fare.

What’s more, this is a woman who has lied and misled repeatedly about her handling of emails, deleted half of them, tried to blame her husband’s philandering and lying about it on conservatives, never fully explained Whitewater, turned five bucks or whatever into a hundred thousand dollars betting on cows back in the 1970s etc. etc. etc.


If she’s on the second floor – the first floor is. Otherwise, nothing.

26 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Willie Geist: Hillary GOP “Terrorists” Remark “Beneath Her””

    1. …and divert attention from emails (squirrel, squirrel!). And continue the astoundingly fact-free War on Women notion. So predictable. But that fishwife tone…arg. (What is a fish wife, anyhow?)

        1. According to Wiki… “often the wives and daughters of fishermen, fish wives were notoriously loud and foul-mouthed, as noted in the expression, ‘To swear like a fishwife’. One reason for their outspokenness is that their wares were highly perishable and so lost value if not sold quickly.”

          Yep, I’d say Hillary’s wares are definitely on their deathbed.

  1. Every time she opens her mouth she is terrorizing America with her cackling, finger pointing, and a face that can stop clocks.

    The worst form of torture would be forcing our enemies to a marathon viewing of her screeching videos. Worse than waterboarding.

  2. Dr srdem reporting here:
    MrsClinton is exhibiting the early stages of senior dementia as she lashes out against imaginary demons who wish to harm her.
    Her speech patterns indicate a mental impairment or that she’s wearing an earwig.
    As she takes a moment to search for the right word, she looks panicked, then relieved.

    Seriously, she is not 100%. Every old fogey here, as I am, has seen this mental slowness on a family member or friend. It’s sad, but it’s a fact that a stroke or concussion does more damage than we might expect.

    1. It’s inconceivable that the ‘First Woman’ prez could end up being this broken down old nag.
      The DNC must have a pretty little filly in their stable of newcomers. No one comes to mind at the moment, but Bubba surely has a few under surveillance.

      This country cannot survive with TWO women in the WH – Huma and Hill. Shades of Obama and Valjar!

    2. Hillary is clearly off her game. Searching for the right word, confused look on her face, eyes darting about, accusing others of all sorts of nefarious behavior, phony laugh. Lots of paranoia there. If you compare her public appearances of just a few years ago with how she acts now, the differences are stark. I do not want her anywhere near the nuclear button in her condition. Could be age (I’m much older than she is, and know the signs), some sort of brain issue after she conked her head, early dementia. Don’t know.

    3. I had a head injury in 1980. Died on the scene, in Coma. Recovered. Short term memory was horrible for months. It never returned to what it use to be. It is a habit to write down everything.
      Yes alhzeimer and or Dementia or heartbreaking for anyone with a loved one who is going through it.
      To me it seems years ago she was able to hide any anger she may have felt toward someone or somthing. How dare her compare opponents of being like terrorist. Her click of people have ignored the maniacs who mean us harm.
      Can you imagine what our grandparents would have said if they heard someone accusing them of such a foul, de meaning person?
      As far as her looks. Her disposition causes us to not see any beauty. Yes the pantsuits or out of style as well.

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  4. I cannot abide the thought of another president denigrating American citizen who happen to disagree with him/her.

    This latest conduct by HC is disgusting and shows her true colors and they aren’t American red, white and blue.

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