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Eric Cantor Endorses Bush

Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor endorsed Jeb Bush for president Thursday evening.

“Governor Bush is a true conservative leader with a long-term vision for this country and the practical know-how to implement it,” Cantor said in a statement.

This gives the Bush camp a backer with strong ties to the business community who may be able to marshall significant cash and corporate support for the former Florida governor.

Cantor will be a Virginia state co-chair of the campaign, according to Politico, which first reported the story. Cantor is appearing with Bush at a Thursday evening fundraiser in Richmond and then will campaign with him in Norfolk on Friday.

Cantor, who like Bush is a card-carrying member of the Republican establishment, was unexpectedly trounced in the 2014 GOP primary by conservative David Brat, who went on to win Cantor’s seat in the general election.

This story first appeared on LifeZette.

19 Responses to Eric Cantor Endorses Bush

  1. Cantor got his ass kicked by an UNKNOWN with NO money in the PRIMARY as the MAJORITY LEADER. That’s the ultimate bitch-slap. He should have realized then that the voters were totally fed up with the political class, but stupidly he’s doubling down on his loser buddy Juan Ellis Bush who is roundly despised by the conservatives and most of America for his wanting to make Mexico the 51st state figuratively speaking. Illegal immigrants are breaking the law not performing an “act of love” which had to be the most ASININE thing EVER said by a politician. Jebby is toast.

    • Too late for Bush to an annex Mexico. obama already accounted for Mexico as part of the 57 continental states, including El Salvador, Honduras, etc..

      • I was here in fla during his tenure as governor
        and have to say he was far from this “inspiring” person he claims to be.The boy is a deadbeat born into luxury, has no fire in the belly and seems content to carry on this political game of pandering to the PC police and latino vote. And he is now being
        Trumped !

  2. Look, not to be a sarcastic jerk, but this is a surprise because…? And it’s news because…?

    I can just imagine the news jockey reading the wire copy on THIS one:

    “BULLETIN! Establishment party hack endorses most likely candidate to do the bidding of establishment party hacks!

    In other news, sun discovered to rise in the east!

    And coming up in the eleven PM hour, it’ll be the Anita Clew show, with her co-host, Ivan Inkling.”

  3. Just when you think things can’t get worse – here comes Cantor.
    Just watched the latest clip of JB at a town hall in Virginia. Unbelievable!!! He just asked for a moment of silence for the murdered journalists and had to search his notes for their names. The moment of silence lasted half a second.

    I will stay home before I vote for this nasty, cantankerous oaf. What a loser!!!!!

  4. This woman who is a known liar and has illegally taken money from everyone including terrorists in the Middle East to fill her personal coffers under false pretenses mind you! has nothing but hatred for half of the people in America, calling her own countrymen “terrorists”??? And she wants to be President?? of the American Republicans that she hates and calls filthy names?and doesn’t calling them treasonous names?? If the Republicans are terrorists as she suggests, then the democrats are NAZIS for
    exterminating millions of human life and throwing them all in the trash! What a sick, ugly twisted woman, never a care for the millions of babies thrown in the garbage and she says the Republicans are “terrorists” because they want a limit on the scores of human life killed by human hands? May she rot in hell with her husband and all those who want to continue the extermination of human life. Pure evil to encourage death like its a health issue.