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Clinton Likens GOP Candidates to Terrorists for Abortion Views

During a campaign appearance in Cleveland, Ohio, Hillary Clinton ran down a list of positions by Republican presidential candidates on abortion, saying their approach to women was comparable to that of terrorists.

I take it a little personally when they go after women. When they go after women’s health, women’s rights. … Programs and services to help women take care of themselves are being cut down.”

“Marco Rubio brags about wanting to deny victims of rape and incest access to health care, to an abortion,” said Clinton. “Jeb Bush says Planned Parenthood should not get a penny. Your governor right here in Ohio banned state funding for some rape crisis centers because they sometimes refer women to other health facilities that do provide abortions.

I would like these Republican candidates to look the mom in the eye who caught her breast cancer early because she was able to get a screening for cancer. Or the teenager who didn’t get pregnant because she had access to contraception. Or anyone who’s ever been protected by an HIV test,” the former secretary of state said.

Now, extreme views about women? We expect that from some of the terrorist groups. We expect that from people who don’t want to live in the modern world, but it’s a little hard to take coming from Republicans who want to be the president of the United States. Yet they espouse out-of-date and out-of-touch policies. They are dead wrong for 21st century America. We’re going forward. We’re not going back.

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  1. Aw, Hillary–you know PP does not do mammos and would have farmed out that test that caught that breast cancer. Why do women need all their “health care” provided–don’t they have Obamacare now? So because they don’t get redundant, special treatment–they are being warred on?

      • Correct Star there are other free clinics as well as o care that tend to medical needs.
        She forgot to show the pictures of these babies while making her point, (on purpose).
        Just like o forgot to show a picture of a bomb blowing up, (on purpose).
        My Lord does not think they should be compared to terrorist.

  2. Presidents are generally supposed to lay aside their personal needs, wants and desires, Hillary.
    So we don’t care what you “tend to take personally” – just so you know.

  3. She’s desperate. The first thing that comes to mind of desperate people is to lash out at those who frighten them.
    She may think she’s equal in every way to all of the other candidates, but PC hasn’t worked it’s black magic to make old White women throwing dirt at other people attractive or someone to be reckoned.

    ot; where’s the count of how many people showed up at this rally to listen to her rant?

    • Yes, she is desperate.
      Well said srdem.
      The same thing is happening on the rep side in lashing out at Trump.
      He is so far threatening the very fiber of a political campaign as they see it and how they think it should proceed.

      Go Trump go.

  4. Again. Hillary is misrepresenting the situation (can she not get anything right?) No one minds the true health providing aspects of PP or any other medical provider. What people are objecting to, and very loudly, are the slaughterhouse practices of PP, where human lives are killed in the womb, where baby parts are treated like slabs of beef, where babies’ heads are shipped to the highest bidders, where babies are born with beating hearts and then cut up and sold. We dealt with eugenicists in mid-1940’s and we know what that’s all about. We don’t like it. Is that so difficult to understand?

    • …ducking as I post this,
      When I was young & poor & married, PP provided yearly exams & availability to birth control. Payment based on income. College health centers provide the same service.
      PP has drastically fd up in their current dastardly ways, but they were there with no problems when I needed their wholesome services 35 years ago.

      • No need to duck whatsoever. You sought legitimate, normal health care services and PP delivered it when you needed it. As you say, PP went off the rails eventually, and now performs (heard this tonight but can’t verify it yet) more abortions per year than the UK, France and Germany combined. And as we know, it targets the Black community, which now has over 50 percent of Black babies aborted.

    • I think the basic issue is federal funding of this… But instead, it is being twisted with all their might to be a repeal RvW “secret agenda.” I know women (and they are not morons or stupid) who buy it, too.

  5. I guess all the women The Hag personally destroyed after they slept with her Philanderer, don’t count.
    This subhuman preys on the powerless and cuts them to shreds all the while holding her self up as something shiny and bright and good.
    I hope she gets the metaphorical kill shot right between the eyes. And I would consider it the one good thing Barack The Insignificant could do if he brought her campaign to a screeching halt by backing Uncle Joe.

  6. Obama calls Republicans (by which he means us) “crazies”, Hillary “terrorists” and John Boehner calls Ted Cruz “jackass”.

  7. Note her tone and speaking, when she gets to the word abortion how she softens that tone and lowers the volume of her speaking. That’s a clear sign she’s entirely afraid of the subject for whatever reason.

    • Just think of all the responses you would have if other people spoke down to you in person. Yes lot’s of times, it is best to ignore a person. However if they are in your face, sometimes a comment back is needed.
      What would you say in response?