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Trump Scores Another Coup

Donald Trump swatted away Univision anchor Jorge Ramos during an Iowa news conference Tuesday night, seeming calm and reasonable in contrast to his activist interlocutor who persistently interrupted Trump with opinions of his own.

By presenting an image of thoughtfulness compared to Ramos, Trump managed to counter the narrative that he is a bomb thrower. Ramos, meanwhile, ended up the one being savaged by some in the media as intemperate.

“You look at the transcript, no reporter I know would go to a press conference . . . and deliver a speech,” said MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough. “He was editorializing the entire time. Write an editorial.”

Scarborough’s liberal co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed, calling out Ramos for “pretending he was bullied and pretending he was thrown out of a room.”

Ramos was initially forced to leave the news conference — but perhaps predictably so — because he was speaking out of turn and not even asking a question.

“You cannot deport 11 million people! . . . You cannot deny citizenship!” Ramos yelled at Trump.

After being readmitted minutes later, Ramos was again making statements.

“Here’s the problem with your immigration plan. It’s full of empty promises,” he said.

This time Trump responded and spent nearly five minutes calmly and decisively making his points while Ramos tried again to break in. Trump even managed to turn Ramos’ skepticism about his ability to achieve his immigration agenda into a pitch for his own presidential qualifications — and a knockdown of big government and rival Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida.

“You know what it’s called? Management,” Trump said. “See, you’re not used to good management, because you’re always talking about government. Government is incompetent, guys like Bush, and some others that I won’t name, they’re incompetent people, they don’t have it … I’m a great manager.”

Asked specifically how he would build a wall, Trump was ready.

“That’s easy. I’m a builder.”

This piece first appeared Wednesday morning on PoliZette.

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  1. I saw all this differently (don’t want to waste keystrokes saying it again). As for the Wall, if this EVER came to be in some mythical universe, it would be more like the Big Ditch, disputed, overpriced, ineffective, and a giant symbol built on the backs of the taxpayers.

    • If the wall was built like it was promised many, many years ago, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. That being said I would gladly be willing to pay for it, it’s far less expensive in the long run than having to pay for generations of invaders.

    • I’m not sure he means an actual wall, concrete and wires, but a wall of sheriffs, police, and our border patrol being allowed once more to enforce our immigation laws.
      A wall of Blue, if you like.
      No more free pass, no more get-out-of-jail passes, no more round-robin border breaches – prison and deportation will be the “wall”.

      • The other candidates have suggested what our border guys have–a combination of will to enforce, partial barriers in high traffic places, drones to chcek out sneak-in places, sufficient personnel to catch and hold people, etc. But Trump likens it to the Great Wall of China–and he mentioned “a big door” so people can get in legally. One big door? Or are we to take all this as his usual hyperbole and blab. Who knows…

      • Srdem65 I agree. He is setting a path to enforce the laws as they should be.
        They are wonderful people. A lot of people around the world may be wonderful, but they all cannot fit in our children’s class room.
        The border patrol order to stand down, back off, etc. was pathetic as well. They risk their lives out there doing a hard, hot, dangerous job. Than to have criminals let back out on the street to kill innocent American citizens. Yes we have gang members all over.
        Another important issue is the welcome mat o layed out was also a health danger.
        People from all over S. American and Lord knows where walked right in. What they brought with them (health wise), Who knows.
        The jobs. It is not just picking fruit jobs that they do.
        They also take many other hard working, good paying jobs from
        Americans. Like construction.
        While I am venting, I will switch to another matter. The outsourcing of jobs. Many many jobs that honest Americans once held, are now being done in foreign Countries. Call many different companies customer service, for example. A foreign person answers. There grammer is supurb. Can I understand them. NO!
        I have to repeat myself, or ask them to repeat themselves several time.

      • My guess is a “wall” using every available electronic device, proper support and distribution of the Border Police, brick and mortar construction, aerial and satellite surveillance, sound detectors, radar instrumentation. And more.

      • Yep,…and only mark every third one plus a sign in Spanish that says,…we can’t count very well.

        Or, we could put IED’s in there,…go for it.

          • No…an act of societal self-defense.

            Open borders and a welfare state cannot long coexist. The math does not add up, it never has, and it never can.

            If I may steal an idea from Kipling, collective Paul will still want his money, even if there are no more individual Peters to rob.

            Eventually, the whole system must collapse.

            So, which number would be higher, do you think?

            Would it be the number of dead invaders it would take to dissuade further mass migrations?

            Or would it be the number of American citizens who would perish in the chaos once we run out of other people’s money?

          • “It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, more vengeance, more desolation. War is hell.” – William Tecumseh Sherman

          • You can’t answer the question. No WONDER you find it so repulsive.

            Let me make it a bit easier.

            All lives are valuable, true enough; but it does not follow that all lives have EQUAL value.

            Generally speaking, a maker is worth more to a society than a taker.

            Yes, there are exceptions; yes, personal relationships can change the calculus; and yes, there are unlikely scenarios one could construct to argue otherwise.

            But, on the whole, a society advances when it CREATES, not when it merely CONSUMES.

            So. How many creators are there sneaking across the border, do you think? And before you give a nonzero answer, consider: if they had something of value to create, would they not be entering via the legal methods?

            So, if all, or even most, of the illegal aliens entering the country are here to consume, not to create, then are we not worse off, as a society, for permitting so many additional takers?

            And, again, once we run out of makers to steal from, and have nothing left to appease the takers, what else CAN follow, but civic unrest?

            Moreover, would not that unrest be directed at the makers, who are perceived not to be paying their fair share?

            It is the MAKERS, therefore, that would pay the highest toll in the event of a welfare spiral.

            Now, I would submit that it would not take too many shows of force along the border to get the point across. A few hundred would-be takers would suffice as a general deterrent.

            And once word goes south that the yanquis are cracking down on defending the border, the flow of takers will slow dramatically.

            Contrast that with how many makers would die in the event of a civic unrest by the taker class. Would it be in the thousands, or in the tens–or hundreds–thereof?

            Here is where I’m going with this. You would lose many more people, who have much more to contribute, in the event of a welfare spiral-induced civic collapse.

            And a welfare spiral is inevitable if the United States continues to wink at, if not permit, mass immigration of a consumption-only underclass.

            I will concede that this is an uncomfortable matter. But where, exactly, is my error?

    • Agree about the wall. The illegals are very resourceful – a stick of dynamite here and there…helicopter drops …speed boats…jet skis…tunnels…

      Even though I’m against the wall, I loved Trump’s retort: “I’m a builder”.

      • A wire fence with 10,000 volts running through it would be cheap and effective. Two of them with Bengal tigers patrolling would be doubly effective. I hope tigers love Mexican food.

      • We have some in Louisiana as well. As well we have crabs and crawfish that are great to eat with cold beer, but they will snip you well with their claws. :) As a small child we all learned how to pick them up. :)

      • ……a pathway to citizenship? Trump has a plan!
        It is fortunate that they only found marijuana in those tunnels. Heroin is cheaper and the drug of choice. Also the synthetics that they make now that are really deadly.

  2. Ramos behaved badly and unprofessionally.

    Fox’s Carl Cameron reported this AM that Ramos was “asking a question, which was total nonsense.

    Ramos was speechifyin’. He had no interest in asking a question.

    Trump 1 — Ramos 0.

    • You didn’t say it was so unprofessional when Obama got closely questioned…or maybe you did–if you so, you are consistent. Or when Ed Henry yelled stuff to Hillary…did we yell foul then?

  3. It was a shocking incident to watch live, but on the second viewing it’s apparent that MrRamos is hysterical, scared that America might just deport all of his amigos or viewers, and wants to destroy MrTrump.

    He keeps repeating, even today, that somehow MrTrump would use the “army” to round up illegal aliens and that would be a “civil rights” offense. No one, to my knowledge, has ever suggested using our national military to do anything on American soil as they do in Mexico.
    The illegal aliens, the Hispanics and others, felt secure in their lives here because of MrObama’s plans for them. Not realizing that anything or everything could change their lives in America, they are now scared, and afraid they will have to go back to their homelands. The anchor-baby families thought they had gamed the system, but now, well, it might not be a game anymore.

    MrTrump opened the treasure chest of new voters that the Dems were already counting to insure their future rule in important elections, and at the same time, pleasing their corporate donors who are desperate for cheap, un-unionized, and compliant labor.
    The game has changed, and no one on the left likes it.

    • Ramos asked (yes a question) yesterday would Trump use buses, planes, the army, stadiums. This is when Trump let us in on what a big heart he has–no, he would be “humane.” Now, I ask you–what if someone came to your house, said everybody on the bus–you’re going back to let’s say, in my case, Norway. Would I know anyone there? No. Could I get a job? No, even if I could speak Norwegian Would I have money to start a new life? No. How would you feel–it is not a felony to come here illegally–it’s a civil offense. What would be humane? Kicking out Am citizens (the tots)? Would he give them startup money? How about closing the border, shortening time to get a visa, do all the things that have been suggested–not this Draconian crowdpleasing stuff.

      • And THEN, let me remind you, he rambled over to how he would “start” with the gangs–didn’t we want gang members out? Well, if there are gangs in Ferguson, they would be Am citizens remanded to Africa, not S Am or Mexico. This whole deal is getting loony.

        • “….Could I get a job? …Would I have money to start a new life?”

          how is this an American taxpayer’s problem?

          You are nothing but a Liberal troll does nothing other that post dozens of comments here all day long. Keep it up…you are thiiiiiiis close to convincing us all that trump is the bad guy….LOL!

          • I think after many yrs here, people know I am not a liberal troll…You are a newcomer and sound kind of green, since you attacked me first. Isn’t that the Trump way–respond in kind? Or would that be unkind?

      • I don’t know what he plans other than using the tools, people and laws that are in place now.
        Let’s not forget that the illegal aliens came here with nothing more than a backpack and the clothes they were wearing. No household goods, no other clothes or shoes, no diapers or baby food, no money, and expected all of America to care for them, give them shelter, and feed and clothe them.
        They have families in their homelands, most of them still speak the language of their homeland and they have more goods and products than they arrived here with.

        • But this does not apply to everyone–that is like saying everyone in Phoenix knows each other. We knew a family deported (false SS cards to work at McD’s)—they were sent to a city where they knew no one. They could not be the only ones–and this is already being done, notice. A legal guy they knew came up every so often and we sent them household goods, clothing, which they sold or used.

      • Then I guess you’d have to blame your parents for breaking the law and then get in line to emigrate LEGALLY back to the USA.

        • Yeah–little kids should blame their parents…Wow. It’s only by the luck of the draw we were born here–I am so glad I did. But now some people are like an avenging God–they had nothing to do with their birthplace but now hold superior position to even advocate murdering a few others–see above.

    • Think of how much money we can save when we rid the U.S. Of all these moochers. Maybe NASA can be re-established to do their original job, not making mooslumz feel good.

    • Wealthy Chinese women are also playing this “drop the baby” game. Once they have a U. S. baby citizen, as the law now stands, they can come back to the
      U. S., have legal status and get that kid a western education.
      Not sure of this, but I have been told, once you are in the U. S. for five years, own a home, you are eligible for social security. Does anyone know about this?

  4. My concern with Trump’s desire to expel/deport millions of illegals and their anchor kids is that these folks aren’t going to leave that easily. I predict riots, protests on those opposed to it. Businesses that employ many illegals will collapse. I live close to Fresno, where farmers rely on many illegals during harvest. What about the Dreamers that Obama allowed to stay put? The excuse they couldn’t go back to their birth country cause they wouldn’t be able to function there was bunkum.

    • 30 years ago, here in the former citrus growing, farming communities of Phoenix’s suburbs, thousands of green-card holders from Mexico would come here to reap the crops, earn lots of money, then return to their homeland and their families.
      It worked.
      Speaking of: California and the faux drought that has forced many profitable farms to close. Did the evil forces who run California shut the water off on purpose to force the illegals out of their state. No water to drink, no water to farm, so where do people who made a living working on farms go or do they stay?

      • There was also the Bracero program from the 1940’s to the early 60’s (before Cesar Chavez). Many, many workers simply quit their jobs and moved to the big cities. Millions of hispanics are here today because of those ancestors. It was the beginning of cheap labor.

    • Tough shit. That’s why we have a military and a National Guard, not to mention local police department. KICK THEM ALL OUT!

  5. The real problem is that the immigrants do not want to live ‘where they are from’. I think Trump would be more likely than any of the others running to help those Countries solve their problems.

  6. Keith, I saw this just the way you describe.

    Ramos was out of line. Trump handled it brilliantly.

    I also saw CNN cover it for about 2 hours straight and other Networks cut in and out. Trump is sucking all the oxygen from the room.

    We had a long car trip last week and listened to books on tape to pass the hours. After finishing “Boys in the Boat” (highly recommended). we began listening to Peggy Noonan’s “When Character Was King.”

    This book talks about Reagan going over the head of the media and congress.

    Sometimes, after a particularly horrible President like Carter or Obama, the populace is more willing to listen to solutions unfiltered. Social Media and 500 cable stations and blogs make this more possible than ever.

    Your recent (fantastic) article caught this perfectly. I am not a Trump backer but do not underestimate the desire and openness for someone outside the establishment and elites right now.

    There is a tangible ABD (anybody but dynasties) vote right now. Bush and Clinton have an uphill battle.

    Keep up the good work!

    (But what do I know… I made a bet in 2007 that Lance Armstrong could be President someday)

  7. OT – sorry
    But why in the devil is Hillary out there using the shooting tragedy this morning to appear on national tv and campaign for gun control???

    Answer the damn questions about your emails and Benghazi – that’s all America ns are interested in.

  8. Saying we can’t deport illegals (and 11 million is a low estimate) is like saying that you came home from work and found 60 burglars in your home – and the police said, “There are too many to remove. We have no choice but to make them legal residents of your house.”