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Obama Schedule || Thursday, August 27, 2015

10:05 am ET || Departs White House
12:20 pm CT || Arrives New Orleans
12:45 pm CT || Meets with residents and youth
2:55 pm CT || Participates in a roundtable discussion
3:55 pm CT || Delivers remarks on the region’s rebirth after Hurrican Katrina
5:00 pm CT || Departs Departs New Orleans
8:30 pm ET || Arrives White House

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    1. My thoughts exactly. No mention of the fact that Democrat Governor, Kathleen Blanco, dropped the ball on evacuation. All photos of those empty flooded school buses will be ignored along with the fact, that Mississippi quickly recovered from the hurricane.

        1. After 10 relatives arrived at my house 3 days before Katrina, I cried when I saw on the TV that NO one was calling a manditory evacuation. Cat. 5 hurricane was in the Gulf.
          Those buses could have been let in ASAP with a blowhorn to get as many people as possible out.
          Before my electricity went out. I called client in N.Y. as scheduled. He had already left N.Y.. He had owned a restaurant. He had rented a trailer, and had already left N.Y. to head to N.O. to help. Regular people all over America helped, and or tried to, but the local Mayor, and Blanco were running in circles instead of organizing the best evacuation before the storm hit.

          1. And everyone blamed Bush! I remember reading about Nagin moving his family to Texas while the rest of NO was floating away. Blanco and Nagin both jumped ship!

          2. Yes Bush was letting the State take care of what they were responsible for. Blanco and Nagin failed big time!
            Bush did not land, because their were many bad people looting and walking throughout the city with guns!

    1. I have noticed Carly isn’t hitting my inbox with emails as often as she was, and the lowest donation level rose from $9 to $13. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson seem to be keeping up his email stream to me. I told Christie no way in Hades and he finally stopped.

    1. I forgot to mention. I saw a woman introduced on Fox who was from LifeZette. I believe it was the early morning show over the weekend. I wrote it down, but left to run errands, and forgot to mention it later that day.

  1. A Louisiana police officer was shot and killed Wednesday responding to call of women being stabbed. I’m guessing it won’t be a topic of discussion at Barry’s roundtable at 2:55 pm.

    1. Mr Pibb, do you think the “revenge race murder” ( Drudge Report ) will be a topic ? The murderer, Flanagan, wrote that he had been walking around like a powderkeg for a while, he was “inspired” by the Charleston shootings. Obama made loud race-politics of those killings, as I remember it. Isn´t he in some manner responsible for the TV-killings because of this ? And I can not understand why Farrakhan is allowed to preach ” black community should rise up and kill those who kill us” which he did August 4. The race-activists ( Obama included ) are playing with fire.

      1. There is good news from Louisiana. We are waking up to record low of 61 digrees. Can you imagine we beat Bismark. :)
        Tropical Storm Erika still churning away.
        Stay safe everyone, besides the normal things to do. Don’t forget to get all photo albums to a higher place.
        As I mentioned yesterday o needs to go play golf or smoke a cigarette instead of what he has planned. o does not need to be a part of memory of Katr. I promise you all my family and friends who lost their home and everything within will not take the time to watch him!

        1. By the way. I just thought of something. Is he going to go to Mississippi as well? Aunt and Uncle of mind lived far….. away from the cost. They left before the storm hit. However the 20 something foot waves came so far inland their was nothing left but a slab, where their home use to be.
          I still want to know why he can find the time for so many other things, but could not call the family of the young woman in CA., nor show his face in Paris.
          He really needs to be reminded where is desk is everyday!!!!

        1. Thank you, Trouble, very interesting. Farrakhan is often making terror threats and the authorities do not seem to bother. But maybe now.

      2. 0 just loves to stir the pot of unrest then stand back & watch the fall out. It’s very sad what he has instrumented during his time disrespecting our White House.

        1. His assigned task is to create chaos throughout the United States–in our economy, our schools, our police forces, in our international reputation, our Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties, how we work, what we do, what we eat. how we spend our money, etc. Stage 2 of Hegel’s Dialectic.

  2. Federal Debt approaching 20 trillion dollars. Meanwhile Obama wants to talk about the weather. No surprise here. Anyone know for sure what climate changers have in their hidden agenda? Suck more money for government? Build the largest government bureaucracy ever? Control every freedom in the world?

      1. Correct. Agenda 21. It’s been in the works for years, but the UN had to wait for a Marxist like Obama to come along to get the US tangled up in this mess. Meanwhile, the Congress will continue sleeping through this movie.

        1. Thanks for the clip Girly1.
          The comment by the Rep. Senator: “We will fight o’s economy crushing Demostic greenhouse regulation.”
          That is a bold statement. However I fear like always their once bold statements and promises, get twisted, and turned.

  3. The flight time even just one way is longer than the time he’s “participating” in that roundtable discussion.
    How many future children did he stomp out today with his Jolly Green Giant sized carbon footprint? (To the trolls and lawyers: that was SARCASM)
    A complete disgrace to the office.

  4. My son taught in a recovery school for two years in NOLA. We visited a few times, lovely, quirky town, if you can stand the filth and violence.

    He taught 7th grade math…went to two funerals of his students during that time, both shot waiting for the school bus.

    And another was arrested for double homicide a year later. He was 16.

    Bet Mr. Obama does not talk about urban violence while he is there, the true root of the issue with NOLA.

    A cabbie ( black man) taking me to the airport in New Orleans said to me: Katrina only did half the job, getting rid of some of the filth….

    Interesting perspective… the big Easy is not so big, and certainly not easy.


    1. I understand very well what you have stated. Many cities around our nation are/have been in the same boat. I love my home town. It is one of a kind. Besides the party aspect, the southern aspect of enjoying company of other people is in us all.
      When I was 5 my grandmother dressed me up in my dress and paten leather shoes. We left the house we said hello to the mailman, to the neighbor, we said hello to the driver on the street car and or bus. We talked the people while riding, etc.
      While growing up 25 to 30 members of of family of all ages went to the Mardi Gras downtown. No fear of harm. It is still a great place to go, if you know where to be or not be.
      Just like if you go to N.Y., or another big city.
      The school system has been the pits for years. The people in office failed to put money where it belonged. Not extra money for common things now like computers, just tax paying money that was budeted already for the schools, but ended up in someone’s back pocket.
      The last thing we need is o giving his thoughts on any matter while he is there. I am praying and looking forward to saying once again: Let the good times roll!

      1. Lee, my comments were not to malign the good people of Lousiana or NOLA, they are terrific. And the music and cuisine are unique and a treasure. But the media paints NOLA has a party town, parades all the times, etc., but there is a dark side to it as well.

        Go Saints.

        1. Oh I did not take offense. I didn’t like o needing to waste tax dollars to fly down here. He was not apart of K. However he was a part of not contacting the young lady’s family in CA. nor going to Paris. I got carried away trying to share the good part.
          By the way a dear relative of mine served in WWII. He became a teacher in his mid 50’s or so. Taught in N.O. schools for a year. Than moved his family to Zuni. N.M. to teacher the Indian children. They were grateful, and respectful. Some of them kept in touch with them once they moved back home till they passed.

    1. We did just fine before he came aboard. He keeps forgetting to state:
      Does everyone like the way I have turn everyone against each other?

  5. Morning mini-rant:
    I know the little congress critters are on vacation, because that’s what they do best.
    Has your local representative contacted you? Held a town meeting? Asked what you think about the crappy deal with Iran?

    1. Yes and no. My Bi-sexual, Commie, dip-head Congresswoman has contacted me to ask my opinion on thinning the herd of wild horses who live in the Tonto Forest.
      She’s so proud that she co-sponsored a bill to prevent the sale or destruction of those “beautiful animals”.
      Meanwhile, the Arizona Navaho tribe is without clean water because of government mismanagement – crickets.

      No, no one has asked what I think of the Iran pact. I couldn’t give a learned answer anyway since none of us have seen the terms or language. All we know is that MrObama thinks it’s great, and Congress doesn’t.

      1. oops. I don’t hate horses, the proposal is to thin the herd of too many males and the sick or injured.
        It’s called management that will allow the remaining horses to thrive.

    2. Interesting that you mention that. I called a week or so. My Congressman Mr. Tom Rooney has no plans for a townhall.

      I did not ask how his vacation was going or if he and the family have any fun things scheduled.

    3. My moonbat Independent Senator Angus King (he votes the Democrat position 95 percent of the time–some “Independent”, eh?) has been peddling Obama’s Iran deal around the state during the break. Assisting him in this act of treason is the bug eyed George Mitchell, whom you couldn’t trust to feed your pet fish for a day. They are using the approved Obama meme to sell it–“If we don’t approve this deal we’ll all die”. That sort of thing.

      On a more positive note, my hero, Gov. Paul LePage, says he is seriously considering running against Angus King in 2018 in the next election. If he runs, he will win, and get the phony King out of our hair and let an adult become our senator. LePage smoked the D’s in his re-election for governor, so he’s a serious potential senator.

      1. Thanks for the feedback. I called one of my state senators and left a message regarding Iran.

        I won’t keep my head in the oven waiting a reply.

        1. Yea, I’ve heard about others who are getting no response from their Congress critters re the Iran deal. Most of them haven’t read it, and certainly haven’t read the secret side agreements, so they don’t know how to respond, I suppose.

  6. Follow along live as President Obama travels to New Orleans to meet with the Mayor and residents who have rebuilt their lives since the storm. The economy grew at a much faster pace in the second quarter than in the first, as consumers spent more and businesses invested more than previously estimated.

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