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AP’s Julie Pace: Hillary Camp Unhappy with Pro-Biden WH Statements

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Monday sounded all warm and fuzzy about a run by Vice President Biden for president, saying there is “no one in American politics today who has a better understanding of exactly what is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign.”

Aides to Hillary Clinton, one of the “no ones” being referred to, were none too happy, accordion to the AP’s Julie Pace.

33 Responses to AP’s Julie Pace: Hillary Camp Unhappy with Pro-Biden WH Statements

  1. It just goes further to cement the fact that the dems are desperate.
    Obama is afraid that his devastation of this Country will be reversed.
    With a weak congress and Obama in office, this next year is going to be probably the worst in our history.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Well sure she Hillary was ticked off. Obama thru her under the bus in full public view. The only thing he didn’t say was “Here’s your hat, Hillary. What’s your hurry?” (WC Fields)

      • Yes. Don’t stay away for such a short time. ;+}

        The Clintons are every bit as revengeful as the Obamas. Bill has a much wider circle of power friends than Obama has…so……the next act in this high school play ought to be interesting.

  3. Bill reportedly (POLITICO) is ‘livid’ with Obama, and Hillary just cut her vacation short and flew to Iowa. She managed to eke out a comment on the situation with her eyes lowered to conceal what had to be unadulterated fury. “I just want the Vice President to decide to do what’s right for him and his family”.

    This is what happens when you lie down with dogs, Hillary. You get up with fleas. Put another way, there is NO honor among thieves.

  4. I guess whatever Bubba was offering/begging for out on the golf course last weekend didn’t resonate with Barack. Too bad, so sad.

    • Possibly Jay Train. I think their is a lot of yelling going on. Slamming the phone down before threatening each other, etc.
      I know more about you, than you know about me! HA!
      Slam! (That was slam phone sound.)

  5. Megyn Kelly’s going to interview Ramos tonight and discuss Trump. What could possibly go wrong?

    I look forward to those Donald tweets.