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WH Admits: “Crazies” Comment was “Flip”

In a rare admission of a mistake, the White House today said that President Obama was being “flip” when he referred to Republicans as “crazies.”

Obama was speaking at a Las Vegas fundraiser when he let his real feelings about the GOP show. White House Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz acknowledged the mistake, but only in the context of saying, in essence, that Republicans were jerks.

I will tell you that after spending a few weeks away from Washington, the President — after spending a few weeks away from the hustle and bustle of Washington, the President came back from vacation and was remarking with Senator Reid at the challenges they face this fall. And he may have been a little flip in his language, but we have seen Republicans do wildly irresponsible things in the past, and that includes shutting down the government for ideological reasons.

11 thoughts on “WH Admits: “Crazies” Comment was “Flip””

  1. His remarks are nothing new, not worth worrying about anymore. The constant insults and distain from MrObama towards those who have different ideas or moral standards is just indicative of his petty mind.

  2. I think he’s taking his frustrations out on Republicans (or anyone who opposes him). It’s quite obvious he is not the family man he would like us to believe – his wife, daughters simply tolerate him. He’s ready to blow, even though he carries on like he’s one of the boys and doesn’t need their attention.

  3. The real “crazies” are the people who believe Iran will honor the deal. Crazy people ignore the continuing Iranian taunts, threats and previous acts of terror. Obama, Kerry and any Congresscritter who approves this insane deal needs to be locked up!

  4. Obama has a history of disparaging people he doesn’t like or ones who don’t agree with him, so their explanation is useless. Besides, they have beat the “Republicans did it” horse to death.

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